Fun Style Options for Homecoming Dresses

Updated April 24, 2019

Homecoming Fun Styles

Homecoming dresses can be short, long, fairly casual, or as formal as traditional prom dresses. Each school has a different "norm" when it comes to homecoming attire, so ask your friends which style they're wearing or check last year's yearbook for pictures.

Bringing the Ruffles Back

When you're deciding what to wear to homecoming, don't be afraid to mix it up by wearing a non-traditional style, such as this short, strapless number with satin ruffles. Not only will it show off all the work you've put into your legs in track but it will accentuate those delicate collar bones. Be ready to get your groove on in this 80s inspired number.

Off-the-Shoulder Red Devil

Red is bold. Red is daring. Red is perfect for every skin tone. Show off your daring personality in a beautiful floor-length flowing red dress. Not only will you be surrounded by red tulle, but the white beaded waist accentuates your curves. The delicate off-the-shoulder sleeves can hide worries that you might have about your arms while showing off those beautiful collar bones. Perfect for different body types, this princess piece will have your date drooling.

Polka Dots for Miles

You've been working hard on your homecoming body. Show it off with a two-piece dress. The modest, short-sleeved white top is accentuated by the bold polka dot skirt. Great for tall, slender and hourglass builds, the curve hugging skirt can really show off your assets. The sequined belt also works to highlight your toned stomach. While still a bit racy, this look can work for teens that are larger chested as well.

Sunshine and Lace

Mustard yellow might not be your first thought when thinking about a homecoming dress. But with the right look and accessories, a yellow dress can be a fun and original look at your school. The high neckline and lace sleeves make it perfect for those girls looking for a more modest dress. The flowing chiffon skirt and belted waist work for straight to curvy girls. The chiffon belt can also work to hide any imperfections. Add your own flavor with original shoes like your favorite Chucks.

Pretty in Pink

Bringing back that '80s appeal, this metallic pink wonder will be a prom hit. The sleeveless look will show off your neckline while the cinched waist gives a slimming appeal. The puffy tulle ruffles can also work to accentuate your waistline.

Timeless Red Goddess Dress

Find your inner goddess with a strapless red dress that not only slims your waist but shows off your curves. Great for all types of bodies, including plus sizes, the wrap waist works great to create a deep slimming effect. The rumpled fabric only adds to the Roman goddess appeal that this dress creates. The sleeveless top can really accentuate the beautiful line of your shoulders and neck. Pair it with some delicate silver or gold jewelry to be a true goddess.

Simple Floral Design

Not all prom dresses need to be fancy. Simple is sometimes the best way to state your fun style. Try a simple black dress with a fun floral design around the hem. The red sash waist makes this dress pop for large and small body styles. The sheer fabric along the neckline makes this sexy while not too revealing. A chiffon skirt adds just a bit of glamor to your prom décor.

Gray Lace Fun

Lace can add fun to any homecoming design. While the gray dress creates a slimming effect and shows off your body line, the floral lace adds fun as it flows around your body. The belted waist also works to create a slimming effect. Thicker shoulder straps ensure that everything stays in place but still show off your delicate curves.

Playing With Length

Party in the front and elegance in the back is the name of the game for this fun red number. With the modest neckline and belted waist, it works well for a variety of body types. The high-low hemline and a-line drape of the skirt can conceal the stomach and hips. However, the looser-fitting top and belted waist can also help give angular frames a more hour-glass figure. Dance and twirl your night away while still showing off your footwear.

Fun With Floral Print and Long Sleeves

Patterns are just fun. Not only can they add a little flavor to your homecoming choices, but you can be completely original in your dress choice. Your pics will be amazing with the colors that pop out of this eye-catching design. The waistline works to pull everything in while the sleeves might hide any insecurities you have. A heart-shaped neckline also gives a peek of cleavage while keeping it modest for high schoolers.

One-Shouldered Chiffon

Sometimes going strapless isn't an option. You might be too self-conscious or maybe just have a larger or smaller chest. In this case, trying a one-shouldered light airy green dress might be more your style. Not only does it scream Roman goddess, but the light fabric and color drapes along your body line. The princess, high-waist works to create a smaller waist illusion for larger body styles. The shorter style still shows off all that work you've been putting into your beautiful calves.

Simple Elegance

You don't have to go all out just to have a fun look. Getting a simple dress with fun flourishes like a front ruffle and buttons can make your look come alive. This simple sun dress look can fit most waists and body styles, but if you don't like showing off your sleek arms, you might want another style.

Fierce Homecoming Attire

While floral is fun, adding cheetah print can make your look fierce. Some might choose to get a whole dress in this print, having a little cheetah can make the look while still being understated. Pairing it with a gray belt and simple knee-length skirt and any girl can have fun.

Halter Top

Having a silky floor-length dress is typical for homecoming bound teens. You can really jazz up your look by adding a unique neckline to your dress. Halter top dresses with lace overlay can still show off your shoulders while be modest at the same time. It also creates a unique line along your neck. The line of this blue dress and its slim fit can make any size feel beautiful but works great for those with larger chests.

Three-Quarter Sleeves

The sheer fabric and sleeves add a fun appeal with the bold red color. Adding a more modest flavor, you can still show off your great legs with this look. The pleated skirt and belted waist can make it create a slimming look.

Bows and Lace

Two-piece dress styles are a popular trend and can work well for homecoming. Pair a sheer lace top with a high-waisted flowing bottom, for a pretty feminine style. A white dress can also give a sweet, romantic look.

Remember, regardless of who the dress was designed for, with the right attitude, you can pull off any look.

Fun Style Options for Homecoming Dresses