120+ Sweet Good Morning Love Quotes

Published August 18, 2020
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When you want to say "good morning, my love," quotes are a wonderful way to keep the romance alive. Starting your day off with a loving quote is a great way to keep intimacy at the forefront of your relationship.

Romantic Good Morning Love Quotes for Her

Send a charming message to your lover, wife, or girlfriend in the morning. Getting the day started romantically keeps it in the air all day.

  • "You are the reason I wake each morning and the reason to rush home each night."
  • "My love, my beauty, my everything. You are the reason for each day to dawn."
  • "May the morning winds whisper sweet nothings to you as you awaken."
  • "Hearing your voice in the morning makes each day sing."
  • "Sharing your bed each night is a dream, and leaving it each morning is a nightmare. I wish I could spend the whole day here with you!"
  • "My heart hums in anticipation of a day spent with you. Good morning, lover!"
  • "Morning dew drops freshen the world for your presence."
  • "Each day begins anew when I wake up next to you."
  • "The hour of dawn is upon us, and I do not wish to leave your side. Wishing you a good morning and day of wonder."
  • "I praise each day that I wake up next to the love of my life. Good morning!"
  • "Each morning brings me a new day to worship you with all my heart and soul."
  • "You have enchanted me once again this morning with everything you are."
  • "No matter what the day ahead brings, I start each day with the best -- you. You are my everything."
  • "A woman's love each night is only eclipsed by her loyalty each day. Thank you for being my morning joy."
  • "You are my evening enchantress and my morning maiden. May I prove to be your white knight as this day dawns."
  • "May your poise and passion wake in others the same joy I feel each morning next to you."
  • "I wish you a day where everyone rejoices in the presence of you, my love. Good morning!"
  • "It doesn't matter what my dreams may be, because each morning when I open my eyes, they have come true. I love you!"
  • "You bring me softness and strength when I need it most to make it through the day. Good morning, my lovely!"
  • "Sharing you with the rest of the world is the worst part of my day. Starting each morning holding you is the best."
  • "You are the brightest gem in the morning sun. You are my morning jewel."
  • "As I gaze upon you each morning, I can only hope to fill your day with love."
  • "Each day I wake up, I cannot wait to fill your morning with love. You make getting out of bed worth it!"
  • "My love for you grows even as I sleep. I awake each morning to a heart bursting with love for you!"
Romantic Good Morning Love Quote for Her

Good Morning Beautiful Quotes

Let her know you think she's the most beautiful woman in the world with these quotes that highlight her inner and outer beauty. You can use a quote as a short text or use in a longer good morning paragraph:

  • "The light of your smile dims the morning sun."
  • "Gazing upon your beauty this morning makes me long for the night to fall."
  • "The night stars fade because they cannot compete with the light in your eyes."
  • "Birds sing the praises of your beauty to all who awaken each morning."
  • "Morning flowers wilt in the presence of your beauty and grace."
  • "Daylight shines upon your beauty this morning."
  • "Your wit, your wisdom, your wokeness -- I worship all of you each morning."
  • "The smile on your face is worth more than all the gold in the sunrise."
  • "The morning sun cannot paint a picture prettier than you."
  • "You ravish my heart and soul with your beauty and wisdom."
  • "The rising of the sun is nowhere near as glamorous as your beauty."

Best Good Morning Love Quotes for Him

He's the best part of your world, so don't let a morning go by without letting him know. Share one of these great quotes with him in the morning:

  • "You make me weak in the knees as I wake to you each week."
  • "My devotion to you only grows stronger as the sun rises."
  • "My fairytale has come true when I wake next to you. Good morning, my love!"
  • "Feeling your arms wrapped around me each morning makes leaving you the worst. You are my best!"
  • "My love for you is as vast as the sea, as strong as the oak tree, and as brilliant as the morning sun."
  • "Mornings are more magical knowing you're my man."
  • "My mornings are complete, knowing I have the love of a good man."
  • "You are the morning to my night and the yin to my yang. Thank you for being with me as each day begins."
  • "Praising this morning that God gave to me, just as He gave me you to wake to each day!"
  • "I love you more every morning that I wake with you by my side."
  • "Only the sun's morning light can dim my love for you."
  • "No man has ever made me as happy, as fulfilled, as loved as you. Mornings are my favorite when you are with me."
  • "Waking with you each morning means an adventure awaits."
  • "Each morning I wake, I make sure you are still by my side. No day should dawn without you and me in it, together."
  • "I love you more every morning, and each day the sun rises gives me a new chance to prove that love to you."
  • "No one loves you more deeply in the morning than I do. You are the best thing in my day."
  • "Praising you for all you do for our family and life this wonderful morning."
  • "Sharing your love is what my life is all about. Thank you for making me whole this morning and every day forward."
  • "Your love holds up the morning sun as only you can. I love that you are my man!"
  • "Before you leave this morning, I want you to know how much I will miss you all day. May the sun guide you back to me safely!"
  • "Every morning, I thank the gods for your love and strength. I'd be lost without you to start my day with at each dawn's light."
  • "The rays of the morning sun are lit up by my sparks of love for you. Good morning!"
  • "I dread each morning we need to part. I love days spent together!"
Best Good Morning Love Quote for Him

Good Morning Handsome Quotes

Make your man feel special by pointing out this most handsome qualities:

