12 Unique Ways to Decorate Your Fireplace for Christmas

Updated July 28, 2021

Go Beyond Traditional Christmas Fireplace Decorations


As the focal point of most rooms and the traditional entrance for Santa Claus, the fireplace has an important role to play during the Christmas holidays. You can give yours a unique and festive look with some great ideas for creative and fun fireplace Christmas decorations.

Create a Fireplace Coordinated With Your Tree


If you've chosen a Christmas tree theme you really love, it's a natural choice to carry that same look over to your fireplace. For example, if you have a frosty blue Christmas tree, decorate your fireplace with greenery and matching pale blue ornaments. You can stack gifts on the hearth, just as you would under the tree (just keep them away from open flames). This cohesive look feels sophisticated and festive.

Try Glitzy and Gold Fireplace Decorations


Similarly, if you have a gold theme for your Christmas tree, use this same color for your mantel and fireplace surround. You can stack gold ornaments and baubles on the hearth and even hang shiny gold stockings. This type of monochromatic color scheme feels contemporary and beautiful at the same time.

Get Whimsical and Pink With Your Fireplace


There's no rule that says your fireplace Christmas decorations need to be traditional. In fact, a surprising and non-traditional color like pink can add a fun and youthful feel to your home during the holidays. Coordinate with your tree or simply let the fireplace shine by keeping other decorations simple. Either way, add pink stockings, pink garlands, and other rosy decorations.

Create a Curtain of Light


If you don't use your fireplace for fires, or it doesn't have that functionality, you have lots of options to give it a festive look without worrying about the heat. One great way to do this to put candles in the fireplace itself and then hang a curtain of twinkle lights from the mantel. This gives a magical glow that further enhances the magic of the season.

Hang Stockings Under the Mantel With Care


You can hang your stockings from the mantel like everyone else, but if you have a fireplace you don't use, you can also hang the stockings inside. This feels magical and fun, and it's a great way to show off pretty stockings, since the fireplace acts like a frame. This is also an ideal way to decorate a fireplace without a mantel for Christmas.

Fill the Fireplace With Wood


For a natural and neutral way to decorate a fireplace at Christmas, you can fill the fireplace with stacked wood. This only works for fireplaces you don't plan to use, but it looks absolutely beautiful when paired with neutral colors and white twinkle lights. It's a lovely way to be casual and creative with your decor this holiday.

Draw Your Own Festive Fire


If you're decorating your fireplace for Christmas but you don't plan to use it for a fire, you can use a chalkboard panel to draw your own fire. This gives a fun and modern feel to your fireplace, and it works well with simple and modern Christmas decorations like jars of candy, greenery, and matching stockings.

Embrace Some Rustic Christmas Charm


If you have a rustic style of fireplace, embrace it with your Christmas decorations. You can use vintage winter sports gear like snowshoes or skis above the mantel. Surround the fireplace with greenery and vintage stockings, and you'll have a beautiful and cozy Christmas display.

Incorporate Antiques in Your Fireplace Christmas Decorations


Christmas is the perfect time to incorporate antiques in your decorations. One clever way to do this is to use a large antique toy like a rocking horse or sled. Make that the centerpiece of your fireplace decoration and add lots of classic Christmas objects like garlands and jars of candy.

Decorate Your Fireplace With a Victorian Christmas Theme


If you love Victorian Christmas decorations, you can go crazy decorating your fireplace in this holiday style. Victorian decorations are all about old-fashioned charm and over-the-top ornate beauty. Place a pink poinsettia on the hearth and hang antique lace from the mantel. Add plenty of flowers, beads, and baubles to the decoration, and adorn with ribbons and bows for unparalleled antique fun.

Let Nature Help You Decorate Your Fireplace


Sometimes nature offers plenty of festive charm all on its own. One fun way to give your fireplace a natural Christmas theme is to display round birch logs of different lengths on their ends inside the firebox. Surround them with Christmas greenery and have baskets of kindling and more greenery nearby. Hang simple embroidered stockings from the mantel for a beautiful display.

Choose a Glowing Christmas Hearth


If you're wondering how to decorate your fireplace hearth for Christmas, look no further than a natural and glowing display. Place a festive red wreath above the fireplace and stack plenty of wood on and around the hearth. Then add lanterns and candles in a variety of sizes and simple twinkle lights too. When all the candles are lit, the entire hearth and fireplace will glow with a cozy light.

Get Inspired for the Coziest Christmas


There's no wrong way to decorate your fireplace for Christmas, and it's fun to look at all the beautiful decorating options out there. Take some time to browse though gorgeous mantel decorations that can add just the right touch of style to your home. No matter what kind of fireplace Christmas decorations you choose, your home will feel cozy and festive this holiday season.

12 Unique Ways to Decorate Your Fireplace for Christmas