Prom King Campaign Tips

Updated January 31, 2019
Prom King and Queen dancing

Being chosen as prom king involves much more than popularity. The proper candidate needs to have an edge above all other potential prom kings; he can't be just another handsome face in the crowd.

Campaign Tips for Prom King

For the best chance of becoming prom king, take a proactive stance. Customize your strategy to fit your needs so you can get your name out there.

Enlist Help

The easiest way to get people to nominate and vote for you is to have your friends help you out. Have your friends start talking to other people about why voting for you is a great idea. Take advantage of the power of word-of-mouth and make sure whoever helps you totally supports voting for you as prom king. Keep in mind the best way to get people talking is to have whoever is promoting your name to do so in a genuine way.

Throw Mini-Events

If you're able to, put on mini-events that showcase who you are and what you like. These can include impromptu dance parties, musical performances performed by you or classmates, or a quick comedy show. These can be done after school, or potentially during lunch if your school approves of it. If you aren't performing and a classmate is, be sure to have them promote you at the end of their performance.

Create a Catchy Slogan

Nothing sticks in your head quite like a catchy slogan. Create one with a tune in mind and ask friends and family if it sounds catchy enough. Come up with a few options and have your friends vote for their favorite one before taking it to the rest of your peers.

Give Away Goodies

If you can, give away goodies that promote you as prom king. These can include pins, shirts, socks, and baked goodies. These should have your face, name, or slogan on them to remind people who to vote for. Be sure to check in with your school before doing so as some will have rules against this.

Act Like a Prom King

To achieve this noble status in your school, you must have a certain act, style, and look. Beyond that, you must not only fit the mold but make the mold fit you. In a large school, many young men will have what it takes to earn a nomination. To win, you need to have all of the necessary traits and attributes.

Get Involved

Teen boy at school

Being involved in your school and the larger community is essential for you to win a nomination and subsequent votes. People will only vote for you if they recognize you and remember your kindness and participation. Although it might seem silly, the race for prom king is comparable to running for president. Imagine what qualities you would prefer in a presidential candidate, and attempt to emulate them. The ideal president would be able to reach out to a variety of individuals, making them feel as though he has a personal connection to each of them, able to represent their needs and concerns. Involvement is the best way to create an accomplished resume for your race (and for college entry) and will allow you to meet as many voters as possible. Consider joining or remaining in certain activities to become acquainted with a variety of individuals:

  • Sports
  • Drama club
  • School newspaper
  • Debate team
  • Other extracurricular activities
  • Fundraisers

The best candidate for kingship is also involved in activities outside of school. Remember that your out-of-school behavior reflects on your potential for election. Parents are often involved in the community and may have an influence on how their children vote. If a parent remembers you as the friendly cashier from the grocery store or as an altar boy at church, he or she may likely recommend you as the worthiest candidate for their teen's vote. Consider the following community activities:

  • Volunteer for a local Habitat for Humanity or humane society.
  • Join or form a band.
  • Participate in a religious activity.

Aspirations and Goals

The ideal candidate has specific goals and can discuss them with the school community. Have a list of potential colleges ready; be willing to discuss your career goals with any potential voters.

Personality Traits

Many voters will recognize that your nomination is basically part of a popularity contest, and some will resent it. In order to overcome this obstacle, be sociable with such individuals in addition to participating in activities or assisting them with school-related projects. Be aware of how other people see you, even when you have a bad day. A prom king should do the following things:

  • Be kind.
  • Be considerate.
  • Have a variety of friends in different social circles.
  • Dress sharply.
  • Be well-groomed.
  • Be acquainted with a variety of individuals.
  • Get along with teachers.

Academic Life

In addition to the above qualities and behaviors, a worthy candidate has an exemplary academic record. Strive to balance school work, school activities, outside activities, and your social life, and always remember that your grades take priority over everything-even winning!

Campaigning for Prom King

The most significant step toward winning is the campaign. Individuals want to know why you deserve to win and what you have done throughout your high school career to merit their vote. Keep these tips in mind:

  • Start campaigning early.
  • Recruit friends and family members to assist in making posters and banners.
  • Ask friends of different social groups to promote you to their friends and acquaintances.
  • Make class announcements.
  • Put signs on your car and locker.

Positive Attitude

A positive attitude is your greatest asset. A friendly nod to strangers and a smile on your face will show students you are considerate and friendly. If you doubt your ability to win, so will others.

Nomination Process

The nomination process generally differs from school to school. Usually, students vote for their favorite individuals. All top winners become part of the prom court, and then only court members are eligible to become prom king and queen.

Prom King Duties

Once you've been chosen as prom king, you need to assume certain responsibilities and tasks associated with the position. This may include the following duties:

  • Special tasks/requests from prom court or committee
  • Setting fashion standard for the prom
  • Making guests feel welcome at the event
  • Special participation at football games, spirit week, or other school activities

Potential Obstacles to Prom King

Along with the regal glory of prom kingship, there are also challenges. Balancing school work, family life, social pressures, and extracurricular activities are your biggest challenge. You need to be organized and prompt. Don't forget small obstacles, either: Will your tux be ready on time? What if the elected prom queen is not your girlfriend? Be ready to handle these issues in a calm, suave manner.

Stay Safe

Don't forget to stay safe throughout your social campaigning. Never drink and drive and always encourage safe behavior in others. With your organizational skills and extracurricular activities planned around your campaign, you're on the road to becoming the king!

Prom King Campaign Tips