101 Friendsgiving Quotes and Captions to Show Gratitude 

Published September 6, 2022
Friends celebrating Thanksgiving

When you count your blessings this Thanksgiving season, celebrate your amazing friend group. Whether you and your besties gather to share a Friendsgiving meal or you meet up online, use these Friendsgiving quotes and captions let them - and the whole world - know just how grateful you are to have such amazing BFFs.

Friendsgiving Selfie Captions

Friendsgiving Selfie Caption

If you don't share selfies, did Friendsgiving even happen? Spread some social love by captioning your #Friendsgiving selfies with snappy sayings.

  • Ridin' the gravy train of friendship.
  • The Friendsgiving frolicking has begun.
  • Love this flock of turkeys. #friendsforlife
  • Behold, it's a Friendsgiving feeding frenzy.
  • Friendsgiving today, Friendsgiving forever.
  • Our Friendsgiving cornucopia runneth over.
  • Carvin' our way through Friendsgiving together.
  • Camaraderie and turkey: a winning combination.
  • Haters gonna hate, but friends gotta Friendsgive.
  • Our Friendsgiving is better than your Friendsgiving.
  • Don't hate us because we got to spend Friendsgiving together.

Short Friendsgiving Captions

Short Friendsgiving Caption

Want to share how much you treasure spending Friendsgiving with your besties? Spread the flavor of Friendsgiving with super-short and sweet Instagram captions.

  • Friendsgiving joy.
  • Will friend for food.
  • Friendsgiving rocks.
  • Let Friendsgiving ring.
  • Friendsgiving forever.
  • Friendsgiving or bust!
  • All gobble, no squabble.
  • Best.Friendsgiving.Ever.
  • Friendsgiving festivities.
  • Partaking with my posse!
  • Reunited for Friendsgiving.

Festive Friendsgiving Quotes

Festive Friendsgiving Quote

No deeply buried resentment (Mom always did love you best). No awks family dynamics. Just good friends gathering for a fabulous meal. Friendsgiving is all about fun and festivities. Proclaim your gratitude for your time spent with pals with quotes about how amazing it is to do a holiday your way.

  • I'll always believe in Friendsgiving.
  • Friendsgiving is a festival of friendship.
  • Let the Friendsgiving festivities begin.
  • I get by with a little help from Friendsgiving.
  • Good gravy, I've got the most awesome friends!
  • Forget Netflix and chill; let's Friendsgiving and dine.
  • Friendsgiving is fabulous. Everything else is just real life.
  • Friendsgiving is a feeling. And a party. But mostly a feeling.
  • Nothing beats a Friendsgiving mini-break with the besties.
  • Real friends don't let friends eat bad stuffing. #realfriendship
  • Besties to the left of me, pals to the right.... must be Friendsgiving!

Funny Friendsgiving Quotes

Funny Friendsgiving Quote

Friends forgive friends for the occasional corny dad joke. Best friends even offer an obligatory laugh because they understand that in your heart, you ARE funny, darn it. So let the corny jokes and groaner puns fly as you celebrate the joy of sharing Friendsgiving with your fabulous BFFs.

  • Feed me, it's Friendsgiving.
  • Let's Plymouth rock 'till we drop!
  • Calories don't count on Friendsgiving.
  • Winner, winner, Friendsgiving dinner!
  • Just a little Friendsgiving clique-together.
  • On Friendsgiving, this is how we casserole.
  • Casserole with the punches this Friendsgiving.
  • Welcome friends. I bring you tidings of great pie.
  • Stand back - the pumpkin pie posse has arrived!
  • My besties just might have to casse-role me home.
  • There's at least one ham in every Friendsgiving group.

Friendsgiving vs. Thanksgiving Sayings

Friendsgiving vs. Thanksgiving Saying

There's a reason Friendsgiving is catching on like wildfire. Sharing a celebratory meal with your BFFs is objectively more fun than watching Uncle Earl snoring in the La-Z-Boy in a turkey coma after a traditional family meal. So proclaim your love for all things Friendsgiving with comparisons between Friendsgiving and a more traditional Thanksgiving.

  • Friendsgiving - like Thanksgiving, but just for friends.
  • Friendsgiving - like Thanksgiving, but with less judgment.
  • Friendsgiving - like Thanksgiving but with a more flexible schedule.
  • Friendsgiving - like Thanksgiving, but with less stress and even more joy.
  • Friendsgiving - like Thanksgiving, except you get to choose who's invited.
  • Friendsgiving - like Thanksgiving, but with recipes from this century.
  • Friendsgiving - like Thanksgiving, but not necessarily with afternoon football.
  • Friendsgiving - like Thanksgiving, but you control the menu ... and the guest list!
  • Friendsgiving - like Thanksgiving but free from nosy questions from distant relatives.
  • Friendsgiving - like Thanksgiving without guests trying to fix you up with their friends' kids.
  • Friendsgiving: - like Thanksgiving but with no one asking why you didn't use great grandma's recipe.

