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About Nadia Santiago

Nadia is a professional writer. As a fitness and personal wellness coach, Nadia combines her expertise in psychology and her experience in the fitness industry to serve clients who want to improve their lives through physical, spiritual, and/or psychological means. Through her writing, Nadia hopes she can expand her reach, touch more lives, and inspire those who are on their own journey to health and happiness.

Nadia also has a Master's degree in Transpersonal Psychology. During college, she was fascinated and alarmed by the ways in which people struggle mentally and emotionally. Having personally struggled with periods of depression, hopelessness, and feeling overwhelmed, she was determined to uncover the most effective and fulfilling methods for helping individuals overcome the biggest challenges in their lives.


  • Has been leading fitness classes and coaching clients for five years and loving every moment
  • Into basketball, volleyball, softball, and acrobatics
  • Loves all kinds of dance