30 Unique Fundraising Quotes to Motivate & Inspire

Published November 10, 2020
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When your fundraiser is getting down to the wire, a few choice fundraising quotes can be the push you need to reach your charity goals. Rather than using the old standby, keep it fresh through these original fundraising quotes designed to inspire giving.

Motivational Fundraising Quotes to Inspire Charity

Do you need to boost motivation at your fundraiser? Or are you just looking for a bit of inspiration to add to your event flyer? Everyone has seen quotes by famous people, but these original and unique quotes can make you stand out.

  1. It's not the amount that matters but the meaning behind your donation.

  2. Giving a little is better than not giving at all.

  3. Even the smallest gift to charity can make a huge impact.

  4. The efforts of one person can't move mountains. It's the strength of us all working together that makes a change.

  5. To give is to invest yourself in the life of someone else.

  6. Money might not be able to buy happiness, but giving it away can.

  7. The value of money isn't what it can buy, but how many it can help.

  8. No gift is ever a wasted effort as long as it's given with your whole heart.

  9. The journey to finding your best self starts by giving your best self to others.

  10. No gift is too big or too small. What's important is we help them all.

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Inspirational Quotes About Fundraising

It isn't just those that donate that need a little inspiration to get them jazzed. It's the people working at the fundraiser too. Use these motivational fundraising quotes to inspire your crew to get those donations.

  1. Inspiring greatness, one gift at a time.

  2. Fundraising is a shared journey to empower change one gift at a time.

  3. Inviting people to support your vision - fundraising.

  4. Fundraising is but a tool to achieve a collaborative dream.

  5. You might be but a stone, but together you can build bridges to a brighter tomorrow.

  6. Piece by piece, we can make the world a better place to be.

  7. Every big change in the world starts with one person.

  8. Turn good intentions into actions through fundraising.

  9. Let's achieve change together through the gift of giving.

  10. Fundraising builds possibilities out of generosity.

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Quotes to Help Inspire Fundraising Donations

Part of the fun of fundraising is getting your donors pumped to give. Keep your crew and donors jazzed about the charity through these motivational fundraising quotes. Sharing a few key words can be just the boost your efforts need to meet your goals.

  1. Donors make small dreams turn into big realities.

  2. Turn good intentions into actions through fundraising.

  3. Together we can make impossible dreams become a reality.

  4. When thinking of fundraising, it's important to remember the i's stand for innovation and inspiration, not impossible.

  5. Fundraisers are the spark that ignites change.

  6. The key to happiness starts with giving.

  7. Donors are what make ideas come to life.

  8. The greatest gift is the potential to give to others.

  9. Leave your mark on this world by giving a donation.

  10. Every gift gives you the power to add to the happiness of someone else.

  11. It takes you to make hope possible.

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How to Use Fundraising Quotes

Fundraising quotes are great and all, but how do you use them? Since they are meant to inspire giving, you want your donors to see them. Therefore, you can:

  • Add a fundraising quote to an event flyer.

  • Create inspirational posters and put them around the building.

  • Post motivational quotes to fundraising websites and social media.

  • Use them to inspire more giving in donors at special events.

  • Add them to a thank you card.

There are a plethora of different ways unique fundraising quotes can come in handy.

Fundraising Quotes to Inspire Giving

Fundraising quotes can be fun. But you don't need to just stick to these quotes. Use these quotes as a jumping-off point to creating your own inspiration for your charity efforts.

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30 Unique Fundraising Quotes to Motivate & Inspire