35+ Toddler Jokes to Give Little Ones the Giggles

Published January 10, 2022

Toddlers are joyful beings who can't get enough of the funnies. When telling your toddler jokes, keep the topics engaging and interesting, and make sure they can actually understand the wisecracks by using age-appropriate material and ideas. Whether you are trying to settle an ornery child down or just passing the time, these 35 toddler jokes are spot-on sillies that will make your little one smile.

Giggle Worthy Toddler Jokes

laughing toddler friends at preschool

These jokes are bound to get your toddler chuckling. They are funny, easy for young children to grasp when it comes to the punchline, and will keep tykes occupied no matter what.

Joke: Why didn't the little banana go to school?

Answer: He wasn't "peeling" well!

Joke: What did the mama corn say to the little corn when she became frustrated?

Answer: Go ask your "pop" corn.

Joke: What do cows do on date night?

Answer: They go to the "moo"vies.

Joke: What do you call a train with a cold?

Answer: "Achoo-choo" train.

Joke: What do you call a smart duck?

Answer: A wise-quacker.

Joke: Why do pigs make great photographers?

Answer: They like to take "pig"tures.

Joke: What did the red flower say to the yellow flower?

Answer: You're my best bud!

Joke: What did one pizza think of the other pizza's joke?

Answer: It was too cheesy.

Joke: What is the most popular drink at school?

Answer: "Kool" Aid.

Joke: Why did the clock get in trouble at school?

Answer: It "tocked" when it shouldn't have.

Joke: What sea creature is the smartest?

Answer: Fish! They live in schools.

Joke: Where do cows get their information?

Answer: A "Moo"s paper.

Joke: Why did the pony cancel his concert?

Answer: He was feeling hoarse.

Joke: Why was the peanut butter late?

Answer: He was stuck in a traffic "jam."

Joke: Why did the chef throw the butter out the window?

Answer: He wanted to see a butterfly.

Joke: How do bees with broken wings get around?

Answer: They ride a buzzz.

Joke: How did one ocean greet the other ocean?

Answer: With a wave.

Joke: What did Anna say to Elsa when she wouldn't give her favorite dress back?

Answer: Let it go!

Joke: What is a ghost's favorite dinner and dessert?

Answer: Spook-ghetti and i "scream."

Joke: What is a lamb's favorite type of dance?

Answer: "Baaaaaaa" llet.

Joke: What did the mama volcano say to the baby volcano?

Answer: I lava you.

Joke: What do you say to a horse that lives next door to you?

Answer: Hello neighhhhhh-bor.

Joke: What is a pirate's favorite museum?

Answer: The arrrrr-t museum.

Joke: How do honeybees relax?

Answer: They take a bumble bath.

Joke: What did one bird say to the other bird on Valentine's Day?

Answer: You're my "tweet-heart."

Joke: What do elves learn at school in the North Pole?

Answer: The elf-abet.

Joke: Who brings puppies their Christmas presents?

Answer: Santa Paws.

Joke: What tool does a dinosaur always have on hand?

Answer: A dino-saw.

Joke: Why did the teddy bear say no to dessert?

Answer: Because he was stuffed.

Joke: What sea animal will never share their toys?

Answer: Shellfish.

Joke: What makes a tissue dance?

Answer: When you put a boogie in it.

Joke: How did the daddy broom get the baby broom to sleep?

Answer: He rocked it to "sweep."

Joke: What do snakes love to learn in school?

Answer: Hissssstory.

Joke: What do clouds wear under their pants?

Answer: Thunderwear.

Joke: What did the Dalmatian say to his friend at the movie theater?

Answer: Save me a spot.

Joke: What type of dog loves the beach?

Answer: A hot dog.

Share Jokes With Your Toddler Anytime

giggling toddler girl

Toddlers love to giggle, and they love your undivided attention. This means there is really no bad time to engage in a silly joke session with your favorite three year-old. Jokes can be used to brighten a tot's mood, distract them from something unpleasant, strengthen your bond, or keep them engaged and entertained during rather boring and dull situations and events. Consider telling a few wisecracks when:

  • You are in the car. Instead of cranking up the music or occupying them with a device, tell a few memorized jokes (or read them off of a sheet of paper or your phone if you are in the passenger seat).
  • During wait time. Little kids hate waiting, and they are just beginning to learn the art of patience. Help them stay mentally occupied and engaged by telling jokes. Try telling a few fun jokes when you are in line at the grocery store, sitting at the dentist's office, or waiting to hop on an airplane.
  • If you know your child is becoming anxious over something (perhaps they are about to receive a shot, have separation anxiety before preschool drop off, or are en route to a big performance), break up the anxiety and tension with a few cute jokes about some of your toddler's favorite topics, like food and animals.
  • Toddlers and tantrums go together like peanut butter and jelly. Chances are, you will encounter your fair share of toddler tantrums as a parent. If you have a few jokes on tap to make your little one laugh, it may be possible to reset your tot and turn a tantrum into a giggle fest.

Laughing With Your Toddler Is an Excellent Way to Bond

Bonding with your tiny best friend is probably one of your top priorities in life, and sharing a giggle together is a great way to achieve a bit of bonding. Spend undivided time with your darling, telling a few funny jokes without any distractions. They might not remember the punchlines or the jokes, but they will definitely remember your love and attention. And when they're older, teach them some jokes they can tell their friends.

35+ Toddler Jokes to Give Little Ones the Giggles