Santa Jokes for Kids to Keep Them Laughing All the Way

Make your family belly laugh like a bowl full of jelly.

Published November 28, 2022
Santa on the floor with kids

You've hung the stockings by the chimney with care and you've decked the halls. You haven't yet wrapped the gifts, but there's another thing left to do: crack a Santa joke or two! Make it punny, make it jolly, and let out a belly laugh that'll rival Santa's own bowl full of jelly with any of these laugh-out-loud Santa jokes for kids.

Santa and Elf Jokes for Elf-tastic Laughs

There's nothing more iconic at the North Pole than Santa's elves hard at work. But even they have the time to laugh at jokes!

santa elf joke
  • What did Santa tell the elves after they finished decorating the tree?
    It looks tree-mendous!
  • What kind of picture did Santa take with his elves?
    An elfie!
  • Why couldn't Santa's elves play basketball?
    All they had were snowballs!
  • Why is Santa so nice to his elves?
    He wants them to have good elf-esteem!
  • Why is Santa so good at reading all his letters?
    He knows his elf-abet well.
  • What does an elf who likes to rhyme study in Santa school?
    Christmas business!
  • What did the elf tell Santa when he asked him to sweep the shop?
    Snow thanks!
  • What did the elves tell a grumpy Santa when the Christmas lights wouldn't work?
    Lighten up!
  • Why won't Santa let his elves work on his computer?
    Because they delete all of his cookies!

Santa and Reindeer Jokes We Deer You Not to Laugh At

It's a little-known fact that Santa's reindeer love to tell jokes as they travel the world on Christmas. These are a few of their favorites.

santa reindeer joke
  • What did Mrs Claus tell Santa when he left on Christmas Eve?
    Hold on for deer life!
  • What did Santa say when Rudolph's nose started glowing?
    Oh, deer.
  • What does Santa say before Rudolph flies?
    Ready, set, glow!
  • Which reindeer does Santa ask to run quick errands?
  • Why does Santa fly over the houses?
    Because he can't fly under them!
  • Which of Santa's reindeer can you see in the sky year-round?
  • Which of Santa's reindeer makes people fall in love?
  • Where do the reindeer vacation?
    The Santa savanna!
  • Why weren't Santa's reindeer hungry on Christmas Eve?
    Because he brought along the hay sleigh!
  • What did Santa say when he stepped in reindoor poop?
    Oh, soot!
  • Who's the most impolite member of Santa's sleigh team?

Santa Jokes to Make Any Scrooge Smile

No matter the age, these Santa jokes will have even the grumpiest of Scrooges giggling. From jokes about what Santa eats for breakfast to how he deals with everyday life, these jokes make everything Santa does a little funnier.

santa and toys joke
  • What does Santa eat for breakfast?
    Frosted flakes!
  • What's Santa's favorite cereal?
    Ice krispies!
  • What did Santa say when he spilled his milk?
    Oh no, ho ho!
  • Where does Santa keep his money?
    The snow bank! They never freeze his assets, there.
  • Where did Santa Claus take Mrs. Claus to dance?
    The snowball!
  • Why didn't Santa's stockings want dessert?
    They were stuffed!
  • Why is Santa so jolly?
    Because he know where all the toys are!
  • What is Santa's favorite Christmas fruit?
  • What does Santa Claus say when the snowmen are wearing their earmuffs?
    Anything! They can't hear him.
  • Which candy is Santa's favorite?
    Candy canes! They have him hooked!
  • What does Santa call his house rules?
    Claus Laws!
  • What's Santa's favorite scary movie?
    Santa Jaws!
Santa suit joke
  • What did Santa tell his cat, who was climbing all over the house?
    Take a pause, Kitty Claus!
  • What's red, black, and white?
    A panda in Santa's hat!
  • Where does Mrs. Claus keep Santa's suit?
    In the Claus-et!
  • Why didn't Santa stuff the snowmen's stockings?
    They don't wear stockings!
  • What did Mrs. Claus serve for dessert?
    A Banana Santa Sundae!
  • What's Santa's favorite drink?
    Ho-ho-hot chocolate!
  • What did Mrs. Claus say to Mr. Claus when he came home from work?
    Your job soots you!

Santa Jokes for Kids to Tell All Through the Holidays

Tell some original jokes this Christmas, not the ones you've heard since Ralphie was forced down the stairs in pink bunny pajamas. These jokes are perfect for kids, but even kids at heart might love a few of these holiday-inspired one-liners. No Christmas is complete without the sound of laughter, so throw a few Santa jokes into the mix to get everyone chuckling.

Santa Jokes for Kids to Keep Them Laughing All the Way