Top Teen Lesbian Web Sites

Updated January 17, 2018
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Great teen lesbian web sites help gay young women find useful resources, supportive peers and fun advice from those who have been in their shoes. These sites are also great resources for parents of lesbian teens and other adults, like teachers, who want to better understand the culture and its specific challenges.

1. Lambda Literary

Lambda Literary

For lesbians who love literature, either reading or writing it, Lambda Literary is the place to learn about what's happening with LGBTQ authors and publications. This Los Angeles, California based group hosts the annual Lambda Literary Awards, an LGBTQ writer's retreat and a program for young writers in schools. On the website you'll find information about all these programs along with book reviews, author interviews and articles on literary news. All Women's Talk says this it a Top 8 must follow website for lesbians.

2. Safe Schools Coalition

Safe Schools Coalition

The Safe Schools Coalition (SSC) is designed to improve the climate for LBGT students in schools across the country. In addition to resources teens can share with teachers and parents, the site's youth area includes resources for students who are questioning their sexuality and advice on issues like prom and activism. If you're looking for resources on any topic related to bullying or unequal treatment, this is the spot to find them. With more than 90 member organizations like Planned Parenthood of the Great Northwest involved, it's no wonder the SSC is cited by Responsive School Practices to Support LGBTQ Students and Families as a valuable community resource. Since teens spend most of their days in school, websites like this help make the most of that time by fostering an accepting atmosphere.


3. Gay-Straight Alliance Network

Gay-Straight Alliance Network

The Gay-Straight Alliance (GSA) Network provides resources for students looking to create Gay-Straight Alliances in their local schools and was awarded the 2012 Top Non-Profit stamp by Philanthropedia. Alliances can provide safe havens for gay and lesbian teens while also planning campaigns to combat prejudice and raise awareness. Teens looking for ways to get involved in activism can learn about training and leadership opportunities from the GSA Network. This site helps youth take their ideas or beliefs about sexuality and equality and turn them into real actions that will help others in the LGBTQ community around the nation. This active resource provides specific information and steps for teens, making it the ideal place for young activists.

4. Our Queer Stories

Our Queer Stories

Get firsthand accounts of coming out, self-exploration, and triumph from other LGBTQ individuals on Our Queer Stories. Choose from categories like Coming Out, School, or Religion to read the experiences of others and helpful advice on the specific topic. As part of Queerdeer Media, there are also tons of links to things like LGBTQ children's books, movies, video games, history, and art. Named a Top 40 LGBTQ blog/website by Feedspot, this site has a bit of everything.

5. After Ellen

After Ellen

Listed as a Top 15 LGBTQ site by Feedspot, After Ellen takes a lesbian and bisexual approach to pop culture reporting. If you want a lesbian perspective on anything from politics to entertainment, this is the news source for you. With featured shows like the teen/young adult drama Pretty Little Liars and interviews with young stars like Fifth Harmony's Lauren, the content resonates with a younger crowd. Read articles, reviews, and celebrity interviews or join in on one of the many forums like the Fan Fiction and Creative Writing forum where teens can share their own takes on pop culture or the Coming Out forum where people share their personal experiences.


6. Pride


Girls looking for pop culture news involving LGBTQ personalities and characters will love The site is owned by parent company Pride Media, which is hailed as the largest publisher serving this unique community. Featuring trending hashtags, the site offers up stories about what's current in politics, movies, music, and even Netflix involving any aspect of the gay community. Sections like #SpiritDay showcase stories about LGBTQ youth and how celebrities are supporting this particular group.

7. Our Teen Network

Our Teen Network

Listed as a top 10 dating site for teens by, this free online meet-up spot features profiles of other teen lesbians in their lesbian community section, forums for general chats, and fun activities like the Hot or Not game. While the site isn't exclusively for lesbians, it is exclusively for teens where users must be between ages 13 and 19. In addition to standard biographical info, you can provide your user names for other sites and apps like Kik, Snapchat, or Instagram to connect further with new friends or potential love interests.

8. Autostraddle


Winner of the 26th Annual GLAAD Award for Outstanding Blog, this site is made by lesbians for lesbians. Their unique articles cover everything from arts and culture to politics and activism. If you're looking for original lesbian fashions, check out their store where you'll find tees, sweatshirts, and pins featuring gay girl phrases and images. Autostraddle is your one-stop spot for news, pop culture, and everything else gay or queer and even includes a section just for teens with dating advice and stories about inspirational peers.


9. Dapper Q

Dapper Q

Dapper Q is a fashion website with nearly 50,000 followers for women who prefer a more masculine look. Check out their style guides and editorial fashion shows for inspiration on how to get that dapper look. If you want to stay on trend with a look that's anything but frilly, this site has got you covered with content from high fashion to streetwear including celebrity style icons like Rhianna. All Women's Talk lists this style site as a must-follow for lesbians. The content features information for women of all ages, and the site creators love getting involved with youth, like when they hosted a young adult fashion show for the NYC Pride Inaugural Youth Pride event.

Just For Girls

While some of these websites are meant for anyone in the LGBTQ community, many are geared toward the lesbian lifestyle. Whether you're looking for support, style trends, political campaigns, or a date, lesbian-centered websites are there to help. Be careful when giving out information to join sites, forums, and blogs to keep yourself safe. If someone becomes abusive or wants to know too much about you, all you have to do is close the chat room or leave the site.

Top Teen Lesbian Web Sites