60 Soulmate Quotes on Deep Bonds & True Love

Published August 18, 2020
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Soulmate quotes convey the true love that two people have and their deep bond. You can find a soulmate quote that expresses this wonderful connection of two people.

You Are My Soulmate Quotes

Sometimes, your soulmate might not realize that is what they mean to you. In such instances, a quote in a text, or on a printed t-shirt or a coffee mug makes a sweet and fun way to announce your deep bond.

  1. You captured my soul as easily as you did my heart.
  2. We are drawn to each other like magnets.
  3. A soulmate knows what's in your heart.
  4. Soulmates are connected like auras gone wild.
  5. Soulmate, we are two halves that came together to make a perfect whole.
  6. I searched for my other half and found you, my true soulmate.
  7. You are my soulmate. You complete me and reflect my best qualities.
  8. I didn't believe in soulmates until I met you.
  9. You are the perfect match for my soul.
  10. Soulmates are twin flames that are never extinguished.

Soulmate Quotes for Her

You may want to find a quote to let your beloved know you believe she is your soulmate. These sentiments confirm those profound feelings.

  1. You are the light of my soul.
  2. Our souls are a matched set.
  3. I knew my soulmate was out there waiting for me and when I found you, my heart filled with great joy.
  4. I was immediately drawn to you like a moth to a flame.
  5. Life after life, I always find you, my soulmate.
  6. You are the pretty one of our soulmate duo.
  7. I see myself when I look into your eyes.
  8. You are the feminine side of my soul.
  9. The number of lifetimes we've shared as soulmates isn't important as long as we continue to find each other each lifetime.
  10. Your gentle touch revived forgotten soulmate memories.
Soulmate quote for her

Soulmate Quotes for Him

When you meet the man who surpasses your dreams, you understand his importance in a profound way. You can let him know just how much influence he's had on your life with a soulmate quote.

  1. On the day we met, it seemed as though the world cracked open and you stepped out.
  2. It seems impossible I could meet someone so much like me then I realized you're my soulmate.
  3. 'Two peas in a pod' aptly describes you and me as soulmates.
  4. I never knew loving a soulmate could be so exciting and fulfilling.
  5. Soulmate, I'm always surprised to find you beside me, holding my hand.
  6. My soul comes alive in your embrace.
  7. My soulmate holds my heart the same as I hold his.
  8. Your laughter is my laughter, your thoughts are my thoughts, and your soul is my soul.
  9. Soulmate, you swept me off my feet and I'm still floating in the sky.
  10. My soulmate is the mirror masculine image of myself.
Soulmate quote for him

Funny Soulmate Quotes

You may find having a soulmate quite comical. This is especially true when you begin finishing each other sentences.

  1. We are so much alike, I used to worry we were twins separated at birth. Seriously, I called Mom to verify.
  2. My soulmate and I are so close he blows his nose whenever I sneeze.
  3. I knew you were my soulmate when you bumped into the door because you were texting.
  4. My soulmate is out there somewhere running out of gas again.
  5. My soulmate found me dumpster diving outside his business and jumped in with me.
  6. The first time I saw my soulmate, he was wearing a t-shirt with the quote, 'Love the one you're with' and so I did.
  7. I knew we were soulmates when you went out to get a bottle of wine for dinner and returned with three.
  8. My soulmate said she didn't understand how two people can be so much alike. I told her that makes two of us.
  9. Somewhere, my soulmate is freaking out because she still hasn't found me.
  10. I knew we were soul mates when someone mistook you for a nun and asked what order you were with and you responded, 'Out of order.'

Spiritual Soulmate Quotes

Soulmates connect on a deep spiritual level. This bond supersedes the physical, emotional, and mental connection, since it is eternal.

  1. A soulmate is an eternal bond that never dies.
  2. Soulmate, next life, don't wait so long to find me.
  3. The feeling when you find your soulmate is otherworldly.
  4. It's a feeling of déjà vu when two soulmates reunited.
  5. When you're with your soul mate, you always feel you're in the right place.
  6. The soul memory activates when two soulmates meet.
  7. It is a spiritual awakening when two soulmates recognize each other.
  8. Getting to spend your life with your soulmate is called good karma.
  9. Being with your soulmate is intense and peaceful at the same time.
  10. A soulmate enriches your life and reaffirms your spiritual beliefs.
Spiritual soulmate quote

Cute Soulmate Quotes

You can write a cute quote about finding your soulmate. After all, what's more fun than teasing your other half?

  1. I was about to give up ever finding my soulmate, when you accused me of mimicking you.
  2. Ever since we found each other, it's been one unexpected adventure after another.
  3. Soulmate, your eyes even look like mine!
  4. My soulmate meets all my criteria for a mate and then some.
  5. Soulmates don't have to pretend they agree, they always do.
  6. A soulmate doesn't judge you since they would be judging themselves.
  7. Soulmates are just as loving and filled with joy as you are.
  8. My soulmate woke me up to life; of course, he does this every morning like an alarm clock.
  9. There are only two things a soulmate needs, the two of us.
  10. If you're lucky enough to find your soulmate, run and tell everyone.

60 Soulmate Quote That Reflect Deep Loving Bonds

There are many ways you express your feelings about a soulmate. Finding the right words is easy when you have 60 soulmate quotes to choose from.

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60 Soulmate Quotes on Deep Bonds & True Love