Style Ideas for Teen Facial Hair

Published September 17, 2018
Teen facial air

It can be difficult to find style ideas for teen facial hair, especially if yours is only minimal or uneven. If this sounds like you -- don't despair. The following options are straightforward to create and will leave you with facial hair that both looks and feels fresh without having to shave it all off.

Neat Mustache and Jawlines

First, if you're searching for a polished and pristine facial hair aesthetic, then look no further! You can achieve this super attractive and on-trend style by moulding your sideburns, mustache, and jawline into a short, neat line and leaving a bit of a goatee. Want extra style points? Match the length of your beard to the sides of your undercut shaved hairstyle for a cool and collected appearance.

Neat mustache and jawlines

Long and Free-Flowing Beard

Albeit slightly challenging for those with patchy facial hair, this idea involves leaving your beard to grow into a long and rugged style. It works particularly well if you have thick or wavy hair. However, to keep your beard from getting out of control, trim it regularly and shave down any flyaways from your cheeks until the start of your beard is parallel to your top lip. Then, when it comes to your mustache and sideburns, simply let them free-flow!

Long and Free-Flowing Beard

Barely-There Moustache and Chin Hair

Great if you prefer minimalism or if you have thin locks, this style involves a barely-there mustache with short handlebars and a bit of fluff at the bottom of your chin. If you have the capability, consider growing this chin fluff into a reasonably thin line on your jaw and sideburns for a youthful yet masculine aesthetic.

Barely There Facial Hair

Short and Natural-Looking Beard

This facial hair style is natural-looking but well-maintained and suitable for a range of hair types. It involves leaving your facial hair full along your jawline and shaving your mustache, chin, and goatee hair into a coiffed and well-groomed shape. If you're able, you might want to grow this beard all the way up to your hairline to create sideburns. Alternatively, you might prefer to eliminate your sideburns for enhanced individuality.

Natural Looking Beard

Thin Mustache Only

If you're completely struggling in the facial hair department or you have thin locks, then this one's for you. Leaving a thin mustache during your weekly shaving routine can create a fun and quirky style. However, make sure you keep it short unless you like the retro 1970s look.

Thin mustache

Sharp and Well-Kept Beard

Those who are lucky enough to experience regular facial hair growth might want to consider a lengthier, fuller-looking aesthetic. However, there's a way you can do this without going overboard. Merely let your beard grow but keep up with your regular trimming routine to ensure that it doesn't get too long and untidy. Also, be sure to shave your neck to achieve a blunt line at the jaw for a fashionable, immaculate appearance.

Light Beard

Light Stubble

If you don't have the capability for a lengthy beard or prefer a fuss-free, shorter option, keep shaving on a frequent basis to achieve this light all-over stubble. This style is perfect when teamed with a suit if you've got a formal or smart casual event coming up, as it will help you to look respectable and occasion-appropriate.

Light Stubble

Slight Beard With Missing Mustache

For an easy, no-frills facial hair style, let your beard grow naturally and then shave off the mustache section. Eliminating the mustache will keep your mouth section orderly while creating a rough and ready aesthetic. Alternatively, if you want a completely effortless appearance, leave your mustache on for good measure.

Slight Beard With Missing Mustache

Simply Sideburns

If you're only just starting your facial hair journey and like the smart, clean-shaven look, don't be afraid to shave everything off apart from your sideburns. Whether this section of hair is prominent, understated, well-kept, or out of control, confine it to your sideburns and match it to the rest of your locks for a bold, handsome aesthetic.


Finding What Works

There isn't a "one size fits all" when it comes to teen facial hair. Make sure you spend time playing around with different options to see what works for you. If you feel comfortable, this confidence will ultimately show on the outside and attract attention for all the right reasons.

Style Ideas for Teen Facial Hair