50 End-of-Year Quotes That Wrap Everything Up Nicely

Published September 30, 2021
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Anyone can add the words of Robert Frost or Eleanor Roosevelt to a cherished card. But if you want to be original, try these unique end-of-year quotes on your social media posts and gifts. There are even a few end-of-the-school-year quotes for you to add to students' gifts.

Inspirational End-of-Year Quotes

Inspirational End-of-Year Quote

As another year of your life rolls over, it's time to reflect and hope for a brighter future. Use these fun, inspirational quotes in a New Year's card or even share them on your latest snap. They are sure to inspire all your friends to look forward to the bright future to come.

  • You haven't reached the end of the year, but a fresh start for your tomorrow.
  • Let this new year bring wisdom, inspiration, and joy.
  • The laughter and tears of yesterday start fresh with the dawn of a new year.
  • Beginning tomorrow, you start on a fresh page to write this year's history.
  • A smile and positivity are the keys to this year's happiness.
  • The end of a year might seem bittersweet, but it is a new start that brings clarity.
  • With the end of this night, new possibilities open that you never even knew were there.
  • The ending of a year is like closing a window, but a new window always opens to let in a fresh light.
  • Take a moment to reflect and look back - but only a moment because new possibilities are just over the horizon.
  • With the ending of a year, it's time to think of the new possibilities in the future.

Motivational Quotes for the End of the Year

Motivational Quote for the End of the Year

Are you looking to get your friends and family into the New Year's spirit? Invite them to enjoy the new beginnings with you through some fun quotes. You might choose to motivate people by adding these to decorations at your New Year's celebration or just including a few motivational end-of-year quotes in a goodie bag. However you choose to use these gems, your friends are sure to enjoy them.

  • While the finishing of a chapter can be sad, there is another just over the horizon.
  • Life isn't a line but a circle. The ending of each year brings with it a new beginning.
  • All the days of the past year have prepared you for the new tomorrow.
  • Close the chapter of last year with a smile and reflection. Allow excitement and joy to bring in your new tomorrow.
  • While the new year can be a scary new stranger, all you have to do is look at the joy of your past year to welcome it.
  • Through this year, you've gained the wisdom and confidence to accept and inspire a new tomorrow.
  • You've finished the race that was this year strong; it's time to welcome a new challenge.
  • It's not about this year or the next but now. Today is all that matters.
  • Every ending has a bright new beginning. Embrace it with open arms.
  • Use the struggles of the last year to empower your new one.

New Year Quotes for a Fresh Start

New Year Quote for a Fresh Start

Before you can begin again, you have to acknowledge the year that happened. It's all about how you enjoy the fresh start the future can bring. Hop on the bandwagon by sharing a few end-of-year quotes on your Facebook or Twitter.

  • Every new year is a unique opportunity. Don't waste it.
  • It's your past that defines your future. Use it to make your new year bright.
  • You are the writer of your life. A new chapter is just waiting to be written.
  • As the year closes, reflect on the moments that have challenged or changed you. They are the backbone of the fresh page that starts tomorrow.
  • Every year is imperfect. May this new year be perfectly imperfect.
  • Forget the regrets of yesterday and embrace the new possibilities of tomorrow.
  • Let the possibility of a fresh start fill you with joy as your new year begins.
  • With this coming new year, use the reflection of last year to help you achieve new dreams this year.
  • Life is never written in stone. Each new year is a new opportunity to become who you want to be.
  • Think of tomorrow as a blank canvas to create another masterpiece in what you call life.

Best End-of-Year Quotes to Ring in a New Year

You can find end-of-the-year quotes all over the interwebs. However, they are typically the same quotes over and over. Be original in sharing your holiday hopes and dreams by choosing unique quotes. You might even use these as a starting point to create some inspiring words of your own.

  • Use this new year as an opportunity to achieve the wishes of your heart.
  • Rather than reflecting on what you haven't done as this year closes, think of this new year as an opportunity. The best paths in life always have a few curves in the road.
  • May the happiness of last year shine in this one.
  • The new year ahead of you is the future. Only you can craft a masterpiece.
  • Don't think of this year as the end. It was an opportunity, an opportunity to learn, to grow, to make mistakes. It was a beautiful opportunity that made you who you are.
  • The future is never easy. Use what you learned in the past as a guide.
  • The mistakes of last year are never failures. They are growth. In that growth, you find the future.
  • The dawn of a new year is like charging a battery. It helps you find fresh energy to embrace your new tomorrow.
  • Wipe the slate of last year to clear the way for the possibilities of this year.
  • The ending of this year is a stepping stone for the next. And each new step gets you a little closer to each new dream.

End-of-School-Year Quotes to Inspire

End-of-School-Year Quote to Inspire

End-of-the-year quotes aren't just about New Year's. They can be about a new school year too. If you want to inspire your classroom or just give your students an extra nudge for the future, give these nuggets of wisdom a try.

  • The knowledge of this year is the foundation for the knowledge learned in next.
  • In only a year, you went from a novice to a master. Congrats on the next step of your education.
  • Through this year, we've learned from one another. Moving on is proof of our success.
  • I will not be sad as you move to the next step because you've made it.
  • Reach for the stars in the future ahead. You have greatness within you.
  • Knowledge builds power, and you are well on your way to greatness. Keep that momentum going in the next year.
  • As the year ends, you should reflect on all the great things you've accomplished and all the beautiful things you still have to complete.
  • In life, there are 12 stepping stones to knowledge. You've accomplished another one.
  • Now that this year has ended, it's time to start writing the chapter of the next one with the foundation you've built.
  • As the end of the year approaches, take a look at all the work you've done. You are on the right path to the future.

End-of-the-Year Quotes to Remember

Whether you are watching a new year appear on the calendar or a school year end, you can share a few choice words with those around you. Use these quotes as a starting point to write your own or add them as they are to New Year's cards. Whatever the case, the recipient will love the gesture.

50 End-of-Year Quotes That Wrap Everything Up Nicely