22 Great Hip Hop Music Options for Cheerleading

Updated July 5, 2018
Cheerleader and hip hop

Choosing hip hop cheerleading music is a great way to infuse your squad with that raw, infectious energy that has crowds and judges going wild. Look for hip hop songs that have strong, classic beats designed to make bodies move and catchy lyrics everyone wants to sing along to. Add these songs to your performance mixes to pump up the crew and the crowd.

Pep Rally and Sideline Songs

Cheerleading teams are the official spirit squads of their schools and communities. They shine during pep rallies and are a crucial part of boosting morale during games. Music during these events should be positive, motivating everyone to root for the win!

  • Hey Ya by Outkast (radio mix) - Upbeat and peppy, this one simply gets the crowd shouting "Hey ya!"
  • Stronger by Kanye West - This song is great for rebuilding faith after a loss with its notorious verse, "Th-that don't kill me, will only make me stronger."
  • Not Afraid by Eminem - The lyrics "I'm not afraid to take a stand. Everybody come take my hand. We'll walk this road together..." are perfect for going up against a known rival or a team ranked higher than yours.
  • You Gotta Be by Des'ree - According to Des'ree "You gotta be bad. You gotta be bold. You gotta be wiser. You gotta be hard. You gotta be tough. You gotta be stronger." These are wise words to encourage sports team members to learn from their mistakes and keep on pushing ahead.
  • Jump by Kris Kross - Definitely a party starter, the crowd will get out of their seats as soon as they hear the words "Jump! Jump!"
  • U Can't Touch This by MC Hammer - The infamous lyrics "You can't touch this" are an excellent way to stroke your team's ego before a game.
  • I Gotta Feeling by the Black Eyed Peas - Build positive vibes by repeating the sentence "Tonight's gonna be a good night." Add the high tempo and the songs most uplifting phrases "let's live it up" and "let's shut it down," and you're sure to get everyone pumped.
  • The Casper (Cha-Cha) Slide - Everybody loves a good line dance. This type of dance is easy to follow along with and this song gives spectators a chance to bond over the music and the dance.

Pepper in crowd-pumping cheers and chants between songs to encourage everyone to participate.

Half-Time, Pre and Post-Game Songs

On game day, certain times are ideal for getting the attention of the spectators and the other team. Pull out the crowd-pleasers before the game, during half-time routines, and at any post-game celebrations to assert your dominance, intimidate the opposition, and honor the win!

  • No by Meghan Trainor - The other team always thinks they're going to win. Deny them with one single word repeated over and over again. "My name is no. My sign is no. My number is no. You need to let it go..."
  • Mama Said Knock You Out by LL Cool J (clean version) - There's no clearer message than "You better move...I'm gonna knock you out."
  • Earned It by The Weekend (kizomba remix) - Earned It is the ideal celebration song for female athletes with it's solid message "Girl you're perfect and you deserve it. The way you work it, cause girl you earned. Girl you earned it."
  • Snap Yo Fingers by DJ Snake and Lil Jon - This song will get the players and spectators snapping their fingers. Turn the music down after Lil Jon says "Let me see ya do it!" and listen to the fans shout "Ay!"
  • Who Let the Dogs Out by Baha Men - Before the game, you'll want to bring out the competitive nature in the team. Short of telling them to "Be aggressive!" this song will have everyone barking "Who let the dogs out? Woof! Woof! Woof!"
  • It's Going Down by Young Joc (amended version) - In this song, "Anywhere we meet I guarantee it's going down..." is code for telling the opponents to prepare to lose, no matter what. It might seem cocky, but that's exactly what can lead to victory.
  • Turn Down for What by Lil Jon - This song has simple lyrics repeated over and over again. "Fire up that loud, another round of shots...turn down for what!" More importantly, the bass is strong and the tune makes you want to bounce.
  • Outta Your Mind by Lil Jon (clean version) - This final Lil Jon pick is to stir up the fire within. With mini chants like "Focus!" and "Get outta your mind!" the players will run circles around the other team.

Most of these songs have beats you can clap to, snap to, jump to, or swing to, which the perfect situation to get the folks in the stands involved.

Competition Music

Cheerleading competitions are the squad's biggest opportunity to demonstrate the dancers' skills and style, through fun but challenging routines. Beats should be up-tempo, help individuals accentuate their movements, highlight their most difficult stunts, and give them a chance to show a bit of attitude through cheeky dance moves.

  • Do My Thing by Estelle - Show your pride and sass with this song! The lyrics announce "I wear my clothes... wear my hair... do my thing like this, because I can" without apology.
  • Sorry Not Sorry by Demi Lovato (clean version) - Tell your competition that you're not afraid to snatch the number one spot. As the song goes "Payback is a bad chick and baby I'm the baddest. You're messing with a savage. You can't have this, can't have this."
  • Tootsee Roll by the 69 Boyz - Bring back this classic, designed to make the audience dance along with you "to the left, to left, to the right, to the right, to the front to the front, to the back, to the back..." then dip.
  • Tambourine by Eve (clean version) - Add a little spice while you "shake your tambourine go and get yourself a whistle." This song has pauses and flair in just the right places for sharp, clean hits.
  • Wild Wild West by Will Smith - Everyone loves a western. Take the crowd with you as you roll, stroll, and "bounce into the wild, wild west."
  • Finesse by Bruno Mars featuring Cardi B. (remix) - This is a modern song with classic hip hop beats. Show your swagger and finesse with a tempo and lyrics that help the judges see your squad is on top: "Ooh, don't we look good together? There's a reason why they watch all night long. Yeah, know we'll turn heads forever, so tonight I'm gonna show you off."

Get the attention of the judges with a great music selection, awesome choreography and a routine that highlights the squad's skills!

Make Your Playlist Inspire

Choosing the right cheerleading music can help your squad inspire confidence and pride in your home team, whether you're performing for a sporting event or at a competition. Use the lyrics and the beats from this list of songs to create hip hop-based choreography that shows your spirit and skill on-stage or on the field.

22 Great Hip Hop Music Options for Cheerleading