30+ Creative Galentine's Day Quotes You'll Want to Share

Published November 10, 2021
Happy friends embracing while standing on footpath

Valentine's Day greetings tend to focus on the hearts and flowers of romance rather than the different (yet just as important!) kind of love a person has for their bffs. Galentine's Day became a thing after it was first featured in an episode of Parks and Recreation in which lead character Leslie Knope hosted a special get-together just for her female friends the day before Valentine's Day. The idea caught on, and soon Galentine's Day became a super-special ladies-only celebration.

Galentine's Day Social Media Captions

Galentine's Day is an ideal time to recognize your closest female friends on social media. Whether you're posting pictures from a Galentine's Day gathering in real-time via Instagram or you're sharing photos from your most recent get-together with your best girlfriends, be sure to enhance the images with just the right words.

Galentine's Day Social Media Caption
  • Galentine's Girlfriends: That's what February 13 is all about!
  • Best friends make the world go around.
  • These women are the sisters of my heart.
  • I have the best Galentine's Day tribe in the universe.
  • Galentine's gals are better together.
  • Choosing these ladies to be my sisters is the best thing I've ever done!
  • Guess who has the best friends in the world? Me!
  • Let me introduce you: These are my ride-or-die Galentine's Gals.
  • Where do I get my strength? From these girls.
  • I'm so lucky to get to do life with these Galentine's gals.
  • One of life's greatest gifts to treasure is Galentine friends to love beyond measure.

Galentine's Day Greeting Quotes

Let your besties know how much they mean by sending a personalized Galentine's Day greeting. Whether you send a Galentine's text or email, mail or deliver a card, or order a special delivery of flowers or an edible arrangement, use any of these special quotes to bring smiles to the faces of your most special friends.

Galentine's Day Greeting Quote
  • Boys may come and boys may go, but you'll always be the best Galentine I know.
  • With you as a friend, every day is Galentine's Day.
  • From childhood until now and through tomorrow and beyond, I will always be your friend.
  • Roses are red, violets are blue, boys sure aren't better than a wonderful gal pal like you!
  • Wherever life takes you and me, the best of friends we will always be.
  • I'll always be there for you, just like you'll always be there for me. That's why my favorite Galentine surely you will always be!
  • Galentine's Day is a reminder of how grateful I am for your friendship--not just today, but every day.
  • You're a special gal who's way more than a pal. Your friendship means the world to me.
  • You're there when I'm fine and when I'm sad; you're the best Galentine that I've ever had.
  • Galentine, you'll always be among the most important people in my life. I treasure your friendship.
  • With you for a friend, every day is Galentine's Day.

Sayings for Galentine's Day Invitations

Pictures, cards, and gifts are great, but in-person Galentine's Day gatherings are even more fabulous. Plan a special party for your best girlfriends (consider one of these pink themes for parties) and include a special quote or saying in the invitation!

Saying for Galentine's Day Invitations
  • Galentine's gals: Tonight we ride!
  • Strong women, unite for Galentine's night!
  • Get dressed up and put on your crown! It's time for a Galentine's Day night on the town.
  • Galentine's unite for the time of your life! This February 13 will be one to remember.
  • Slumber in style with your besties on Galentine's Day!
  • No boys allowed in the Galentine's Day clubhouse!
  • Strong women unite! Let's make this the best ever Galentine's night.
  • You don't have to be a girly girl to get in on the Galentine's Day fun.
  • Let's go all-in with a Galentine's spa day day extravaganza!

Celebrate the True Love Between BFFs

The relationship between close female friends is unique and special, and it isn't really celebrated enough. Galentine's Day is an opportunity to make your best girls know they mean the world to you. Whether you choose one of the quotes or sayings above or you use different quotes about friendship or cute Valentine quotes for your BFFs, take the time to let your best friends know how much they mean to you on Galentine's Day.

30+ Creative Galentine's Day Quotes You'll Want to Share