20 Captivating Brown Eyes Quotes

Published March 18, 2022
Young woman showing heart shape around her eye

Brown eyes are often revered as soulful, warm, and even haunting. These brown-eye quotes are perfect for those sporting two dark windows to the soul and those who fall head over heels for a brown-eyed beauty.

Instagram Quotes About Brown Eyes

Snap pictures of your sultry brown eyes and show them to the world. Pair your dark-hued lookers with a perfect Instagram caption that draws attention to that heart-stopping trait of yours.

Happy teenager with brown eyes
  • Brown eyes are the best eyes. #changemymind
  • Let me distract you with my big brown eyes and a headful of thoughts. #fullpackage
  • Dark eyes bring the light.
  • Whoever said brown eyes aren't beautiful needs their eyesight checked. #brownisbeauty
  • Always dressed in my best with these brown eyes, baby!
  • Eyes of brown taking the town! #whereto

Famous Quotes About Brown Eyes

Think of original words regarding your feelings about brown eyes or borrow iconic lines and lyrics on them from others who have swum in those deep, dark pools of wonder themselves.

  • "In the misty morning fog with our hearts a-thumping, And you, my brown-eyed girl" - Van Morrison
  • "Beautiful, beautiful brown eyes/I'll never love blue eyes again"- Rosemary Clooney, Beautiful Brown Eyes
  • "Mild brown eyes beckon me to the past, but memory provides no clue." - Mason Cooley
  • "In your brown eyes, walked away/In your brown eyes, couldn't stay" Lady Gaga, Brown Eyes

Romantic Quotes About Brown-Eyed Soulmates

You have fallen into those big brown eyes, and chances are you aren't coming out of them anytime soon. There is little more romantic than great, big dreamy brown eyes, am I right?

Woman with brown eyes by the sea
  • Step through these brown eyes and into my soul, stay awhile.
  • Dark and haunting, yet warm and welcoming. Those brown eyes are a quandary, to be sure.
  • Seek shelter in my dark brown eyes of night; stay and rest your weary soul there.
  • Their dark brown eyes said, "I'm yours." My heart said, "I'm done for."
  • Whatever lies behind those beautiful brown eyes is one mystery I'll spend my life solving.
  • Lie to me with those brown eyes, and I'll still believe whatever you say.
  • Eyes as pure and dark as the earth itself; never would I feel so connected and grounded as I did at that single moment of staring into their eyes.

Sweet and Cute Brown Eyes Quotes

Those brown eyes make you smile every time you feast upon them, so pay homage to them with quotes as sweet and cute as the brown-eyed person who has captured your heart.

Beautiful Couple Man And Woman Blue And Brown
  • Blue eyes are cool, but brown eyes rule.
  • A baby's brown eyes are warmer and sunnier than a world of blue skies.
  • Can't take my eyes off you, my brown-eyed beauty.
  • Deeper than the sea, warmer than a blazing fire, sweeter than chocolate are those brown eyes of theirs.

Brown Eyes Are the Best Eyes

Green eyes are mysterious, and blue eyes are iconic, but don't count those brown eyes out. Brown eyes say stay. They are welcoming and warm, and they are every part as lovely as their other-colored counterparts. Celebrate chocolate brown beauties with these perfect quotes.

20 Captivating Brown Eyes Quotes