Fun Teen Dating Ideas That Are Easy and Cheap

Published August 1, 2018
Teenage couple holding hands

Dating as a teenager can be difficult because you don't always have a car or a lot of money. Make the most of your date nights by trying new things and looking for simple ways to make fun memories together.

Go on a Treasure Hunt

Searching for treasure gives you both a sense of adventure and requires teamwork and critical thinking skills. It's a great idea for a fun teen date.

  • Head to the beach and hunt for beach glass.
  • Buy, borrow, or rent metal detectors and search your back yard.
  • Read about a lost local treasure and see if you can discover it.

Play Lawn Games

You don't have to be athletic to play most lawn games and you can have fun competing at home, the beach, the woods, or a park.

  • Use spray paint or rope to create a life-size version of popular board games like checkers.
  • Compete in a best-of-three lawn game triathlon using your favorite games like bocce ball, disc golf, and cornhole.
  • Play classic kids outdoor games like hopscotch and four square using chalk and your driveway or the sidewalk.

Build Something Together

Use your skills to teach your date something new or choose a project that matches both your interests. If you love technology, see if you can use a robotics kit at your local library or maker space to build and program a robot together. If you're more artsy or crafty, try using natural supplies like sticks and rocks to build a fairy house or birdhouse in your garage.

Catch An Outdoor Movie

Catch an outdoor movie

Look for local movies in the park to attend and pack your own blanket and snacks. If there isn't a movie nearby, create your own outdoor movie theater.

  • Project a movie from your tablet or phone onto the wall of your garage.
  • Hang a thick white blanket from two trees to use as a movie screen.
  • Charge up your laptop or tablet and set it up anywhere outdoors to watch.

Visit Unusual Animals

Look for farms, aquariums, breeders, and sanctuaries in your area that house uncommon animals to make the date more unique. Make sure to snap a selfie of you together with the animals for an unforgettable picture. Interesting and unusual animals you might find include:

  • Alpaca or llama
  • Birds of prey
  • Rare breeds of farm animals like mini horses or fainting goats
  • Deep-sea creatures
  • Rare breeds of dogs or cats

Become a Hometown Tourist

Take a look at your town's website. Are there places and attractions you've never been to or never even heard of? Take your date to one of these places and get to know each other better while you get to know where you live. You might just find your new favorite spot to hang. Many towns also have maps for interesting walking routes you could take to see lots of historical or architectural features.

Do Random Acts of Kindness

As a couple, brainstorm ideas for a few random acts of kindness you can do right now then get to work. You'll be so focused on positivity and kindness it will spill over into your relationship. Fun random acts of kindness include:

  • Stand near a busy store and compliment each person who comes out.
  • Leave notes with motivation phrases in public restrooms on the mirror.
  • Clean up a public space such as the local playground.

Take a Factory Tour

Many companies, like Jelly Belly, that produce food and other products offer free or cheap public tours. These tours are typically advertised on the company's website, but you could also call up the factory to see if they have them. If you don't have local factories, check with other businesses like a bakery or florist to see if you can schedule a tour. In many cases, you'll leave the tour with freebies.

Bounce at a Trampoline Park

Bounce at a trampoline park

If you've got a little money to spend, bouncing around at a trampoline park can be tons of fun. You can compete in games like dodgeball and jousting or try to do tricks. You'll have fun jumping and get a chance to catch up when you take drink or snack breaks.

Complete a 5K Walk/Run

Non-profit organizations are constantly hosting 5K runs to raise money for their cause. Registration fees are typically low, and you can sign up on the day of the event. Even if you're not into running, you can walk the route and talk along the way. You'll get to spend time together doing something active and help a worthy cause. Look for fun runs that include a theme and get dressed up to make it more exciting.

Ditch Boring Dates

Grabbing ice cream or hitting the movie theater are great options, but they can get boring. Keep your dates and your relationship exciting by trying out unique date night activities for teens.

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Fun Teen Dating Ideas That Are Easy and Cheap