21st Birthday Party Ideas

Plan a 21st Birthday Celebration


Turning 21 is the perfect time for a celebration with friends. Whether it is a small get-together or a fun night out on the town, planning is a must. Consider the many party ideas to make your 21st birthday something unforgettable and fun.

Seasonal Themes


A theme can really make the party, and a 21st birthday is no exception. If you were born during the winter months, think about having a winter sports day. Go ice skating or ice fishing and finish the day relaxing by a fire. If your 21st falls in the summer months, a pool party can be a ton of fun. Use a luau or beach theme and serve up some frozen drinks, barbeque, and plenty of music and fun.

Bar Crawl


A bar crawl party requires at least one designated driver. Take a tour of all the hot spots in your town and have a toast to the guest of honor at each one. You can have the birthday girl wear something that easily identifies her as turning 21, such as a tiara or a tee shirt.

Wine Tasting


Break from tradition and opt instead for a wine tasting tour or a visit to a winery in your area. With good friends at hand and awe-inspiring scenery all around, how can you not have a great time?

Make It A Surprise


A surprise party can be a fun way to celebrate turning 21. This type of party requires plenty of planning and keeping all the details from the guest of honor. You can keep the surprise party as its own theme or incorporate something fun into the mix by turning it into a Mexican fiesta.

Viva Las Vegas


Any 21-year-old will enjoy a party centered around a Vegas theme. You can decorate with glitter and lights and set up tables around the room to resemble a casino. Set up a food buffet and have a bar stocked with a mix of drinks and refreshments. To go a step further, gather your friends and take a trip to Vegas!

Spa Party


If you like to relax or are in desperate need of a day of pampering, plan a spa party for your 21st birthday. You can invite a few close friends and book a day at the local spa. Ask the staff if you can bring in a cake and a bottle of wine to enjoy between treatments.

Elegant Dinner


Celebrate turning 21 with an elegant dinner at a fancy restaurant. Invite family and some close friends to enjoy the special day with a good meal and great conversation. For a special touch, order champagne or wine and toast the guest of honor.

Scavenger Hunt


Center the party around a fun scavenger hunt and create a list of items to find around town. Some things to include on the list are 21 signatures from people around town, coaster from a bar, and a phone number on a napkin. You can capture photos with a digital camera as well. Be sure to set a time limit for your group to collect items, and then return home to celebrate with a cake to end the night.

Adventure Outing


If the person turning 21 loves a good adventure, center his birthday celebration around something active. You can plan a day going sky diving or white water rafting. After the adventure is over, celebrate with a birthday cake.

Unforgettable Celebration


21 is a fun milestone to celebrate. This birthday can be celebrated with a variety of adult birthday party ideas that will be fun for all involved. Be sure to tailor the festivities or speeches and toasts around the guest of honor's interests and it is sure to be an unforgettable hit.

21st Birthday Party Ideas