Awesome Things to Do Instead of Going to Prom

Published May 1, 2019
Best friends on a rooftop party

If prom isn't your thing, there's no need to worry. There are plenty of other ways to have fun and enjoy your evening instead of going to prom.

Have Fun Without Prom

Prom isn't important to everyone, and that's totally okay. If you would rather be doing something else, if you don't want to go alone, if you can't afford it, or a few of your friends don't want to go, there are tons of other activities you can do.

Beach Camp Out

If a few of your friends aren't interested in going to prom, you can all plan on heading to the beach for an epic camp out. Pick a spot that's camping friendly and be sure to check if you need to get a permit beforehand. Pack plenty of yummy snacks, blankets, and games to play and enjoy having a mellow evening together. Camping under the stars gives you an opportunity to hang out with your friends and enjoy your final weeks as a senior in high school.

Organize an Elegant Potluck

If you and your friends are foodies, create an amazing dinner menu together and have each person tackle one or two dishes. If the weather is nice, you can set up an outdoor dining area where you all can enjoy each other's company and sample each delicious dish. Decorate the dinner with pictures of you and your friends and enjoy reminiscing about all the fun you've had together.

Cook an Indulgent Meal

If you and your friends are up for a challenge, pick a few tricky dishes and spend the day cooking. This can include risotto, chocolate souffles, and homemade pasta. Cooking is a fun way to spend your evening and at the end of it you get to enjoy an awesome meal together.

Night Zoo

Some zoos offer special evening hours to visit where you can see nocturnal animals. This can be a really fun outing to do with friends or a significant other instead of heading to prom and is a great option for those who still want to do something active. Pack some snacks and enjoy watching and learning about the animals that you normally wouldn't get a chance to see.

Amusement Park

If you're looking for more of an adrenaline rush, you can head to an amusement park. This is a great choice for a group of friends to do together to help celebrate the end of high school. Amusement parks are typically open pretty late and will vary in price range, although they can be a bit on the expensive side.

Teens in bumper cars

Have a Spooky Night

If you and your buddies feel like having a spooky night, watch a few classic horror films and go on a local ghost tour. Getting spooked together can be an exciting way to spend your evening instead of heading to prom. You may want to organize a sleepover afterwards.

Drive-In Movie

If you still want to have a romantic evening with your significant other, but don't want to go to prom, you can think about heading to a drive-in movie, or movie in the park. These are great ways to bond and spend time together in a more casual setting. You can also pack a picnic or snacks to enjoy during the movie.

Plant a Garden Together

Decorate a small pot or planter box with your friends and pick out some flowers or herbs to plant together. This makes for a fun, creative day spent together. This small project can be a relaxing way to end your high school career together.

Disco Bowling

If a few of your friends and/or your significant other have opted out of prom, you can have a fun night disco bowling. This way you'll still get to enjoy music and dancing, with the added benefit of bowling. This is a super fun way to end the school year and act silly with your friends.

Bowling balls at bowling alley lined up

Focus on Self Care

If you'd rather spend some time alone, prioritizing your self care is a great way to unwind after working hard at school all year. You can schedule a massage for yourself, take a long bath or shower, curl up and read a good book, or watch a favorite movie.

Enjoying Your Evening

There are plenty of ways to have fun on the night of your prom if you've decided not to go. Whether you're spending the evening alone, with a significant other, or a group of friends, pick an activity that you'll all have a great time doing together.

Awesome Things to Do Instead of Going to Prom