100+ Halloween Captions for Uncannily Cute & Clever Posts

Published September 27, 2021
boy holding a halloween cup full of candies

No matter how great your Halloween photo is, the right caption can make it even better. If you're sharing Halloween pictures on Instagram or another social media platform, you can really get your photos noticed if you pair them with the perfect words. These Halloween captions are guaranteed to draw attention to your photos.

Funny Halloween Captions

Funny Halloween Caption

You'll get plenty of ghoulish grins and outright laughs with these hilarious Halloween captions for your photos:

  • Finally, a chance to party with the hot ghouls!
  • I have RWF: resting witch face.
  • He looks way better wearing a mask.
  • Later, witches.
  • I love Halloween. It's the only time you can buy a huge bag of candy at the store with zero judgment.
  • I'm a vegan zombie. Give me graaaaains!
  • Halloween: the holiday when my ceiling cobwebs are suddenly festive.
  • Baby, I put the "boo" in booty.
  • I told him he didn't need to dress up for Halloween this year, since he already looks like a clown.
  • Sure, he's a zombie, but at least he wants me for my brains.
  • Helpful tip: Buy your Halloween candy early so there will be time to buy more after you eat it.
  • I'm not sure how many pieces of Halloween candy equal real happiness, but it's definitely more than 29.
  • There's been a major recall on Halloween candy. If you bring it over to me, I'll dispose of it for you.

Spooky and Scary Halloween Captions

Spooky and Scary Halloween Caption

If you're looking to up the spooky vibe when you share your Halloween photos, try one of these:

  • I feel dead inside. And outside.
  • They say the sound of a child laughing is the most beautiful thing in the world... unless it's midnight and you don't have kids.
  • I'm trying to be environmentally responsible and eat locals.
  • Should I worry that all the knives in my house have suddenly gone missing?
  • Know what's terrifying? Tomorrow, stores will start selling Christmas stuff.
  • Have you ever thought about how when your tongue touches your teeth, you're actually tasting your own skeleton?
  • Helpful tip: Next time you bury a body, plant a protected flower on the grave. Then no one can dig it up.
  • My mom told me no one likes spoiled children, so I always keep them in the fridge.
  • I love sharing pictures of my food before I eat it. (as a caption for a photo of a friend)
  • They turned me away when I went to donate blood today. Apparently, there's some rule that it has to be your blood.
  • There's nothing to fear but fear itself... and that guy outside the window.
  • If everyone says, "Have a nice day," why is it creepy to say, "Enjoy your next 24 hours?"
  • Are you scared of the dark?

Halloween Sayings for Couples

From romantic to silly, these Halloween captions for couples are perfect for sharing photos of you and your special someone:

  • Just hanging out with my boo-tiful girl.
  • Sweeter than all the Halloween candy in the world.
  • I love boo so much, baby.
  • I put a spell on her, and now she's mine.
  • I'm only with him 'cause he has a great boo-tay.
  • We decided we needed to pumpkin spice things up a little in our relationship.
  • Be my zom-bae forever.
  • He didn't want to decorate every inch of our house for Halloween, so we compromised and decorated every inch of our house for Halloween.
  • He loves me, even with all the skeletons in my closet.
  • Look who I caught in my web.
  • You turn my head. I mean, some people call it possession, but still.
  • He's a handsome devil, isn't he?
  • She's simply bewitching.

Cute Halloween Captions for Families and Kids

Cute Halloween Caption for Families and Kids

Sharing your Halloween photos of your kids or family gets even better when you add the perfect caption or trick-or-treat quote:

  • All ready for spooky season!
  • Good thing they didn't count their candy before bed.
  • We're doing a little hocus pocus around here.
  • I gave them life. They give me candy.
  • The best thing about taking a baby trick-or-treating? You get to eat all their candy!
  • Trick or treat from these little monsters.
  • Happy haunting from our house to yours!
  • Just carving out some time for a Halloween celebration.
  • These kids are driving me batty!
  • Aren't they just monster-ific?
  • I'm such a proud mummy.
  • These kids' diet today: 99% Halloween candy and 1% real food.
  • Trick or treat from this boo-tiful bunch!

Costume-Specific Captions to Show Off Your Look

Whether you're dressed as a witch, a ghost, a vampire, or something else entirely, try a caption that fits your Halloween costume:

  • Most vampires can be a pain in the neck, but I kind of like this one.
  • I've always wanted to be witch and famous.
  • I told you. I'm way too old for this sheet.
  • They say I'm a zombie, but I haven't felt this alive for years.
  • Just hanging out with my witches.
  • I only eat brains, so you're safe.
  • It's going to be a great night. I can feel it in my bones.
  • Just letting my inner witch out to play.
  • Yes, the wicked witch does live in my house.
  • I'm only fully dressed if I have a wand.
  • My other car is a broom.
  • Just trick-or-treating with the most boo-tiful ghost ever.
  • Having a bloody great Halloween!

Clever Halloween Instagram Captions for Friends

Clever Halloween Instagram Caption for Friends

This is a great time to hang out with friends at a Halloween party, and the perfect caption can really help your photo get noticed:

  • We're enjoying a ghoul's night out.
  • We're going as hot ghouls for Halloween.
  • My BFF is the cutest pumpkin in the whole patch.
  • Check out my boo crew!
  • Time to get spooky!
  • Getting in the Halloween spirit with my ghouls!
  • My BFF is sweet like Halloween candy.
  • Something wicked this way comes. Oh wait, that's just us.
  • Just hanging with my ghouls!
  • Hope you're having a spook-tacular Halloween.
  • We're having a wicked good Halloween!

Halloween Selfie Sayings

Share your costume and Halloween party selfies with these fun sayings:

  • What are you talking about? This is my costume.
  • Just being myself. Why are you screaming?
  • Trick-or-treat, witches!
  • All the ghouls want me.
  • Feed me some candy.
  • I'm just creeping it real this Halloween.
  • I think I'm looking fab-boo-lous tonight.
  • It looks like a scary costume, but it's just me without coffee.
  • What's up, witches?
  • I'm the queen of Halloween.

Creative Halloween Drink Captions

Creative Halloween Drink Caption

Halloween drinks can be super creative, and they deserve a great caption:

  • I'm only here for the boos.
  • This witch needs some wine.
  • Nothing like a boo-sy evening.
  • Keep your candy and pass me the wine.
  • Just lifting my Halloween spirits!
  • Which wine pairs best with stolen Halloween candy?
  • Nothing is scarier than running out of wine on Halloween.
  • Just a photo of my magic potion.

Post-Halloween Captions for Late Posts

Don't worry if you missed posting your photos on Halloween. You can use these captions to post them later:

  • How long am I going to wear my Halloween costume? As long as I want.
  • We were so busy having a spook-tacular Halloween that I forgot to share costume photos. Here they are!
  • It's November 1, the day I steal my kids' Halloween candy and eat it while they're in bed.
  • The great thing about zombie costume photos is that they only get better with time.
  • I just did my whole week's cardio when I ran into a spider web someone forgot to take down.
  • I planned to post my Halloween photos on time this year, but it was just witchful thinking.
  • I know I'm late posting these pictures, but every day should be Halloween!

Get in the Spirit

Remember to practice taking photos at night before you get your costume pictures and shots of the Halloween party. Then pair your images with great captions. The right Halloween sayings can help everyone get in the spirit as they look at your photos.

100+ Halloween Captions for Uncannily Cute & Clever Posts