  • "Waking up to the most handsome man on the planet is the best part of my day."
  • "Your strength makes me quiver and your brains make me shiver. Good morning, handsome!"
  • "Knowing I can put the day's burdens on your broad shoulders makes me the luckiest lady in the world."
  • "Your brains, your brawn, your butt -- there's nothing I love more in the morning!"
  • "Looking into your eyes first thing in the morning makes me melt."
  • "Your tender touch only makes you stronger in my eyes. I love waking up with you."
  • "The best way to start each day is looking upon your loving face and knowing I find my strength in you."
  • "The sunlight dawns upon your handsome face and I cannot wait to begin our day together."
  • "My morning is all the better knowing you are my protector and defender."
  • "A strong man rises each morning to lift the day to new heights. Thank you for being my strongman every day."
  • "In my eyes, every morning with you makes you the most handsome man I've ever met."

Good Morning Love Texts and Messages for Lovers Apart

A quick sweet text message or voicemail shows you care. Send one of these when you have a long distance relationship or work different schedules:

  • "Hello, love. Wishing you a day that lives up to your beauty."
  • "Time to rise and outshine the world! Good morning, my love!"
  • "My prayer for you today is that you know your beauty and your worth."
  • "My heart longed for you all night, and as day dawns, my mind is filled with thoughts of you. Good morning!"
  • "Waking without you is the worst part of my day. May yours only get better!"
  • "When I leave you each morning, I leave a piece of my heart. I only become whole when we meet again."
  • "Mornings without you are the worst, but knowing you are mine makes my day the best. Good morning, love!"
  • "My eyes yearn to see your face each morning, and my heart yearns for you each day. Until we speak tonight -- have a wonderful day!"
  • "It's time to wake and face the day, even though it's a little gray, knowing you are far away. I miss you and love you!"
  • "All of me wants to spend all of the day with all of you. Yet I must leave you each morning and my heart weeps in sadness."
  • "'Tis a tragedy that I cannot spend each morning with the one I love."
  • "The radiance of the morning is nothing compared to the radiance of your soul. Even from afar, I feel you near me this morning."
  • "Good morning, my lover. May the sun rise on your success, never to set."
  • "May my love for you blanket you in warmth as the morning dew blankets the ground each morning. While we may be apart, you are always in my heart."
  • "The silence of each morning without you is filled with the sound of my heartbeat waiting to join yours."
  • "Morning does not break for me until I hear your voice."
  • "As I wake this morning without you, know that you were in my dreams all night. I can't wait to see you later!"
  • "Mornings are only as good as the company I have. I miss you and can't wait to wake with you tomorrow!"
Good Morning Love Quote

Short Good Morning Messages for Lovers

Write a quick Post-it and put it on the bathroom mirror or drop a quick Snap into your lover's inbox. When you're pressed for time, keep it short and sweet:

  • "I delight in the dawn when you are near."
  • "Your love is brighter than the morning sun."
  • "Mornings are better when my lover is near."
  • "Sharing my morning with you is the best part of the day."
  • "You are the reason I rise with the sun and the reason to breathe with the wind."
  • "Every breath I take this morning is in devotion to you."
  • "Waking by your side makes each day perfect."
  • "Your soul shines brightly in the morning sun."
  • "Each morning with you is a treasured moment."
  • "I prized each minute I spent with you this morning."
  • "For but a moment we touch this morning, but for an eternity my love is for you."
  • "Boundless, endless, fathomless -- my love for you this morning has no end."
  • "Mornings with you are my weakness and my strength."
  • "The wealth of your love is priceless each morning."
  • "A good morning is the best way to end a romantic night!"
  • "Your love is as warm as the morning sun."
  • "Let me sing of our love as the birds greet each day."
  • "Your charm is what attracts the sun to our window each morning."
  • "Seeing you in the morning light makes my love grow stronger."
  • "All that you are each morning is more than I can hope to be all day."
  • "Each morning, let me worship you as you deserve."
  • "Mornings with you are my favorite part of the day."
  • "You are the best way to start my day. Good morning!"
  • "Thank you for each night and for each morning light. You make me happy."
Short Good Morning Message for Lovers

Silly and Funny Good Morning Quotes for Your Girlfriend or Boyfriend

A quick quip is a great way to show how much you care. These funny love quotes keep things light-hearted in the morning:

  • "You make me whole, you make me complete. Now let's get some breakfast to eat!"
  • "Morning wishes are as strong as your stinky morning kisses! I love ya despite your daybreak breath!"
  • "Sizzling bacon has nothing on your sizzling body."
  • "Let's get this three-ring circus started, my morning ringmaster!"
  • "Rays of light make my love shine bright. But if you really loved me, you'd pull the shades."
  • "True love means having breath mints on the bedstand."
  • "I love you as much as you love hogging the covers in the morning."
  • "Your love is stronger than the call of my snooze button."
  • "Spending every extra minute of the morning with you is worth all the demerits at work in the world!"
  • "Because I love you, I didn't smother you last night while you were snoring. Good morning!"
Silly and Funny Good Morning Quote

Love Quotes to Wake Up to in the Morning

Whether you're celebrating your 40th anniversary or you want to find a romantic quote for a new love, having a few great sayings to start off the morning are sure to keep things romantic. Write down your favorites tonight and see what happens in the morning! You can also end the day on a sweet note with these good night love quotes for your sweetheart.

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120+ Sweet Good Morning Love Quotes