25 Short Christmas Quotes That Spread Big Holiday Cheer

Published September 23, 2021
Mom and adult daughter hugging at Christmas tree

Share a meaningful or fun holiday quote to ignite Christmas cheer in your friends and family. These thoughtful and festive sentiments don't have to be long Christmas sayings. Instead, keep it short and sweet with short Christmas quotes that will spread joy all season long.

Simple Christmas Quotes to Add to Holiday Cards

Are you looking for a simple, sweet quote to add to your Christmas card? Well, you've found them. Explore a selection of heartwarming quotes that are guaranteed to brighten your recipient's heart. You can also add these gems to social media posts, or even create a cute Christmas meme of your own. Get inspired by the magic of the holiday season.

  • Let the magic of Christmas cheer last you through the year.
  • May you sleigh December with Christmas cheer.
  • Let Christmas light up your life.
  • Hoping your Christmas season shines like a child's face on Christmas morning.
  • Rather than nice, you are the sugar and spice of Christmas.
  • May you enjoy the magic of Christmas all year long.
  • Peace, love, and joy are the true gifts of Christmas. Enjoy them all!
Mother and daughter hugging over Christmas dinner

Fun Short Christmas Quotes to Get You in the Spirit

Do you need Christmas quotes to get friends and family into the holiday spirit? When someone is struggling to achieve your level of Christmas joy, a good quote can be all you need. Use these fun quotes to amp up their enthusiasm!

  • Love and magic ignite the holiday spirit.
  • It's time to say ho, ho, ho, don't you know?
  • Lights, presents, love, and joy! What's not to love about Christmas?
  • Let the season ignite the Christmas fire within us all.
  • Just in case you needed a little Christmas cheer in your life. Happy Holidays.
  • What started in a manger ended with love. Share the Christmas love.
  • The greatest gift is being present this Christmas.
Dog wearing reindeer antlers at Christmas time

Clever Short Christmas Sayings for Instagram

Take your holiday cheer to the next level on your Instagram feed. Not only will your friends be smiling, but you'll ignite their passion for shopping, presents, giving, and joy. Try out these divine little tidbits of holiday joy in your next post.

  • Snow is the Christmas season's fairy dust.
  • Get jolly on this holly holiday!
  • Sweaters, cocoa, twinkling lights, and joy. The festive feelings of Christmas.
  • Do you see that twinkle? Holiday magic is in the air.
  • Make sure the hot chocolate is warm, and have a Merry Christmas.
  • Christmas. When the world gets a peppermint twist.
Candy canes in female hand in shape of heart

Creative Christmas Quotes to Inspire Holiday Cheer

Holiday cheer can be hard to find sometimes. Brighten someone's day with a quick quote highlighting the joy of the season; you don't have to write a book to make someone smile. It can be done in just a few short words.

  • You are the sparkle in my holiday.
  • Love is the perfect Christmas gift.
  • Find hope in the holiday.
  • Memories, laughter, and sharing rock Christmas.
  • Get lost in the feeling of Christmas.
woman enjoying coffee in Christmas morning

Let Christmas Quotes Light Up the Season

Christmas comes once a year, but the feelings, wonder, and family create memories to share for a lifetime. Light up the lives of those on your Christmas list with a few choice quotes. You can add these to their Christmas card, social media, or even stitch them onto an ornament. Your words might be just what someone needs to add holly jolly cheer to their year.

25 Short Christmas Quotes That Spread Big Holiday Cheer