45 Heartwarming Christmas Eve Quotes to Share With Loved Ones

Published September 27, 2021
Family time at Christmas

It can be fun to share a heartwarming quote or sentimental Santa saying on Christmas Eve. Christmas Eve quotes can even be added to table decorations or family Christmas crafts. Share your Christmas spirit through whimsical, inspirational messages of love on Christmas Eve.

Inspiring Sayings for Christmas Eve for Family

Get inspired on Christmas Eve by sharing some sweet quotes everyone can enjoy. You might choose to share these on social media on Christmas Eve or write them on a Christmas card. You can also send these in a text to your friends.

Woman wearing knitwear dancing in the snow
  • The culmination of the holiday season, enjoy the wonder of Christmas Eve.
  • May the spirit of Christmas fill your heart as you enjoy family on Christmas Eve.
  • Enjoy the magic of the coming season this Christmas Eve.
  • Dance in the snow and sing all the carols this Christmas Eve.
  • Merry Christmas Eve to you. May your heart be filled with the magic of the season.
  • On Christmas Eve, your blessings shine a little brighter as you bask in the joy of the season.
  • On the night before Christmas, may you experience the delight of being together.
  • Enjoy this moment. Get lost in the cheer, for Christmas is almost here.
  • May your Christmas Eve shine bright with peace, hope, and light.

Christmas Eve Quotes Awaiting Santa

The anticipation of Santa's arrival is one of the big thrills of Christmas Eve. Share in all the joy by imparting a few fun Christmas quotes about Santa's Christmas Eve return.

Milk and cookies for Santa Claus
  • The list has been checked twice. It's time to wait for Santa to arrive on Christmas Eve.
  • On Christmas Eve, you need to close your eyes tight and sleep tonight. Santa is coming.
  • Watch the skies and get lost in the excitement. Christmas Eve is here.
  • It's the day we've all been waiting for. Christmas is just one day away.
  • Get lost in your family and hug your friends, enjoy the simple magic that Santa is coming soon.
  • May everyone enjoy the childlike wonder of waiting for Santa on Christmas Eve.
  • Listen for sleigh bells and wait in excitement, for Santa's sleigh is dancing through the night.
  • You've worked so hard to make this the best holiday season. It's time to get lost in the magic of Christmas Eve.

Sweet Christmas Eve Sayings for Everyone

Christmas Eve is a time to be surrounded by family and friends. These Christmas Eve quotes are all about the blessings of Christmas and togetherness. They can be great to share at a Christmas party on place cards, or you can write them on your Christmas gifts.

Christmas dining table
  • May your Christmas Eve be full of food, family, friends, and anticipation of the holiday to come.
  • May the spirit of Christmas surround you, and the cheer inspire you on Christmas Eve.
  • Christmas Eve is an evening full of joy, hope, anticipation, and love. May the warmness of the season fill your heart for the coming day.
  • Christmas Eve is the pre-game party for an epic celebration. Don't worry if your Christmas Eve outshines your Christmas celebration.
  • Sometimes Christmas Eve is the night you remember the most. It's the time for gathering together to share joy and love.
  • On this Christmas Eve, may your dinner be merry, your presents be wrapped, and the warmth of love surround you for a lifetime.
  • The heart of Christmas Eve is love and togetherness.
  • Enjoy the Christmas lights. Walk in the snow. Sip the hot chocolate. And take in the love and laughter shared by the world on Christmas Eve.

Religious Quotes for Christmas Eve

For many families, Christmas is about the birth of Christ or the religious reason for the season. You can find a few top religious Christmas Eve quotes to celebrate with loved ones. See if you can use some of these heartwarming gems to invoke your holiday spirit.

Open White Gift Box Tied With Red Ribbon
  • Happy Christmas Eve. The night before God's greatest gift.
  • Enjoy the blessings of Christmas Eve and get lost in God's glow.
  • May you find the peace and light of Christmas Eve.
  • Surround yourself with the magic of God's presence on this Christmas Eve.
  • The glow of love and happiness shining through Christmas Eve is from God's presence.
  • On Christmas Eve, look up at the stars and enjoy the wonder of love, peace, and hope. And know that the Lord granted it through the birth of His son. Merry Christmas Eve.
  • Christmas Eve isn't about presents, but the restoration of faith in the love of God.
  • Fill your heart with the warmth of Christ on this Christmas Eve.
  • Take a moment on Christmas Eve to appreciate all the blessings that God has brought into your life.

Beautiful Sayings for Christmas Eve

Lose yourself in the spirit of Christmas Eve in these heartening Christmas wishes. With a few simple words, you can exemplify the beauty and magic of the season. You might even use these as a starting point for creating fun Christmas crafts and ornaments with your family and friends on holidays. These can also be used for creating your own Christmas Eve quotes to add to pictures.

  • Smile on Christmas Eve, you are making memories.
  • The world seems a little brighter with your family gathered around the Christmas tree on Christmas Eve.
  • Despite your traditions, religion, or desires, we are all connected on Christmas Eve by the love of family that surrounds us.
  • On Christmas Eve you give the greatest gift. The gift of time, love, and togetherness.
  • Christmas Eve is all about watching movies, drinking eggnog, and getting lost in the traditions of your family and friends to make you appreciate them just a bit more.
  • The gift of Christmas Eve is the brightness of love from your friends and family.
  • Christmas Eve does not have a mold or an ideal. It's just about being together with the ones you love. Enjoy it to the fullest.
  • Christmas Eve is that last ornament that you hang on the tree before the big event. Take a minute to truly appreciate your creation.
  • Wrap the warmth of love on Christmas Eve around your heart tight, to keep it throughout the year.

Wonderful Sayings to Use on Christmas Eve

Christmas Eve is a time of magic and wonder. Whether you are waiting for Santa, Christmas giving, or the celebration of Christ's birth. Heartfelt quotes can make the day more special. Now that you have an array of different original quotes to try on Christmas Eve, you can use them lovingly in a variety of ways.

45 Heartwarming Christmas Eve Quotes to Share With Loved Ones