Fashion Games for Teenagers

Updated February 23, 2019
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Finding fashion games that are sophisticated enough for the teen-age group can be a bit more difficult than finding games for kids. However, there are several gaming websites that offer fashion shows, fashion design and, even, realistic fashion games. Check out different fashion games for teens.

Online Fashion Games for Teenagers

There are many fashion games found online. Most do not require registration but be careful when playing games online and do not give out any personal information. Always get permission from your parents before downloading any games to your home computer.

Fashionista Teen Queen

Offered through Mafa, Fashionista Teen Queen dress up game takes you through the process of getting ready for the prom. After washing and cleaning your face, you choose the makeup and outfit of your teen character. This includes selecting all the different makeup trends, then the perfect dress, hair, shoes, and accessories. Playing the game doesn't require any sign in or special equipment but you do need to enable Flash. The free online game is great for teens that are deciding on fall fashion or just looking for a great fashion game.

Screenshot of Fashionista Teen Queen

Fashion Design for Teens

Budding fashion designers will enjoy Fashion Design for Teen offered through In this fun, online free game, you'll help your character create her portfolio. Not only will you design tops, bottoms, accessories, and shoes, but you'll pick different patterns and colors like leopard print or purple zebra designs. The game features dozens of different designs and color schemes that you can try. Then you can combine the pieces to find the perfect outfit. No sign-in is required for this game but you'll need Flash. When you find the perfect look, you can print it to create your own portfolio.

Screenshot of Fashion Design for Teens

Stella's Dress Up: Fashion Show

Some teens need fashion shows of their creations, Stella's Dress Up: Fashion Show is a fashion game for teens that culminates in a fashion show. This free fashion game is played online through Flash. You'll pick your model from different body types and ethnicities. After finding your perfect model, you'll select from several funky and elegant hairstyles, top clothing trends, and accessories. While fun, the game does have a few ads that you'll have to deal with as you advance through the game.

Screenshot of Stella's Dress Up: Fashion Show

NYC Fashion Challenge

Teens looking for a realistic dress up fashion game will enjoy the realism in NYC Fashion Challenge. After choosing a realistic character that fits your style like casual Clare or party Samantha, you'll select three different models to wear your clothing designs. The backstage setup will include not only accessories and tops but also makeup. You'll then get real feedback about your different designs and what you could do better. Since the game is offered through LG, many of the accessories include phones. However, given the feedback of this free online game, teens can learn to mold their own unique style.

Screenshot of NYC Fashion Challenge

Fashion Apps for Teens

While online games are great, there are several fashion game apps that you can download on to your tablet or phone to play while waiting for your next meet or on the bus. These games do require a download and the creation of an account before you can play.

Girl Squad: Teen Fashion Salon

Available for Android products, Girl Squad: Teen Fashion Salon received 4.1 stars out of over 4,000 reviews. On this app, you'll gather all your celebrity and fashion friends to create the best fashion trends makeover. Not only will you start with spa treatments, but you'll get to try out new makeup techniques. However, the clothes are the main headliner in this app to give your squad a top-notch new look. Finish off your look with the best accessories.

Teen Salon - Fashion Line Hero. Makeover Game

Create your trending style on this unique fashion design app. Available through iTunes for Apple products, Teen Salon lets you create a fashion line through choosing tops, bottoms, shoes, hair, accessories and more. You can also try out makeup trends to really express your unique teen look. When you are done, save a photo of your teen creation to add to your fashion portfolio or just show friends.

Perfecting Your Fashion

Budding fashionistas or designers can really perfect their technique and find their own unique style through fun, online games and apps. These fashion games for teens allow them to create styles that match a specific theme or create a style from the ground up. So, find an app that fits your fashion needs and get playing.

Fashion Games for Teenagers