Relationship Communication Quotes That Inspire Couple Goals

Find the right words to help you set goals and grow closer through communication.

Published January 26, 2023
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One of the best things about being in a relationship is sharing your thoughts, feelings, and even your heart with another person. Words have power, and relationship communication quotes can help you express the importance of seeing eye to eye with your significant other - or sometimes even more importantly, having a healthy discussion when you don't see eye to eye. Good communication is all about intention, and quotes can help you set goals and keep things on track.

Quotes About Why Communication Is Important in a Relationship

Whether you just started dating or you've been together for years, how you talk with and listen to one another can make a big difference in the success of your relationship. In fact, communication may be one of the most important aspects of a healthy relationship.

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  • If passion is the spark that starts the fire of a relationship, good communication is the fuel that keeps it burning.
  • Just as a tree needs water and sunlight, a relationship needs good communication and love to grow and thrive.
  • It takes more than two people to make a relationship; it takes two people and good communication.
  • Communication is easy when the topic is happy, but it takes work to talk about something difficult. It's this effort that helps a relationship get stronger.
  • In order to share your heart, you must share how you feel.
  • It's communication that grows the connection between you.
  • Good communication can span any distance in a relationship, whether it's hundreds of miles or a hard decision you don't agree on.
  • We all have misunderstandings. It's how we reach across that divide that defines our ability to communicate.
  • All relationships grow when we talk about how we feel.
  • Good communication is how we nurture a relationship, allowing it to grow and be healthy.

Relationship Communication Quotes for Couples

You've seen it in action; good communication makes your connection stronger. If you're part of a couple, relationship communication quotes can help remind you of why and how you should share your thoughts and feelings with each other.

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  • Communication is more about listening than it is about talking.
  • I love so many things about you, but my favorite is how your heart communicates with mine.
  • Learning how to speak the same language (and how to understand what someone means when they don't say anything at all) is part of what makes a relationship work.
  • Your heart understands my heart. I just have to help sometimes with my words.
  • Good communication doesn't mean never disagreeing; it means disagreeing without hurting the one you love.
  • It takes two people to communicate in a relationship. No one can do it alone.
  • Good communication means trusting that your partner wants to share their perspective without causing you pain.
  • Communication takes knowing what you need, asking for it without blame, and listening to your partner do the same.
  • Listen to understand your beloved, and speak only to have your heart understood by them.
  • Share what you think, but more importantly, share what you feel with the one you love.

Good Communication in Marriage Quotes

Marriage takes effort, and one of the things many couples work on is good communication. These quotes can help you up your game.

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  • Good communication means being able to ask your spouse for what you need without blame.
  • When we feel far apart in discussions, it's our job to take a breath, remember why we're here, and reach across the space between us with good communication.
  • The real test of communication in marriage is talking about things that aren't easy to put into words.
  • Marriage takes listening - really listening - without thinking what you'll say next. This is essential for good communication.
  • Listen to what isn't said or what's said between the lines. Listen to what your spouse may not even know they're saying.
  • When someone says something more than once in a marriage, it's not nagging. It means they don't feel like you heard them the first time.
  • Good communication in a marriage doesn't always involve words. You can communicate with touch, a look, or an act of service, too.
  • A good marriage is something that is shared; communication is how you share your heart with each other.
  • In a marriage, both people can be right at the same time, and both people can be wrong. Remembering this is essential for good communication.
  • You are my soulmate and my spouse, but I know you can't read my mind without words.

Purposeful Communication Quotes for Partners

Setting goals to strengthen your relationship is an awesome way to be intentional and ensure you grow together as a couple. These quotes can help you put your goals into words or create affirmations about how you hope to communicate.

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  • I promise to listen to you when you ask me for what you need in this relationship.
  • Before I speak, I will think about how what I say and the way I say it will feel to my partner.
  • I will speak to you from a place of love, even when we disagree.
  • Share what you need and expect in a relationship so your partner has a chance to fulfill those expectations.
  • You know my heart, but that doesn't mean you know what I need and feel all the time. I promise to communicate so you do.
  • Good communication isn't an accident. It takes work.
  • I promise to communicate what I appreciate and not just what I need.
  • Make time for good communication every day. It's how you connect to your partner.
  • It takes better communication, not just more communication, to be happy in your relationship.
  • You and I can solve almost any problem if we focus on good communication and our shared goals.

Up Your Communication Game

Up your communication game and make your relationship stronger with quotes that will help sum up what's important to you about talking and listening. Focusing on communication will bring you closer and help you weather difficult times together as a couple.

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Relationship Communication Quotes That Inspire Couple Goals