40+ Halloween Quotes Funny Enough to Raise Anyone's Spirits

Published October 1, 2021
Halloween Costume Party

Halloween is spooky, but it's not all about shrieks and screams. There's a lighthearted, funny side to this holiday for kiddos and grown-ups alike. Add plenty of giggles to your celebration with some original quotes about Halloween, and a few well-known lines from Halloween movies.

Short Funny Halloween Quotes

You don't need a lot of words to spread some humor this Halloween. Whether you're looking for a catchphrase or a caption, these short sayings are sure to cause a few cackles.

Young woman with skeleton make-up holding skull at Halloween party
  • I lack social skulls.
  • I've got a bone to pick with you.
  • Scare and scare alike.
  • Bring your own broom!
  • Have a bloody good Halloween!
  • Who's your fairy god-monster?
  • Keep calm and bob for apples.
  • You do boo!

Funny Halloween Greetings

Don't just say "hi" by way of a greeting on Halloween. Get into the spirit with a seasonal saying instead.

Werewolf at sunset
  • Keep it un-real.
  • Hey there witches!
  • Come on in; the door's not war-locked.
  • Welcome to my crypt.
  • Enter, please, if you dare!
  • Fright or delight?
  • Welcome to my crypt.
  • I'm here to haunt your house.
  • Bad tidings of great horror.
  • Ghostly greetings.

Cute Halloween Quotes for Instagram

If you're looking for some cute and creative quotes for Insta, or even some that are quite (candy) corny, you're sure to love these silly sayings. For even more options, check out these Halloween jokes.

Halloween Witch Conjuring A Spell
  • Won't you try my witch's brew? It's a special recipe made just for boo!
  • Twizzlers are red, some gobstoppers are blue. Sugar is sweet and makes you say boo!
  • Knock, knock. Who's there? Just some old bat!
  • There's no scare I'd rather be.
  • While the cat's away, these witches will play!
  • What's for dinner? Spook-ghetti and eyeballs!
  • For a skeleton, his jokes should tibia more humerus.
  • What's for dinner? Zom-beanies and Hallo-weenies!

Funny Halloween Quotes for Adults

Who says Halloween has to focus solely on kids? Grown-ups are sure to get a kick out of some funny quotes crafted with them in mind.

Halloween drinks at a party
  • It's a BYOS party - bring your own spirits!
  • Now that the kids are full of candy, the grown-up ghouls can strike up the band-y!
  • Party at my crypt!
  • Wait a minute. If you're the bride of Frankenstein, what does that make me?
  • Get out of the kitchen. Go take (Halloween) candy from the baby!
  • You can hang out at my crypt any time.
  • Baby, you can haunt my house.
  • This aura is fueled by tequila!
  • There's nothing like a ghoul's night in while the kids are out.
  • Who's haunting my liquor cabinet?

Funny Halloween Quotes From Movies

There certainly isn't a shortage of Halloween movies, including many kid-friendly choices that are more funny than frightening.

Have a Laugh on Halloween

There are so many awesome Halloween quotes that you might have more trouble narrowing down what you want to say rather than finding enough options. Take the fun to the next level with some funny but silly Halloween ghost stories or fun trick-or-treat quotes.

40+ Halloween Quotes Funny Enough to Raise Anyone's Spirits