12 Christmas Movies With Dogs to Watch With Your Pup

Published November 18, 2021
Christmas Movie Night with Dog

Leave Christmas to the dogs. Literally. Get your smiles ready and possibly grab a few tissues, because Christmas movies with dogs will have you laughing, crying, and feeling good. Dive into a list of a few great classic and modern movies with some loveable furry friends.

A Charlie Brown Christmas (1965)

It wouldn't be a Christmas movies with dogs list if you didn't include the most famous dog of them all - Snoopy. In A Charlie Brown Christmas, Charlie Brown is depressed on Christmas. The commercialism of Christmas is overwhelming. But with the help of a sad-looking tree, Snoopy, and the gang, Charlie Brown finds the spirit of Christmas once more. It's a touching tale that will leave you smiling this holiday season.

A Christmas Tail (2014)

This is a made-for-TV movie with a loving Christmas twist. A puppy accidentally gets taken to the pound, and Bear becomes an adorable present for Ethan. However, he already had a home with Olivia and her dad. When the two try to share the dog, Christmas spirit and love fill the air.

A Dog for Christmas (2015)

Doubling as a Salvation Army Santa, Mr. Claus narrates a beautiful story about a girl who'd like to get a dog for Christmas. She wants a puppy, but the Madisons are so caught up in Christmas commercialism, they aren't focusing on their daughter's wishes. Thankfully, Santa can come to the rescue.

A Dog Named Christmas (2009)

Shelters are full of dogs. Todd McCray makes it his mission to ensure his community and those around him take part in the "adopt a dog for Christmas" program happening at his local shelter. However, one particular dog named Christmas grabs hold of this boy's heart and refuses to let go. Let Hallmark make you and your doggo feel all the warm holiday fuzzies.

A Dogwalker's Christmas Tale (2015)

Another dog-friendly tale to lift you up, A Dogwalker's Christmas Tale, makes Luce question her selfishness after she befriends a local dog walker. Luce is spoiled and rich, but she learns about the importance of others and the spirit of Christmas when she takes a job as a dog walker. Is that new salon really more important than the local dog park? You be the judge in this sweet romance full of Christmas cheer.

Adventures of Bailey: Christmas Hero (2012)

There's nothing your pooch will love more than a talking dog on a Christmas adventure. Join Bailey, the lovable golden retriever, as he tries to get off Santa's naughty list. Learning of an ancient Native American legend, Bailey and his trusty sidekick, Duke, work to find the man that can grant their Christmas wish.

Lady and the Tramp (2019)

Lady and the Tramp is a live-action version of the 1955 Disney classic full of dogs. It has action and adventure as Darling is gifted the beautiful Lady for Christmas. As she grows, Lady experiences some rather scary adventures that lead her to Tramp. This beautiful tale ends at Christmastime with their gorgeous family.

Puppy Star Christmas (2018)

Christmas goes to the dogs in the Puppy Star Christmas movie from Air Bud Entertainment. Follow these adorable puppies as they stow away on Santa's sleigh. You'll get lots of North Pole action, slapstick comedy, and Christmas spirit that your whole family will enjoy.

Santa Stole Our Dog: A Merry Doggone Christmas! (2017)

When Rusty goes missing on Christmas Eve, Santa gets the blame. It's up to the Whitehaven family to get him back. From letters to Santa, to dog missing posters, to a story in the paper, everyone needs to work together to get Rusty back home. Your canine companion will dive right into the action with you.

The Christmas Shepherd (2014)

When it comes to sappy Christmas movies with a canine twist, Hallmark is where it's at. When Sally Brown loses her beloved Shepherd, Buddy, during a storm, she's frantic. Buddy was her last connection to her late husband. However, Buddy is working his magic to lead Sally to Mark. Watch how these two heal old wounds and open their hearts in a heartwarming tale that will leave your pup's tail wagging.

Dr. Seuss' How the Grinch Stole Christmas (2000)

What would the holiday season be without the Grinch and his trusty canine companion Max? Through all the Grinch's zany antics and growing of his heart, Max is there to help. Enjoy this holiday classic with a loveable pooch of your own.

The Search for Santa Paws (2010)

Talking dogs are a fan favorite among dog enthusiasts. Now imagine a group of lovable puppies that rescue Santa when he loses his memory. This heartwarming tale from Disney shows the true meaning of Christmas and the importance of bringing cheer to those around us. Plus, it has a lovable, fluffy doggo you just want to squeeze.

Must See Dog Christmas Movies

When you want to cuddle up and watch a great Christmas movie, look for one that features adorable dogs. These heartwarming tales will get you in the holiday spirit, tug at your heartstrings, and leave you with a smile. Your best pup will give them two paws up!

12 Christmas Movies With Dogs to Watch With Your Pup