Happy Friendsgiving Quotes and Wishes

Happy Friendsgiving Quotes and Wishes

Missing out on the Friendsgiving festivities this year? You can still be there in spirit. Take the time to wish your favorite people a happy Friendsgiving from afar.

  • Have a fabulous Friendsgiving feast.
  • May your Friendsgiving be filled with good eggs.
  • May you always be surrounded by friends on Friendsgiving.
  • May your Friendsgiving be blessed with an attitude of gratitude.
  • This Friendsgiving, rejoice in the warm glow of lifelong friendship.
  • May the high spirits and cheer of Friendsgiving stay with you every day of the year.
  • Whether you are near or far, I wish you a joyful Friendsgiving filled with love and laughter.
  • If you can't pig out with your best friends, who can you pig out with? Happy Friendsgiving!
  • Until our next Friendsgiving gathering, this card will have to do. Have a happy Friendsgiving, from me to you.
  • We can't be together for Friendsgiving this year, but our friendship transcends distance. I wish you peace, joy, and true friendship.
  • On Friendsgiving, may you be blessed with the love of great friends - old and new - and the promise of new friendships that remain to be made.

Sweet Captions for Friendsgiving Sayings

Sweet Caption for Friendsgiving Sayings

Sure you like to laugh with your friends. But sometimes, you also want to tell them how you feel. Meaningful quotes can be both touching and amusing. Use sweet captions to share positive vibes about the amazing friends you're thankful for.

  • All we need is Friendsgiving.
  • Every day should be Friendsgiving.
  • Every day is Friendsgiving in our hearts.
  • My heart is full with the joy of Friendsgiving.
  • Friendsgiving makes life worth more than living.
  • Friends who give thanks together stay besties forever.
  • What happens at Friendsgiving stays at Friendsgiving.
  • Friends who feast together are ones who will always be.
  • Sharing Friendsgiving with you is as easy as pumpkin pie.
  • Thankful to celebrate Friendsgiving with the family I chose.
  • Gathering in gratitude; that's what Friendsgiving is all about.
  • Wherever two or more friends are gathered in gratitude, Friendsgiving reigns.

Friendsgiving Quotes for the Best Friend Group Ever

Friendsgiving Quote for the Best Friend Group Ever

Whether or not you connect face-to-face with your besties this year, don't let the season of gratitude and reflection go by without letting them know just how incredible you think they are.

  • Friendsgiving isn't a competition, but we win anyway.
  • You see turkeys, I see soulmates. Love my Friendsgiving crew.
  • Nothing beats Friendsgiving with my inner circle. #friends4ever
  • With friends like these, the rest is just gravy. Happy Friendsgiving.
  • They might be a bunch of turkeys, but they're my turkeys and I love them.
  • Friendsgiving is but one special time in the lifelong journey of friendship.
  • This Friendsgiving crew knows how to make merry like nobody's business.
  • We might be a crunchy crew, but that's why our Friendsgiving gatherings are so tasty!
  • There's nothing better than breaking Friendsgiving bread - and pie! - with your besties.
  • We may not share DNA, but I love spending Friendsgiving with you, the family that my heart chose.
  • Who says Friendsgiving has to come but once a year? With friends like these, every gathering is like Friendsgiving.

Sayings for Friendsgiving Invitations

Sayings for Friendsgiving Invitations

Planning to host a Friendsgiving bash? Make it the event of the season by using just the right wording to invite your besties.

  • We go together, so let's get together and celebrate Friendsgiving.
  • Let's take our lunch bunch to the next level with a Friendsgiving feast.
  • It's time to take supper club to the next level. Welcome to Friendsgiving!
  • You're invited to be my guest at the very first annual Friendsgiving fest.
  • Who says we're too old for slumber parties? Let's have a Friendsgiving sleepover.
  • You are summoned to attend a Friendsgiving feast. Non-attendance is not an option.
  • Let's meet for Friendsgiving in the park; just us two-legged friends and our pals that bark!
  • Join me for a bit of pre-game fun to kick off the holiday season. You're invited to Friendsgiving!
  • Bestie brigade, reunite! Let's meet up for a Friendsgiving celebration complete with a karaoke serenade.
  • It's time to gobble 'till you wobble with gratitude! You are cordially invited to a Friendsgiving celebration.
  • What do you get when you combine turkey, stuffing, and lifelong besties? Friendsgiving, that's what. And you're invited!
  • Remember how we said we'd always stay in touch? It's time to keep that promise and meet up for our first-ever Friendsgiving gathering.

Captions and Quotes for Friendsgiving

Your friends are your chosen family. The friendships and fun support and nourish you all year long. So sharing quotes about the best holiday for friends ever can show everyone just how fabulous Friendsgiving can be. By sharing your joy with the world, you'll curate beautiful memories, and just might inspire other groups of friends to start their own Friendsgiving celebrations.

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101 Friendsgiving Quotes and Captions to Show Gratitude