11 Ways to Hang Christmas Stockings Without a Mantel

No mantel? No problem. Hang your stockings in style with these creative ideas.

Published June 1, 2018
Christmas stockings hanging from staircase

You don't have to have a mantel to create a lovely display of Christmas stockings for Santa to stuff. You might be surprised to discover the many creative options for working stockings into your home's Christmas decorations. It just takes a little thinking beyond the traditional fireplace mantel placement.

Staircase Railing

A staircase is a common focal point for Christmas decorations. Hanging stockings along a garland-decorated staircase railing is an ideal solution for homes without mantels.

Dressed Up Dogs in Christmas costumes and stockings

Hang from Garland

Hang the Christmas stockings from a garland with ornament hooks. Secure a holly or pine garland from any of these areas:

  • Fireplace: For a fireplace that doesn't have a mantel, garland can be secured and draped over the firebox high enough to keep the stockings away from flames.
  • Wall: A garland can be draped festoon style (hung from two or more points) across a wall.
  • Console table: Garland can be hung above a console table at picture height, with stockings suspended from it. This creates a cute vignette beside the Christmas tree or in a corner of the den.
  • Door frame: Decorate an interior door frame with your favorite garland and hang stockings down the length of both sides.
Woman hanging Christmas stockings above fireplace in living room


Bookcase shelves are an ideal spot for hanging Christmas stockings. This is a great choice if the room where you place your Christmas tree has a built-in or freestanding bookcase or some other type of of shelving unit.

Stockings hanging on bookcase


Bookcases aren't the only shelving option for displaying Christmas stocking. Consider using wall of shelving or a simple floating shelf to hang your stockings. If your den or living room doesn't have any shelving, consider putting a temporary floating shelf on the wall beside the Christmas tree.

  • Decorate the shelf with garland, Christmas lights, and/or ornaments to create a nice seasonal display.
  • If space is available, place a bench underneath the shelf and decorate it with Christmas pillows.
Christmas stockings hanging from shelves

Stocking Holders and Stands

Decorative stocking holders and stands can be placed on any flat surface, such as a shelf, table, bookshelf or buffet hutch. They are available in styles to hold individual stockings, as well as larger, mantel-size stands or towers that will hold several stockings. You can find many Christmas themes, such as reindeer, pine cones and snowmen in various materials and finishes.

Fireplace Screen

If you aren't going to use your fireplace and have a curtained or glass built-in fireplace screen, you can attach a small wall rack and secure some Christmas greenery to it. Now you have a perfect place to hang your stockings!

Christmas stockings hanging on fireplace

Tinsel Line

You can suspend stylish stockings above the firebox or in front of a fireplace screen by securing a tinsel strand across the fireplace width. The stockings are hung using a brick wall hanger. The connection is camouflaged with tartan plaid bows for a cute decorative look.

Christmas stockings hanging on a fireplace

Plaque With Hooks

A Christmas plaque with hooks along the bottom for hanging hats or mugs can be used to hang Christmas stockings. Simply retrofit a basic Christmas plaque with hooks, or even decorative door knobs, to transform it into a stocking holder.

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Wall Coat and Hat Racks

Move the coats and hats to the closet and relegate the coat or hat rack as an ideal place to hang Christmas Stockings when you don't have a mantel. The rack can be decorated with holiday greenery or faux poinsettias. Add a few Christmas ribbons and bow for a complete look.

Adhesive Wall Hooks

A plain wall near your Christmas tree can be transformed just for Christmas by placing stockings on a few adhesive-backed hooks designed specifically for walls. This type of hook can be easily removed once the season is over.

Christmas Tree and stockings

Branching Out

You can cut a cedar bough, pine or birch branch and mount it above the firebox or on a wall near the Christmas tree. You can then hang your stockings from rustic nails or attractive hooks attached to the limb/bough.

Creative Ways to Hang Christmas Stockings

Whether you don't have a fireplace mantel or simply prefer not to use yours for Christmas stockings, it's easy to come up with different ways to display them. Place your stockings close to the Christmas tree for a classic and picturesque decorating solution.

11 Ways to Hang Christmas Stockings Without a Mantel