Songs About Growing Up

Updated February 15, 2019
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With everything that's been said over the years about the effect of music and media on teenagers, music is still a great way of identifying with something and connecting to others. When you hear a song on the radio that describes how you feel, it can change everything.

Growing Up Songs About First Love

There's one thing in life you'll never forget, and that is your first love. These songs talk about falling in love for the first time, or memories of first love.

  • Fifteen Taylor Swift
  • I Think We're Alone Now Tommy James and the Shondells, but also recorded by artists like Tiffany
  • I Saw Her Standing There The Beatles
  • Strawberry WineDeana Carter
  • First Kiss Kid Rock
  • Play It Again Luke Bryan
  • Cheerleader OMI
  • Don't Forget Demi Lovato
  • Thinking Out LoudEd Sheeran
  • Things I'll Never Say Avril Lavigne

Defiance/Independence Songs About Being a Teenager

Growing up isn't always easy. Teens want to be independent, but parents also have a hard time letting go. There can be moments of angst, uncertainty, and even outright anger. These songs speak to those feelings and can serve as a great release.

  • School's Out Alice Cooper
  • Ready, Set, Don't Go Billy Ray Cyrus and Miley Cyrus
  • I Will Not Bow Breaking Benjamin
  • We're Not Gonna Take It Twisted Sister
  • Run the World (Girls) Beyonce
  • Miss IndependentKelly Clarkson
  • Fight Song Rachel Platten
  • Burning Down the House Talking Heads
  • Bad Reputation Joan Jett
  • Another Brick in the Wall, Pt. 2 Pink Floyd

Songs About Teenagers' Future Dreams

As you grow up, you're likely looking toward the day when you'll be able to pursue your dreams fully. Whether you have a specific career in mind, are looking forward to taking on the world however you can, or you simply want to be independent and make your own choices, these songs speak to that desire.

  • Roar Katy Perry
  • It's My LifeBon Jovi
  • You Gotta Want It Roberta Gold (also recorded by Jordin Sparks)
  • Eye of the Tiger Survivor
  • Lose Yourself Eminem
  • Good Feeling Flo Rida
  • Good Morning Mandisa
  • Edge of Glory Lady Gaga
  • Don't Stop Believing Journey
  • The Climb Miley Cyrus

Growing Up Songs Looking Back on Childhood

As teens move toward graduation day or going off to college, it can be a bittersweet time. The day you've looked forward to for so many years is finally here, but you may feel a bit torn about whether you're ready for it. Listening to songs that look back on the sweet days of childhood or that explore life lessons can help ease the transition.

Celebration of Adulthood and Graduation Songs

Graduation songs and songs about celebrating adulthood are perfect for graduation parties, graduation slideshows, and get-togethers with friends. These songs speak of the joy of this season of your life.

Thousands of Growing up Songs

There are thousands upon thousands of songs available about growing up. Not only are there songs that are oldies that are still viable today, but every year new songs are recorded on the topics of first love, growing up, and becoming an adult. The songs listed above are a great start to meet your song searching needs, but there are many more available. What are some of your favorites?

Songs About Growing Up