12 Free Printable Christmas Mad Libs for Holiday Fun

Break out these free printable holiday mad libs for all ages to get everyone laughing.

Published November 21, 2022
Friends laughing at joke at Christmas dinner table

There are few things in this world that inspire endless rolls of stitch laughter quite like mad libs. From kids to adults alike, there's no bad time to bust out a mad lib during Christmas. Craft a hilarious story about Christmas tree decorations, giggle your way through a visit to Grandma's, and whip up a holiday dinner that may not be tasty, but it'll sure be funny. With 12 free Christmas and holiday mad libs to pick from, there's one for each of the 12 days of Christmas. Remember: don't read the story first!

Decorating the Christmas Tree

One of the best parts of Christmas is getting to decorate the Christmas tree. As you get ready to decorate or you're taking a break, this Christmas mad lib will make it even more festive. Will your tree have sparkling lights and ornaments or a menagerie of questionable odds and ends?

Going to Grandma's

Print this out or type the answers into your phone's notes app as you head to Grandma's and give everyone a good laugh to kick off the night. If reading in the car isn't in your wheelhouse, don't worry. This is just as much fun in a group, so you can easily wait to do this with everyone at Grandma's house.

A Christmas Dinner to Remember

Pass the time while you hungrily wait for dinner or while you're digesting your big meal with a mad lib that'll have you laughing all the way to the table. There's no doubt that this story will be one memorable meal.

Dear Santa Letter

Keep the little ones busy, or at least distract them from the umpteenth toy commercial, with this fun spin on the usual letter to Santa. A festive tip: fill in the blanks more than once to create a handful of funny letters!

When Santa Goes on Vacation

The family has gone out to play, and they're finally showered and in their warm pajamas. As you unwind with hot chocolate, write yourselves a story about Santa's warm vacation.

A Funny Thing Happened the Night Before Christmas

Modernize, and give a bit of humor, to the classic tale from your own childhood starring the most pivotal time of the holidays: that singular night before Christmas.

Christmas Carol Remix

Did someone say remix? Give some new life to the same old tired Christmas carols. If this is a number-one hit in your family, you can give the same treatment to dozens of Christmas songs.

Building a Snowman

Grab your snow pants and best pair of mittens as you set out to tell a story about a snow day and the best, okay - funniest - snowman you can build.

A Reindeer Christmas Party

Leave the ordinary world behind and get dressed and ready to attend the best holiday party ever, a reindeer Christmas party! There's no dress code or plane ticket required.

Baking Christmas Cookies

Follow a recipe and frost your favorite cookie or two with a cozy and tasty Christmas story. Will your cookie be tasty, or will it taste, well, funny?

The Story of the Gingerbread Man

No holiday season is complete without the dapper gingerbread man making an appearance in your home. Of course, depending on how the story goes, this gingerbread man might be more whimsical than dressed to the nines.

My Favorite Christmas Traditions

Nothing makes memories like the traditions you engage in year after year at Christmas. Start a new custom in your own family or with friends with a ludicrously funny Christmas tradition.

Time for Holiday Mad Libs

Like admiring the sparkling lights, sneaking an extra cookie, or quietly shaking a wrapped present, there's no bad time for a Christmas mad lib.

  • Send your friends and family a message ahead of time, asking them to come prepared with a list of words so everyone can enjoy their own twist on the story and you can spend extra time laughing over the final results.
  • Make them part of your Christmas traditions! Start or end the twelve days before Christmas with a holiday mad lib. Don't forget to post it on the fridge!
  • There's nothing like a remix. Push the envelope with the Christmas carol mad libs and turn it into a karaoke night with your new and improved lyrics.
  • When you're waiting for your cookies to bake or cool off before frosting, you can tell your own story of Christmas cookies or one about a gingerbread man.
  • If you mail out Christmas cards, tape the mad lib to the back for your friends and family to do on their own. Feel free to include a copy of yours!
  • Mad libs are easy to complete virtually too! Don't let distance stand between you, your favorite people, and a good laugh.
  • Have several holiday mad lib printables spread out at the dinner place settings, so people can play together and hear different stories during the holiday feast.

Christmas Mad Libs for Santa-Worthy Belly Laughs

Put the holly jolly in your Christmas with these free printable Christmas mad libs. Give a little extra sparkle the holidays with mad libs that'll bring tears to your eyes from laughing so hard. After all, nothing beats good memories and belly laughter at the holidays - just ask Santa!

12 Free Printable Christmas Mad Libs for Holiday Fun