Gallery of the Best Friendship Sayings

Updated May 1, 2018

Friends Like Stars

Friendship sayings come in all forms, from sentimental to humorous. Find inspiration for the perfect phrase to share!

While you may spend plenty of time with a good friend, there's something special in knowing that the person is always there for you, even when you're apart. This is a saying that could be used to let a friend know you care or to send a thoughtful sentiment when you haven't seen one another in a while.

The Little Things

The best of friends go through the hard times as well as the good times together, and life's ups and downs often just strengthen the friendship. The small things a friend does, like provide a listening ear, a shoulder to cry on, and some laughter to brighten your day, all add up to a huge place in a person's heart.

The Importance of Friendship

Society is always driven towards getting what's bigger and better, but a quote like this reminds people what's really important. The importance of having good friends who care about you, and who you can rely on and confide in, far outweighs the material things in life.

Friends as Family

Everyone has that aunt or uncle, cousin or sibling, or other family member that drives them crazy. While bloodlines can't be chosen, the best of friends can become as close and treasured as a family member. This saying represents the loyalty, trust, and love that come along with great friendships.

Sticking Together Through Thick and Thin

This saying, though lighthearted and humorous, is often enough true. A good friend will go along with your ideas, stay by your side, and stick with you no matter how many crazy things you might do.

True Friendship

Another funny saying that has an element of truth in it, this highlights the fact that true friends will tell one another the truth, even when it might hurt or be a bit embarrassing. The value of having someone you can count on to be truthful with you through thick and thin is priceless.

Friends Know the Real You

It can be scary to open yourself to someone and trust them with your secrets. This saying shows how a true friend accepts your past, as well as your present flaws, and brings out the best in you. Supportive friends help you work towards with your goals and dreams but love you just the way you are.

Friends Are Flowers

Not everything in life always goes smoothly, but a good friend is always there to help brighten up your day. Friends can be what help you through hard times and give you something to appreciate even when life's not all coming up roses.

Lasting Friendships

It's easy to meet and strike up a friendship based on common interests or mutual friends, but people can be fickle. All too often, they walk when they don't see eye to eye or the going gets tough in a friendship. That's why this quote is funny, but real; having a solid, long lasting friendship takes some effort.

A Perfect Pair

Friendships are often based on shared interests or similar likes, and that's why this saying is so true. Close friends also stick together and stay beside one another no matter what.

Someone You Can Count On
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True friends don't turn their backs on one another, but help each other out even in difficult situations. A friend who is there for you when you need help is someone you can count on.

Gallery of the Best Friendship Sayings