Examples of High School Senior Bios


Your senior biography is your last opportunity to leave an impression on your classmates. Whether you're an athlete, all about the books, or somewhere in between, your bio is how people will remember you decades down the road. Most schools will have some guidelines regarding formatting and content of senior bios, so be sure to find your school's guidelines and adhere to them.

Sample Bio for the Athlete

Jenna Willis is a member of the varsity basketball team, track team, and is captain of the International Summer soccer team. She has been a volunteer referee for Maytown's Youth Soccer League for four years. Jenna would like to thank Coach Larsen for helping her learn the importance of teamwork and humility. These skills will carry over into her future on and off the field. Jenna plans to attend State University in the fall, on a full athletic scholarship. She is majoring in Sports Management, and her ultimate goal is to manage the nearby Waytown Wailers.

Tips for Personalization

Athletic bios typically include information about sports participation as well as how in-the-game lessons have impacted daily life. There are several ways to take this sample and make it personal.

  • Choose a quote from a favorite athlete that inspires you.
  • Include any sports you play, as well as any elite teams you've played on or positions you've held on those teams.
  • Mention experience in working with sports agencies or organizations.
  • Recognize a coach or player who has made a significant impact on your life.
  • For a less formal tone, use pronouns like 'I' in place of your name.

Sample Bio for the Scholar

As President of the senior class, Geoffrey 'The Brain' Allen would like to thank the entire student body for entrusting him with their final year of high school. Geoffrey is not only a proud member of the student government, but has also participated in Science Club, After School Book Worms, and Robotics Club all four years of high school. He has worked for five years as an elementary math tutor. Geoffrey credits his first-grade teacher, Mrs. Miller, with inspiring his love for learning and hopes to pay it forward by also becoming a teacher. He will attend Jackson University in New York to study Elementary Education.

Tips for Personalization

Scholars are students who have heavily focused their high school careers on academics and plan to continue this path in the future.

  • Include in-school and out-of-school academic societies, activities and clubs, like internships.
  • Use a formal tone by using your name in place of pronouns.
  • Give credit to someone who has inspired you to learn.
  • Choose a quote from a famous scholar in your favorite field of study.

Example of a Funny Bio

senior portrait

My talents have finally been recognized with the title of 'Class Clown.' It is a lifelong dream of mine to make laughter out of laughter. I will miss those bricks called 'pizza' from the cafeteria as well as getting hit in the face repeatedly during P.E. dodgeball games. As President of the Sleeps On Desks Society, I bestow my responsibilities to incoming freshman, and my baby sister, Mandy Nelson. Look out world! Melissa 'Missy, Misty, Mel, Lissa, M, Bright Eyes' Nelson is headed for a corner office in the Future Couch Potatoes of America organization.

Tips for Personalization

Writing a humorous bio can be challenging, especially when trying to be appropriate and politically correct enough for a high school yearbook. Look for ways to be funny that are not derogatory or demeaning.

  • Make light of standard high school experiences.
  • Bequeath your job as the class comedian to a younger student.
  • Include silly nicknames.

Example of an Inspirational Bio

The last four years have shaped me into an optimist armed with empathy. I will always remember morning Bible study at First Church and philosophy debates in Mrs. Rain's class. I would like to thank my parents, friends and school staff for helping me become the best version of myself. I wish to use my gifts and talents to help others in life. My immediate future includes studying psychology at St. Francis College in preparation for a career in Counseling.

"Let us not become weary in doing good, for at the proper time we will reap a harvest if we do not give up." Galatians 6:9

Tips for Personalization

An inspirational bio can be religious, faith-based or philosophical in nature. This type of bio is a great means to spread kindness and hope in a meaningful way.

  • Include Scripture or religious quotes.
  • Choose memories that have emotional connotations.
  • Give credit to those who have given guidance.
  • Offer personalized words of encouragement for future generations.

Guidelines for Writing Your Senior Bio

Every school has a particular format for senior bios. Requirements usually depend on how the yearbook is laid out or the manner in which the bio might be used. Some schools, like East Meadow High School, have specific rules like keeping information to fewer than 150 characters and leaving out abbreviations. Others, like the Dudley-Charlton Regional School District, ask seniors to fill out a form instead of writing the entire bio. It is important to find the guidelines for your specific school before attempting to write a senior bio. Many include some or all of the following information:

  • Student's full name
  • Participation in school clubs and sports
  • Extra-curricular activities outside of school
  • Favorite memories from high school
  • Favorite teachers
  • Favorite subjects
  • 'Thank you' to family and friends
  • Quote
  • Advice for future students
  • College and career plans for the future

A senior bio is a place to sum up accomplishments thus far in life. Therefore, the tone is typically more professional than funny. However, it is important to infuse personality into a bio. One way to gauge the appropriateness of a bio is to have your parents read it before submission.

Your Best Foot Forward

When writing your senior bio, reflect back on experiences you've had over the past four years. Use that valuable information from your memories to craft a unique written portrait of yourself.

Examples of High School Senior Bios