13 Alternative Prom Corsages for a Look That's Uniquely You

Show off your one-of-a-kind style with alternatives to standard prom corsages you won't see on anyone else's wrist.

Published March 16, 2023

The classic wrist corsage is always pretty, but changing it up can be super fun. From comic book blooms to totally functional flower purses, these unique prom corsage alternatives can help you create a prom look that's as unique as you are. The key here is getting creative and using an accessory that really shows who you are as a person.

Blooming Ring Corsage

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There's no rule that says you have to wear a corsage on your wrist or on your dress. Think outside the standard options by wearing a flower ring. You can have your florist make it up in colors to match your outfit and attach it to a ring you already own (that way, you'll know it fits).

Vintage Button Bouquet

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Have you seen the awesomeness that is vintage buttons? They come in all different kinds of shapes, textures, and colors. You can actually buy them super cheap at thrift stores in jars or boxes and then sort through to find your favorites. When you have some you like, make them into a button bouquet. Just use some craft wire for stems and wrap them in a pretty fabric.

Wear a Zipper Flower Instead of a Corsage

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You don't have to wear real flowers or even fake ones. If you want a super funky look, wear a zipper flower instead. You can find these at craft shows or online, and they come in lots of different colors. Get one with a pin back to add to your outfit for an edgy take on the standard bloom.

Cute and Functional Handbag Corsage

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Sure, corsages are pretty, but they aren't exactly useful. Make your flowers do double duty by using a handbag corsage. You can attach a regular corsage to your clutch or purse, or you can pick up a handbag that's already adorned with flowers. No one else will have a corsage that actually holds their lipstick and money.

Book Page Flower Bracelet

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Book nerds rejoice! If you love to read, this is the corsage alternative for you. Buy or make a flower out of old book pages (use a damaged book so you're not destroying anything great). Add some sparkle and ribbon and tie it on your wrist for a totally unique look.

Succulent Pocket Arrangement

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If you have a pocket, put it to work holding a prom corsage alternative. You can glue fake succulents to a piece of cardboard and then tuck that in your pocket. The succulents will peek out and give your look a totally wonderful nature vibe.

Flower Hoop Bouqet

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A standard wrist corsage is pretty, but it can also get in the way. Use a hoop bouquet you can loop over your arm while you're dancing or just leave on the table until you want it. Just ask your florist to make an arrangement in colors to match your outfit, working with a metal or wood hoop as the base.

Upcycled Vintage Jewelry Corsage

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Real flowers are awesome, but they do die. An upcycled jewelry corsage, on the other hand, is a great way to keep your prom accessories forever. You can even use old costume jewelry from your family if you want something super meaningful. This is a pretty easy project if you're handy with a hot glue gun, or you can order one online or pick something up from a craft show or gallery.

Funky Wrist Cuffs

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Grab (or make) a pair of simple wrist cuffs and embellish them to create the ultimate corsage alternative for prom. You can add bits of pretty fabric and lace from the craft store, plus fake or real flowers, beads, and even costume jewelry. This is a one-of-a-kind look that will turn heads in the best way.

Peacock Feather Wrist Decoration

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Feathers make a great, long-lasting alternative to flowers, and peacock features in particular have a fun and colorful vibe. Turn them into a simple wrist decoration or make a pin-on boutonniere or brooch.

Vintage-Style Tussie-Mussie

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Tussie-mussies are miniature flower arrangements, and they were super popular during the Victorian era. You can actually buy antique posy holders that pin on to your outfit and hold the tussie-mussie, or you can have your florist make one that you can hold or wear as a ring.

They tend to be pretty elaborate, so these are best if you have a pretty simple look for your outfit.

Use a Photo Pin of Someone Special as Your Corsage

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Instead of a pin-on corsage, why not go with a vintage (or modern) photo? You can have any photo made into a pin, but some of the best options include old photos of grandparents or special people in your life. Just scan the photo and have the pin made online or print it up and make it yourself if you're handy with the glue. This is a super meaningful choice if you want to honor someone with your prom look.

Comic Book Flower Arrangement

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Love comics? Get an old comic book (not a valuable one) turned into a flower. You can wear it on your wrist, pin it to your lapel, or hold it as a little bouquet. This is a super creative choice if you want a look that shows off your personality and is anything but standard.

Think Outside the Corsage Box


There are so many great options if you want something different for your prom flowers. To choose the best corsage alternative for you, think about what makes you unique. Create a corsage out of something you love or something that's meaningful to you. Your look will be completely different from everyone else at prom, and you'll love how it shows off who you really are.

13 Alternative Prom Corsages for a Look That's Uniquely You