Where to Design Your Own Prom Dress Online

Updated November 21, 2018
Prom Dresses

Prom is the perfect opportunity to show off your personality and personal style. Impress your friends this year by using online options to create a unique prom dress that is exactly how you want it. Be assured, no one will look like you at this year's prom.

Lunss Custom Couture

Lunss Custom Couture offers Custom Designs to help every girl feel beautiful and comfortable on prom night. The process for designing your dress with this website is a bit labor intensive on your part. To start, you must register an account with Lunss. Next, you will be asked to provide detailed information about your dream dress. This can include inspirational photos, pins from Pinterest, hand drawings, and completing a questionnaire. To help you prepare Lunss offers a variety of online tools such as:

  • A color chart showcases five fabric types with 30 color choices for each fabric
  • Tips for how to take your measurements
  • A size chart with detailed sizing information based on measurements
  • The 'Knowledge' tab provides detailed information about silhouettes, necklines, and lace patterns
  • A blog with tips and inspiration to help you make your own prom dress

Personal Consultation

Once you have submitted the initial information about your custom design, you will have a personal online consultation with a designer. This is where all the details will be ironed out. Finally, you will place your order. During the process, you may receive sketches and photos from the designer of your actual dress. Custom prom dresses range from $100-$1000 according to the customer service representative available on the live chat feature. You can expect to receive your dress about 60 days after your design is finalized.

Screenshot of Lunss website


LoliPromDress allows customers to upload ideas of their ideal prom dress to the website. The images can be photos of existing dresses or sketches you create yourself. You can also specify changes you want, such as color or any other requests. This allows you to upload photos of dresses you've seen that are "almost right" but need tweaking. You're also allowed to set a budget for your dress. After the website receives the images, they'll send a confirmation and get any clarifications needed.

A Cooperative Design Process

The website allows you to take an active role in the creation of your prom dress, under your specifications and budget. Prices will vary based on your design and LoliPromDress reserves the right to reject designs that are either impractical based on budget or if you solely send a copyrighted design. If you need inspiration, their store has a nice selection and variety of prom dresses from which to choose.

Screenshot of Lolipromdress website

Apps to Design Your Own Dress

Most prom dress creator apps are meant to be prom dress creator games and don't necessarily aid the user in getting an actual design brought to fruition. Apps like these can be fun and entertaining, but they result in cartoon renditions as opposed to actual designs. Use these apps for quick prom dress design for fun.

Prom Dress Designer

Prom Dress Designer is available in a variety of languages. It's rated for use by those age 4 and up; it's not a sophisticated design tool intended to help you actually design a prom dress and later wear to prom. Instead, it's truly just for fun. Dubbed a "virtual fashion designer" by those who created the app, the graphics are colorful and cartoonish. The app is free to download and use, but in-app purchases are available.

Fashion Studio - Prom Dress Design

Fashion Studio - Prom Dress Design can be entertaining and fun, but results in cartoon renditions as opposed to actual designs. The design process is a little more sophisticated than the aforementioned Prom Dress Designer app, starting with choosing patterns and colors and then moving on to "cutting" (virtually) the fabric and pulling it all together into a cohesive outfit that's then "modeled" on the virtual runway. This app is free but features ads.

Design Tips

If you choose to design your prom dress it is important to plan ahead and have a clear vision. Most custom design websites adhere to an "all sales are final" approach because of the unique nature of your dress. To ensure your vision is realized:

  • A custom dress will cost more than buying off the rack, so plan accordingly.
  • Start thinking about what your dream dress looks like at least six months before prom.
  • Have measurements taken by a professional dressmaker or seamstress?
  • Look for inspiration in stores to get a feel for fabrics. Consider that not all fabrics are necessarily comfortable - particularly, cheaper fabrics.
  • Try on dresses in person to find a style that suits your body type.
  • Sketch or collect pictures for inspiration.
  • Create a clear description of every detail for your dream dress.
  • Accessories can be custom made too - such as hair accessories - for a truly unique look.
  • Be practical. While it's fun to dream up outlandish designs, remember that you're going to have to actually wear the dress for a few hours at least.

Unique Style

Designing your prom dress can feel like a dream come true. Websites can make it easier than seeking out a designer yourself since the websites typically have an entire team ready to bring your design ideas to life. If you have the vision and confidence, any dress you dream up can be made with the help of modern technology.

Where to Design Your Own Prom Dress Online