85 Anniversary Captions to Celebrate Your Loving Relationship

Published October 25, 2022

Make your anniversary social official with an awesome caption highlighting a fabulous photo of you and your partner. Whether you're marking a wedding anniversary, the day you met - or first went out with your sweetheart - share a creative anniversary caption to let the world know that you're so glad to be celebrating another trip around the sun officially coupled with the one you love. From celebrating a one-year anniversary with your boyfriend or girlfriend to honoring decades with your husband, wife, or life partner, there's a perfect caption to add to your post.

Super Short Anniversary Captions

When it comes to anniversary captions, what you say is a lot more important than how many words you use. Use these super-short and oh-so-sweet anniversary captions to let the world - and your beloved - know how you feel on this special day on Instagram or wherever you're sharing the moment. As long as you know you're with the one, these might apply whether it's your wedding anniversary or you're celebrating the six-month relationship mark.

Couple toasting with champagne and a view
  • Anniversary antics
  • Still happy together
  • Forever and beyond
  • Marvelously married
  • Lifetime membership
  • Always happy together
  • The adventure continues...
  • Yesterday, today, and forever
  • Sticking together #anniversary
  • Celebrate love #happyanniversary

Sweet Wedding Anniversary Captions

What better occasion than your anniversary to get sweet and sentimental? Show your tender side by sharing one of these heart-melting expressions with - and about - the one you love. Show the world how happy you are that you've made it as husband and wife with these captions on your anniversary post.

Happy senior couple hosting an anniversary garden party
  • Addicted to love. #happyanniversary
  • On our way to forever and a day. #annivesary
  • The best love is love that lasts! #anniversarygoals
  • It's a great day to celebrate the best decision we ever made.
  • Another year together behind us, with many more to come.
  • Enjoying the anniversary of the best decision we ever made.
  • Love grows even more beautiful with age. #happyanniversary
  • Being married to you makes my heart sing. #happyanniversary
  • The honeymoon may be over, but the marriage part gets even better every year.
  • Our wedding was like a dream, and every day of our happily ever after has been a joy.
  • Out of all of the great days in a wonderful life, our wedding anniversary is the best of all.

Cute Wedding Anniversary Captions

Sweet captions are special, but cute ones are just as fabulous. Put a smile on your spouse's face - and all who see the anniversary pics you share - with an adorable caption. Some of these even add a hint of humor, so they're perfect for couples who love to laugh and are looking for a cute but funny anniversary caption.

Man and Woman Holding Hands
  • Still lovey-dovey after all these years.
  • The best decisions are joint decisions.
  • Best decision we ever made. #anniversary
  • Livin' the married life! #happyanniversary
  • Celebratin' another year with the yin to my yang.
  • When I married this one, I won the lottery of love.
  • Stuck like glue (but in a good way!). #happyanniversary
  • Dancin' to the beat of our own drum, one anniversary at a time.
  • Celebrating being together with the one who made me a spouse.
  • Remember our wedding? That party sure aged well! #happyanniversary
  • Happy anniversary to the one who put a song in my heart and a spring in my step.

1-Year Anniversary Captions

There's no anniversary quite like that first anniversary. Let everyone know that you grew even better together in year one and that you're looking forward to the future together.

Laughing married couple on the beach
  • 365 days down, forever to go!
  • Second-year spouses in 'da house!
  • So starts chapter 2 of marital bliss.
  • This is what a year of official looks like.
  • Movin' on up from rookies to second-year spouses!
  • What an amazing year of firsts we've had together.
  • After a year of marriage, they're still first in my book.
  • Celebrating a year of married life with my one and only.
  • Today marks the first of many more anniversaries to come.
  • This first year together has been incredible, but the best years are yet to come.
  • Celebrating our first year of marriage and looking forward to a lifetime of anniversaries.

Milestone Anniversary Captions

Every anniversary is special, but milestone anniversaries are extra special. Whether you're celebrating year five or year 25 - or any other anniversary that's significant to you - spread the love with the captions below.

Married couple holding hands while at the beach
  • Looks like we made it.
  • Forever never felt so good.
  • Endless, enduring, eternal.
  • This marriage is built to last.
  • Celebrating forever with the one I love.
  • Markin' another lap on the road to forever...
  • Living a lifetime of love, one anniversary at a time.
  • Happy as the day we tied the knot, all those years ago.
  • Every day together is a gift. Each anniversary brings new joy.
  • Staying together is a choice. It's the best one we've ever made.
  • Another anniversary on the road to being an old married couple!

Anniversary Captions for Your Husband

Couple-focused anniversary posts are wonderful, but your anniversary is a great time to acknowledge just how special your spouse really is. Should out to your superstar husband with one of these anniversary captions.

Happy young married couple relaxing in the kitchen
  • He's a keeper. #happyanniversary
  • He still makes my heart skip a beat.
  • Every year with the hubs is a dream come true.
  • He's still the one for me. #happy anniversary
  • Celebrating another year with the man who captured my heart.
  • What a joy to do life with this amazing man. #happyanniversary
  • He's perfect for me, and that's all that matters. #happyanniversary
  • This guy caught my eye, then captured my heart. #happyanniversary
  • He started out as the man of my dreams and became my partner for life.
  • No matter how many anniversaries we celebrate, he'll always be my knight in shining armor.

Anniversary Captions for Your Wife

Your wife is sure to light up when you share an anniversary caption about how wonderful she is and how glad you are that she's in your life. Make her day extra special with an anniversary caption that's all about her.

Happy married couple sitting on couch at home
  • She'll always be my princess.
  • I'm more in love with her than the day we met.
  • Happy anniversary to this lady, the love of my life.
  • Happy anniversary to the woman I will always love.
  • To me, she is perfection personified. #happyanniversary
  • How did I get so lucky as to be married to this woman for [X] years?
  • I'm proud to celebrate another year with the queen of my life by my side.
  • With you as my wife, I know we'll always have a happy life. #happyanniversary
  • Happy anniversary to the perfect wife, the one who every day brings joy to my life.
  • How did I get so lucky as to have this bride by my side all the days of my life? #happyanniversary

Dating Anniversary Captions

Anniversary celebrations aren't only for married couples. Dating anniversaries are important too! Let the world know that you and your boyfriend or girlfriend are enjoying a relationship milestone together.

Man and woman sitting on a sofa and holding hands
  • Happy bae day!
  • Happy together day.
  • Together is where we belong.
  • From solo to soulmates. #couplegoals
  • Markin' our special day, just me and my boo.
  • Celebrating the day [he/she] captured my heart.
  • When it's real, you just know. Happy anniversary sweetie.
  • Today marks the Xth anniversary of the best blind date ever.
  • We're just a couple in love, celebrating a year of being together.
  • The best reason to be together is love. Happy anniversary, babe.
  • [X] [years/months] ago today, I found out that soulmates really do exist.

Shine a Light on Your Love With Anniversary Captions

Showcase your love and celebrate your anniversary by going social with pictures of you and your true love, but don't stop there. Complete the story with a couple-centric anniversary saying that enhances the image and emphasizes your sentiments about the day. After all, a picture may be worth a thousand words, but well-chosen captions can sum up their sentiment in a sentence or less.

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85 Anniversary Captions to Celebrate Your Loving Relationship