39 Cute and Funny Valentine's Day Jokes for Kids

These comical quips will have your kids laughing all February!

Published January 5, 2023
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Laughter is good for the soul, which makes humor one of the best ways to engage with others. If you're looking for some whimsical quips and clever puns to use on cupid's favorite day, then holster your arrows! We have a quiver filled with funny Valentine's Day jokes for kids that will make you and your little ones laugh. Whether you're a parent looking to a inject some humor into your family Valentine celebration, or you're a teacher looking for some clever ways to amuse your class at the Valentine's Day party, these jokes will hit the mark.

Valentine's Day Jokes for Kids About Animals

Kids love animals, and these kid-friendly Valentine jokes have everything from funny animal pairs to punny animal-inspired expressions for this fun holiday. They can even tie into something your child is learning about or a favorite animal. Plus, they're just plain fun. Hyenas may not mate for life, but they will definitely cackle at these sweet, cute, and silly Valentine's Day jokes!

Valentine's joke about love birds

What do squirrels give their loved ones on Valentine's Day?


What do you call two love birds?


What did Free Willy say to his girlfriend on Valentine's Day?

Whale you be mine?

What do monkeys say to their loved ones?

I'm bananas for you!

How does a beekeeper ask for a Valentine?

Would you bee my honey?

When do bed bugs fall in love?

In the Spring!

What did the Tyrannosaurus Rex say to his lady love?

You are dino-mite!

Why did the tiger breakup with his girlfriend?

She was a cheetah!

Did you know cows make great boyfriends?

They are legen-dairy at a-moos-ing their dates!

What did the warthog say to the sow?

Don't go bacon my heart!

How do lions express their love?

They talk about their felines!

What did Whitney Houston sing to the belugas on their first date?

I Whale Always Love You

Valentine's Day Jokes for Kids About Food

Even pancakes can't stack up to these funny Valentine's Day jokes for kids! They'll have you and your kiddos flipping with laughter. Start off Valentine's Day breakfast with a joke written on a slip of paper in their cereal bowl, or take turns sharing these yummy jokes around the table for your family Valentine dinner. Food, fun, and kid-friendly Valentine jokes are the recipe for a perfect holiday!

Valentine's joke about food

How did the strawberry respond to the chocolate's request for a date?

I'd love to berry much!

What did the pickle say to the hamburger?

You mean a great dill to me!

Why is pizza so good at getting dates?

It has great delivery.

What did the cantaloupe say to the honeydew?

You are one in a melon!

What should you order for breakfast on Valentine's Day?

A hug and a quiche!

What did the chips say to the avocado?

You guac my world!

What did the tater tot say to the french fry?

You are one hot potato!

How does edamame pick up a date?

They let their potential suitor know that they have bean thinking about them!

Why do pumpkins never have trouble getting a date?

Because they are gourd-eous, both inside and out!

How does a Coke ask out a Sprite?

He tells her she is soda-rn cute!

What did the butter say to the bread on Valentine's Day?

You are the loaf of my life.

Why is artichoke dip the most loving appetizer?

Because it is all heart!

What is a piece of pizza's favorite pickup line?

Are you a personal pizza? Because you are made just for me.

How does coffee flirt?

It espressos its love for brew-tiful ladies who mocha it crazy!

Where does pasta like to go on Valentine's Day?

To the meatball!

Why does Mexican food always have the best time on a date?

It always has something to taco bout!

What did the grilled cheese say to the skillet?

You make me melt!

Why are sushi and chopsticks the perfect match?

They are soy-mates!

What does a shy leafy green say to a date request?

Kale me maybe.

Other Fun Valentine's Day Jokes for Kids

Valentine jokes for kids don't have to follow a specific theme. When it comes to the idea of love, pairing up, and paying compliments, your imagination can run wild with cute jokes to share with your little ones! If you're are looking for more laughs, these Valentine-themed puns and jokes for kids and kids at heart will have you giggling with glee.

Valentine's joke about thunderstorms

Which flowers give the best kisses?


Are shoes and socks a good couple?

Of course! They make a great pair.

Why do soccer players dislike Valentine's Day?

They hate getting red cards.

What did the gum say to the shoe?

I'm stuck on you!

How does a thunderstorm pay a compliment to lightning?

It says it looks striking!

What does a goblin call his lady love?

His Ghoul-friend!

Why are trees tremendous dates?

They always be-leaf in love!

What is a tornado's favorite game to play on a date?


Share the Laughs With Kid-Friendly Valentine's Jokes

Everyone loves a good laugh, so make your kid's day brighter by writing out these funny Valentine's jokes and slipping them into their lunchboxes each day. You can use these throughout the month of love and even have some to spare. Kids can also use these jokes and sweet quotes to make Valentine's Day cards for their teachers, classmates, and family members! All you need is paper, stickers, crayons and markers, and a bit of creativity! Let's be honest - homemade cards are always more meaningful and these are guaranteed to make them smile.

39 Cute and Funny Valentine's Day Jokes for Kids