Newest Trends in Teen Bikinis

Updated June 1, 2018
five teen girls wearing trendy bikinis

The latest teen two-piece trends include more versatile and modest cuts along with bright, bold design elements. Know what's popular, where to shop, and how to choose the most flattering trends to look and feel great at the beach or pool.

Cuts and Styles

These specific cuts and styles are on trend and appeal to a young female audience. Pick the top and bottom styles you like best, or the ones that suit your body type well.

High-Waisted Bottoms

Bottoms with a waistband that reaches your belly button or cover it flatter nearly every body type. The high waist helps add definition to the waistline for a shapely look. With a high-waisted bikini, you'll get plenty of coverage and capture the retro spirit of the 1950's. For active teens, this cut also makes it easy to go from the pool to a volleyball game or any other activity without changing clothes.

teen in high waisted 2 piece

Low-Rise Bottoms

If there is one teen bikini trend that has totally dominated the last few years, it's the low-rise bottom. Whether your bikini is a full brief, bikini-cut, hipster, or accentuated with side ties, that low-slung look is the common factor. Part of the reason this style of bottoms is so popular is because it's not as restricting and it makes the torso look longer.

Beach girl in low rise bikini

High Necklines

Bikini tops with high necklines, such as halter tops, are among the most classic and popular of trendy teen bikinis, and their reign shows no signs of slowing down. Halters tops provide more support and coverage for the bust area and are best for those whose breasts are large or who plan to be highly active. Today's high necklines get a trendy lift thanks to details like zippers, snaps, or strappy cutouts to add visual interest and versatility.

Beach girl in high neck bikini

One-Shoulder Tops

The asymmetrical look is in for summer. Bikini tops featuring one strap, thick or thin, give every teen a high-fashion look at the beach. With this style, you'll get the feel of a strapless bandeau top with a bit more support. One-shoulder tops look great on everyone, but especially offer girls with larger chests the chance to show a bit more skin without fear of losing their top.

Raisins Textured One-Shoulder Bikini Top
Raisins Textured One-Shoulder Bikini Top

Sporty Tops

Modern tomboys and sporty girls who love to play beach volleyball, surf, or run the beach love tops shaped more like sports bras. These tops often come in plain colors or feature athletic-inspired accents that won't get in your way during activities. Girls of every shape and size can rock these trendy, supportive, versatile tops that can double as bralettes when you're not on the beach.

Girl in sporty black bikini top

Design Elements

There are specific design elements that position themselves on the teen bikini scene. Most are girly and delicate while reflecting the styles seen on women's swimwear. Check out this year's top trending details.


Girls today want bikinis that transition easily from the pool or beach to the park, local ice cream shop, or a friend's house. Details like a belt make the swimwear feel more like everyday wear. As a bonus, most belts are removable so you can change up the look of your suit each time you wear and use the belts for other outfits.

girl in bikini with belt

Bold Graphic Prints

Today's teens are wild about prints, big, bold, and bright prints. This summer you'll see classics like animal print, botanical leaves, and florals in all sizes and colors, but you'll also see quirkier designs like an all-over lip print. Bold prints add personality to your suit and take some attention off your body for those looking to feel a bit more modest.

Girl in floral bikini


Ruffles are the epitome of the teen bikini. They are equally flirty, feminine, and flattering to a variety of figures. The most common place for ruffles to be featured on teen bikinis is on the top. This gives an airy feel that's not too little-girl like ruffles on the bum. A wider ruffle can offer more coverage as it typically hangs down further than a standard bikini top.

Girl in ruffled bikini in pool

Dark Metallics

There are more ways to glisten in the sunlight that wearing suntan oil and bright colors. Teens love to be the center of attention in bikini styles that contain metallic details. Right now standard gold and silver aren't nearly as popular as dark metallics that look more black, like an oil slick.

Dark grey metallic bikini

Metal Loops

Not only do hardware bikinis provide substance to a swimsuit, they also add a nice little sparkle to the average suit. Metal rings are the current trend, inspired by fashions from the 1990's. The best part is that it acts as its own jewelry of sorts, so you can accessorize even while in the water.

white bikini with metal rings


Popular 1980's fashions have inspired the mesh trend happening in swimwear. While you shouldn't expect to find scandalous mesh suits for teens, you will see mesh side inserts on tops or bottom and unique cuts like a standard bikini bottom with a high waisted mesh overlay. If you don't want to get a new suit, jump on this trend with a mesh crop top over your bikini.

Xhilaration™ Mesh High Neck Bikini Top
Mesh High Neck Bikini Top

Crochet Trim

Get the handmade look this summer with a stylish crochet trim bikini. Think classic triangle bikinis with crochet detail around the edges, not an entire suit made from yarn. If you love a basic suit with subtle detail, this is the style for you. This boho chic design carries over to coverups too.

Crochet Trip Bikini Top
Crochet Trip Bikini Top

Shopping for Trendy Teen Bikinis

Popular teen stores like Rue21, Forever 21, and Target carry trendy styles at affordable prices. Fashionistas should be on the look out for young celebrity swimwear lines like Kendall + Kylie Swim created by the Jenner sisters. Trusted brands such as Roxy and Bikini Lab also come out with new designs each season.

Find A Flattering Style

Every person is unique in their body type and most apparel, including swimsuits, only comes in so many sizes. Maximize your fit by choosing the right top and bottom style for your body.

Check out these style tips for every body type:

  • Short legs: Try a high-waisted bottom that is also high-cut to make legs look longer.
  • Small bust: Go for a sporty bra-style bikini top to help create some cleavage.
  • Large tummy: Look for a long, flowing ruffle on your top if you want to cover it up.
  • Long body: Pair low-rise bottoms with a high neckline top to flaunt your length.

Have Fun in the Sun

A trendy suit that fits well can give you all the confidence you need to enjoy your summer. You can't rock every Instagram-worthy look, so pick the cuts and designs you feel great in then hit the water.

Newest Trends in Teen Bikinis