Scholarship Programs for Catholic High School

Updated March 6, 2019
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It can be a challenge for families to afford a Catholic high school, especially with costs ranging into the thousands of dollars per year. Learn some ideas on how to find scholarships, financial aid and grants for high school students.

Regional Programs Available for Catholic High School Students

Regional programs are readily available in most states. Explore some different regional scholarships available specifically for Catholic high school.

Catholic Education Foundation of Los Angeles

This foundation offers tuition scholarships to children that are within the Archdiocese of Los Angeles. Tuition is available for those that meet the financial guidelines established to help students in low-income families. You apply through the school.

The Shepherd Foundation

The Shepherd Foundation based in Washington DC provides tuition assistance to Catholic high schools. The scholarship is currently open to 219 schools in DC and specific Maryland counties, and you must apply through the school. Students that meet financial need are eligible.

Big Shoulders Fund

Big Shoulders Fund offers scholarship programs for students in several schools. Applying for this program requires you to be in the Chicago/Illinois area and contact the principal of the school that you are thinking of to fill out the application. Beyond attending the school, you will need to meet financial need requirements to receive funds.

Partners in Excellence

Those in the Baltimore area can apply for the Partners in Excellence scholarship program. To be eligible for a scholarship in your area, you'll need to meet financial need and location requirements. Apply at the specific school in your area.

Catholic Schools Foundation

Catholic high school students in the Boston area can apply for a partial or full scholarship in 27 Catholic schools through the Catholic Schools Foundation. Scholarship decisions are made by the schools after application. To be eligible, you must apply to one of the 27 schools and meet financial requirements.

Finding Local Resources

Finding local scholarship or financial aid opportunities in your area is just a matter of looking. Here are a few ways to find local scholarship programs.

Ask Administrators

Many schools offer discounts to families who are practicing Catholics. There may also be financial aid opportunities for families who put in a written request and plead their case.

Talk to Your Local Church

If your church is in the same county as the high school, there may be options for scholarships. You can talk to the local leader to get a list of these scholarships before applying.

Contact Alumni Organizations

Ask if the Catholic high school has a fund-raising program with former students that apply to scholarships. Encourage schools to start programs like these so more opportunities are available.

Search for Statewide Resources

Many states will offer scholarship programs to residents who want to attend a private high school. You'll need to find out the requirements before applying.

National Resources for Catholic High School Scholarships

Many families search for national resources for scholarship and grant programs. Here are a few to check out for both Catholic and private high schools:

The Catholic High School Scholarship Grants Program

The Catholic High School Scholarship Grants Program offers annual scholarships to high school students who otherwise could not afford this type of education. Applications for these scholarships are available at the admissions office of the Catholic school that you are considering. The deadlines will vary by term and school. Eligibility is based on incomes of the parents that are applying.

The Children's Scholarship Fund

The Children's Scholarship Fund helps families of all incomes levels to send their children to private Catholic schools, as well as other denominations. The application is available at any time for students and even to homeschooled students. In order to be eligible for an award, families must fall below the maximum income limits. This means that partial scholarships are available to all different income levels.

Succeeding in High School and Beyond

Even though the cost might be intimidating to attend a Catholic high school, the experience can be worth it for a good education that sets up students to succeed in college and beyond. Finding scholarship programs can help make the school a more affordable and realistic choice for families.

Catholic School Scholarships

If scholarship programs for Catholic high schools are unavailable, encourage teens to put in a solid effort at public schools or another alternative schools. Keeping up good grades at any school can lead to college scholarships, which will help out immensely down the line.

Scholarship Programs for Catholic High School