Middle School Graduation Speech Examples

Published October 9, 2018
Middle school student daydreaming about her future

Celebrate the excitement of moving on from middle school with a fun or inspiring speech to your classmates at graduation. Use the example speeches as is by clicking on the image of the one you love to download and print it. If you run into any trouble using the sample graduation speeches, check with the Adobe Guide for troubleshooting.

Funny Middle School Graduation Speech

In this trendy speech, you'll compare middle school to the game Minecraft. Since you're probably a noob at giving speeches, have a little fun with your speech to help ease your anxiety because funny graduation speeches are usually audience favorites.

Funny Middle School Graduation Thanks Speech
Middle School is Like Minecraft Speech

Customization Options

By adding in a few specific details and examples, you can take this speech from generic to unique.

  • Provide specific examples of the "blocks" you gathered such as quotes from your favorite teachers or the principal's catchphrase.
  • Expand on what you've created by including examples of group projects completed by your grade.
  • Add in your school's full name and the name of the high school you'll be moving onto.

Inspirational Junior High Graduation Speech

Get your fellow classmates fired up and excited about the next chapter of your lives with an inspirational junior high graduation speech. If you're giving a speech at a more formal or professional ceremony, this example is a great way to show your mature side.

Inspirational Junior High Graduation Thanks Speech
A Gathering Storm Thank You Speech

Customization Options

The point of a motivational speech is to show where you came from as a class and where you can go together in the future.

  • Add details about the different social groups at your school to make it more relatable to other students.
  • Give an example or two of something you all achieved together like winning spirit week or collecting donations for a charity.
  • Expand on the storm theme by adding more elements of a storm, such as lightning or hail, and how those can be related to your class.

How to Create a Great Graduation Speech

You can also use these examples as inspiration for the length and tone of your own unique middle school graduation speech. Follow the general format, but choose your own theme and word things in your own way.

What to Include

Every great middle school graduation speech includes a few key things:

  • An attention-grabbing first line
  • Thank you to classmates, school, and/or families
  • Memorable shared middle school experiences
  • How you've grown
  • An inspirational ending that excites everyone about high school

Theme Ideas

Choose a theme you are knowledgeable or passionate about to make your speech more impactful. Include quotes or graduation poems to further connect your theme.

  • Favorite school subject
  • School mascot qualities
  • Pop culture trends
  • School motto or song
  • Things that are in the middle
  • Measurements

What to Avoid

Since you'll be giving your speech to a crowd, you want to try to keep it short, politically correct, and interesting. When writing your speech, avoid:

  • Teasing classmates or teachers
  • Using foul language or offensive terms
  • Giving too many personal feelings and examples that only apply to your experience
  • Off-topic rambling
  • Angry or embarrassing experiences or stories

End on a High Note

You've survived middle school! End your last days of junior high with a great speech kids, parents, and teachers will remember for years to come. Take the opportunity to look back on the past years and what they've meant to you and your classmates.

Middle School Graduation Speech Examples