25+ Office Christmas Party Games To Get Everyone in the Spirit

Updated November 18, 2021
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Add an entertaining element to your next office Christmas party with games you can play in person or in remote workspaces. Get everyone in the holiday spirit with epic game ideas for small or large groups to build team camaraderie.

Ideas for Christmas Office Party Games

Planning an office Christmas celebration? Games are a great way to break the ice and add a fun element to your work party!

People Bingo

This game is a great way to get people talking. Create a bingo card with holiday-themed statements in the squares instead of the usual numbers. You can include facts like:

  • Still believes in Santa Claus
  • Watches It's a Wonderful Life every year
  • Hasn't finished shopping for Christmas
  • Has made a gingerbread house
  • Has never gone ice skating

Players must find people to match the statements and write their names in the squares on their cards. Download the printable People Bingo below. There are four pre-printed cards plus a blank editable card if you'd like to give different people different cards.

People Bingo

In addition to this version of Bingo, there are other options to consider as well. There are plenty of free printable Bingo cards to use for a game. Consider one with a Santa Claus theme or one with a Christmas theme.

If you need help downloading the printables, check out these helpful tips.

Santa Hat Game

If you've got a bunch of Santa hats, then you've got an office party Christmas game! To begin, pass out Santa hats to each guest as they enter the party venue. Have one person designated as the leader. The leader of the game will be in charge of taking off and on his hat. The purpose of the game is to follow the leader. If the leader takes off his hat, you do too. The object of the game is to take off your hat as soon as the leader does. If you are last one wearing a hat, you lose! To make the game humorous, have a penalty for the last to be wearing a hat such as having to sing a silly Christmas song. To add a challenge to the game, play it while food and drinks are being served and people are distracted by conversations.

Name That Song

Create a playlist of Christmas music and have your coworkers guess what song is playing. Play just the first line of the song and give people the chance to guess. People can sing along to the songs to make this game even more fun. To appeal to a variety of musical tastes, include old and new songs along with some unique ones to make the game more challenging.

Gift Wrap Game

This game requires a present to be wrapped in several layers of paper. The present can be a gag gift or something that will be appreciated. Everyone will sit in a circle and pass the gift around while music is playing. When the music stops, the person holding the gift will remove one layer of paper. Repeat the game until someone unwraps the last layer of paper. That person will be the one who wins and gets to keep the present.

Name That Logo

Before the party, cut out logos from magazines. Use recognizable logos and paste each one on a card. Assign a number to each card and have people write down their guesses. The person with most correct guesses is the winner.

Who Knows the Big Boss Best?

How much do you know about your big boss? Download and print Who Knows the Big Boss Best cards out to find out. Most correct wins!

Who Knows the Big Boss Best?

What's on Your Phone?

Whether you have been working in-person or remotely, this a fun game to play with your colleagues. Print out What's on Your Phone? cards and see who can score more points!

What's on Your Phone?

Spoon Ornament Race

Players must carefully race with a spoon and ornament. If the player drops the ornament, that person is out. Make sure all ornaments are shatterproof.

Alphabet Game

Players go through the alphabet in a circle and each person says a Christmas related word for the letter they have. If player hesitates or draw a blank, that person is out! Keep playing until there's only one person left.

Name That Christmas Tune

Plan a playlist of classic Christmas songs in advance for this game. Play just a three second clip from one of the holiday songs from your list and see who can guess it first.

Jingle Bell Hunt

It's a great spin on the Easter egg hunt. Hide jingle bells around the office and give employees a large bag and ten minutes to find as many jingle bells as they can. The one who finds the most jingle bells wins.

Who's the Employee?

Ask employees to bring a photo of them as a child (preferably a Christmas one). Label each photo with a number and post on a wall in the party room. Employees must try to guess. The person with the most correct answers wins.

How Many Ornaments?

Have employees guess how many ornaments are on the company's Christmas tree and record their picks. Before the party ends, announce the winner (the closest guess) and hand out a small Christmas prize.

Deck Your Face Mask

Pass out disposable face masks, stickers, mini ornaments with hooks, tinsels and other small decorations to all participants. Have each employee decorate their own holiday face mask (mask should be on their faces) in under one minute. Have someone to be the judge and decide which employee did the best job at decking the face mask.

Santa Belly Bust

Have all employees place a large inflated balloon under their shirt. Players must keep their hands behind their backs. When the music starts, all employees must try to bust their guts without using their hands. When the music stops, the last ones with a Santa belly must keep the balloon under their shirts for the rest of the party.

Present Stacking

Wrap a variety of oddly shaped objects. The players who can stack the most presents as tall as possible wins!

In-Person or Remote Team-Based Games

Whether the employees have been working in-person or remotely, team-based games are good free Christmas office party games because they get more people involved in the fun.


Charades is a classic adult Christmas party game. Ask the guests to form teams and act out holiday-related words and phrases for their team members to guess.

Christmas Trivia

Fans of Jeopardy and other quiz shows will enjoy testing their knowledge. Create questions about the history of Christmas, Christmas songs, Christmas movies, and more.

Impromptu Dress-Up

Give each team basic supplies like tape, scissors, and long sheets of colored paper. Ask them to dress one team member as Santa, a snowman, or another holiday-themed figure using only these supplies. Set a time limit and award prizes to the best costume creation.


Pictionary is similar in spirit to charades, except people will be drawing the words and phrases for their teammates to guess. You will need a white board or an easel with a large pad of paper, so everyone can see.

Generation z Christmas party

Deck Your Corworker

Place a variety of decorations, such as ornaments, tinsels, garlands, snowflakes, and a star topper in separate baskets. Divide coworkers into equal teams. On each team, one person will be "forced" to be the "tree." Someone has to volunteer to be the judge. When the judge says "go," the teams will have two minutes to decorate their "tree." At the end of the two minutes, the judge will decide which team did the best job at decking out their tree.

Snowball Fight

Blow up several white balloons and use painter's tape to create a divider line in the middle of the party room. Have teams stand on either side of the line. Set a timer for two minutes. When someone says go, teams throw balloones and try to get them to the other side of the line without crossing the line themselves. The team with the most snowballs on the other side of the line at the end of the two minutes wins.

Toilet Paper Snowman

Divide employees into pairs. One player volunteers to be the snowman while the other is the wrapper. Pass out rolls of toilet paper, a hat, a scarf, and corncob pipe to each team. The team that wraps up their snowman (from head to toe) in two minutes wins.

Stocking Fill-Up

Divide employees into two equal teams. Place a Christmas stocking for each team on the other end of the party room. Employees must race to their team's stocking with a spoon and an ornament, deposit the ornament and return to their team. The race continues until one team fills up their stocking to win the game.

Waddle Like a Penguin

Separate players into teams and set up cones 25 feet apart for each team. The first player places a balloon between their knees and waddles like a penguin to the cone and back, then passes the balloon to the next player so they can have their turn. If the player drops the balloon, they have to go back and restart. The first team to complete the relay wins.

Make It a Tradition

Make your annual Christmas party something to look forward to each year by including a few fun games to the mix. Make it a new tradition to play a new game each year at the party and keep those games that have been a hit in the past as part of your yearly celebration.

25+ Office Christmas Party Games To Get Everyone in the Spirit