55+ New Year's Captions for Couples Ringing It in Together 

New Year's brings excitement, possibilities, and plenty of romance. Post a cute couples caption with a photo of you and your love on New Year's.

Published December 2, 2022
Happy, loving couple celebrating New Year at home

There's sparkle, glitter, and excitement on New Year's Eve. And don't forget the sparks flying between you and your other half! Whether you grab a selfie, pose for a portrait with your best friend as your photographer, or give your best candid shot a feature place on your feed, you'll need New Year's couple captions to finish off those celebratory photos. More than one picture you want to share with the world? You have plenty of cute, sweet, romantic, or funny options for any Kodak moment you pick.

Romantic New Year's Captions for Any Couple

Romantic New Year's Caption for Any Couple

Nothing beats the butterflies that accompany new relationships or the love when you're together for the long haul, through thick and thin, with your forever wedding date. Let this New Year's picture be a reminder. Go ahead, celebrate the romance of your relationship with something a bit cheesy, a little gooey, or a caption that's just plain brimming with love and adoration. #foreverinlove

  • It's not just a toast to the magic of New Year's, it's a toast to the magic of us.
  • The best part of last year? Meeting you. #NewYearInLove
  • New year. New love. New us.
  • The best thing about New Year's Eve is the hand I get to hold. #FeelingGrateful
  • This is my forever New Year's date. #ForeverDate
  • I loved you last year, I'll love you next year, and I love you this year. #ForeverLove
  • Still making ~yearly~ memories with you.
  • We go together, like confetti and champagne.
  • You're all the reason I need to celebrate the New Year.
  • All I see between us is magic this New Year's. #SparksFly
  • New Year's might come every year, but my love for you is once a lifetime. #CheesyInLove

Couples Captions to Celebrate the Year Ahead

Cozying up with your partner and reminiscing about the year that's just passed can leave a warm spot in your heart, but there are plenty of New Year couple captions focused on what's to come, too. Whether you're the type that's always planning for the future or just excited about the new adventures that await you and your partner in the year ahead, there's a caption focused on what's to come you can add to your New Year's post.

  • Sparkling into the new year together.
  • My New Year's resolution is more time with you
  • Cheers to new memories of us.
  • I'm not thinking of resolutions - I'm dreaming of another year with you.
  • Looking forward to 12 new chapters together.
  • Setting the vibe for the year with you by my side.
  • A toast to the next 365 days together. #OnTheGrid
  • New year's resolution: take more pictures with you all year long. #SayCheese
  • Here's to our unchanging love in a changing new year.
  • My only New Year's resolution is to be the light in any darkness in the new year.
  • By your side is where I want to be, all year long.
  • A toast to 365 more pages of our fairy tale.
  • No matter the year to come, it's all okay because I have you.

Sweet Captions for That New Year's Kiss

New Year's Kiss Caption

Close your eyes and plant a New Year's kiss on your boy or your girl. Don't forget to capture the moment. Whether with a sweet forehead kiss or right on the lips, post it on the 'gram with a flirty quote.

  • Nothing in this world makes me feel the way I do when you kiss me. #NewYearsKiss
  • Ready for your midnight kisses and our new year's wishes.
  • No need for chapstick when I'm your midnight kiss. #MidnightKiss
  • A kiss from 11:59 until 12:01 is the perfect end and the perfect start.
  • New year, new kisses from you.
  • Kissing you makes sweater weather so much better.
  • They say you shouldn't kiss someone on January first, because it's only the first date. #BadumTss
  • When you kiss me, I see fireworks.
  • Kiss me at midnight and every night this year. #GoodnightKiss
  • #NewYearSameKiss
  • The TV isn't the only place I see fireworks this year. #SparksBetweenUs

Funny New Year's Captions for Couples Worth Waiting Up For

Funny New Year's Caption for Couples

Humor is a pillar in any relationship, so if you're the goofy type or your relationship is primarily puns and jokes, your Insta captions should leave everyone laughing, too.

  • We saved water by drinking champagne. #CoupleGoals
  • New year. Same us. Let's go to bed. #IntrovertCouple
  • I'll be honest, I'm glad I didn't drop the ball on this one.
  • What's our New Year's resolution? We'll probably keep it at 1080 pixels, like always.
  • Thanks for agreeing to take a million photos until we got the perfect one! (Sorry it took until 2 am) #Bedtime
  • From Netflix and chill to New Year's and chill.
  • You can assume we're up to snow good this New Year's.
  • Here's to our troubles of last year struggling to keep up with us this year.
  • My resolution is to annoy you less. #Sorry

Cute Captions for a New Year's Picture With Your Partner

There's nothing quite as cute as a couple of people in love on New Year's Eve, so capture all that sweetness with an adorable caption when you post the pictures of you and your partner. Whether you're posing with your girlfriend, boyfriend, husband, or wife, you have a whole year to try to outdo your cute New Year's post!

  • Kiss me, baby, one more time. #NYEkiss
  • Our future shines brighter than sparklers.
  • Here's a toast to the one who keeps me toasty at midnight and every night. #BlanketThief
  • Smitten like a pair of mittens this New Year's.
  • Roses are red, snowflakes are blue. I really love you. #NewYearsInLove
  • Looking to our year ahead, as our worries disappear into last year. #CantSeeThroughTheseGlasses

Make (Extra) Sparks Fly With New Year's Instagram Captions for Couples

You have the memories, you have the picture, and you have the perfect quote to welcome new beginnings. But now you have the perfect caption to wrap it all up. That's an excellent way to kick off your new year. Just in the nick of time!

55+ New Year's Captions for Couples Ringing It in Together