Text Message Symbols and Meanings

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When you're typing with your thumbs, you need to save your effort by communicating with as few letters as possible. Consequently, users created text message symbols as a sort of shorthand to make texting easier and faster. Most symbols make sense and have become a mainstay in texting language.

List of Common Text Message Symbols Meanings

There are a few different ways the unique language of text messaging is created. Some text message symbols abbreviate words by leaving out vowels or replacing several letters with a single letter that has the same sound. Others are acronyms, replacing an entire sentence with the first letter of each word. This list presents some of the most commonly used abbreviations and acronyms.

Message Symbol
Aight Alright
Ask me anything AMA
And & or +
Anyone NE1
Are R
Are you okay? RUOK?
As a friend AAF
At @
At any rate AAR
Ate 8
Back in five BI5
Be B
Be right back BRB
Because BC or B/C
Before B4
Belly laughing BL
Best friends forever BFF
Better you than me BYTM
Bored to death B2D
Boyfriend BF
By the way BTW
Cancelled CX
Cutie QT
Direct Message DM
Don't mention it DMI
End of text ETX
Face to face F2F
For 4
Forever 4EVER or 4EVA
Friend of a friend FOAF
Girlfriend GF
Good luck GL
Good game GG
Got to go GTG or G2G
Great GR8
Happy birthday HB
Hi again REHI
Hugs and kisses XO
I don't know IDK
I see IC
In my opinion IMO
Just kidding JK
Kiss for you K4U or KFY
Keep it real KIR
Later L8R
Laughing out loud LOL
Love LUV
Must be nice MBN
Moving right along MRA
My friend MF
No big deal NBD
No problem NP
Oh my God OMG
Oh no I didn't ONID
One to one 121
Over and out OAO
People PPL
Please PLZ or PLS
Point of view POV
Praise the Lord PTL
Quit Laughing QL
Quote of the day QOTD
Read and find out ROFO
Reason to be single RTBS
Same to you S2U
See you later CUL8R
Sorry SRY
Thank you TY
Thanks THX
Thinking of you TOY
Today 2DAY
Tonight 2NITE
Way to go WTG
What's up? SUP?
Without W/O or WO
You only live once YOLO
You U
Your or You're UR

Common Text Message Emoticon Symbols

Emoticons are pictures or faces made from characters on a cell phone's keypad. You may choose to send emoticons to express your mood or add some humor or personality to a message rather than typing out an entire message.

Meaning Emoticon
Angel 0:-)
Angry >:-(
Baby ~:o
Braces :-#
Cat =^.^=
Confused :-/ or %-( or :-S
Crying :'-( or : ,-(
Dork 8-B
Drool :-)...
Elvis Presley 5:-)
Evil >-)
Glasses 8-)
Greedy $_$
Happy :-) or :)
Happy Tears :')
Heart <3
Hugs (((H)))
Intoxicated %-}
King \VVV/
Kiss :-*
Laughing :-D
Liar :-----)
Lips are sealed :-x
Pig :@
Pirate P-(
Punk -:-)
Queen \%%%/
Robot <(-_-)>
Rolling your eyes @@
Rose @-}---
Runny Nose :-~)
Sad :-( or :(
Santa Claus *<|:o)>
Shifty :-\
Shock :-()
Smoking :-Q
Snake ~~~~8}
Sticking tongue out :-p or :p
Sunglasses B-)
Surprised :-o
Tongue-tied :-&
Uncle Sam =I:-)=
Wink ;-) or ;)
Yawn |-O
Yelling :-@

Other Text Message Symbol Meaning Resources

The popular symbols and emoticons change on a daily basis and new ones are constantly being created. If you do not find symbols and emoticons to suit your needs on these lists or are confused by a message you have received, look to some online databases that feature a more extensive list of symbols, emoticons and other fun ideas for text messages.

  • Mob1le's SMS Texting Dictionary contains multiple emoticons and symbols accompanied by their meanings.
  • BOLTOP offers one of the most extensive lists of symbols and emoticons. Symbols are grouped alphabetically and emoticons are grouped by emotion and theme.

Texts Reflect Your Personality

With these symbols, not only will you save time, but you will be able to send longer texts that contain more personality and emotion. You may also use these symbols when sending messages on popular social networking sites. If you cannot find a symbol or emoticon to fit your needs, create one of your own and teach it to your friends. Who knows? Your symbol or emoticon could become the next trend.

Text Message Symbols and Meanings