140+ Fun and Festive Christmas Party Names 

Funny, punny, or sentimental, these clever Christmas party names will get your holiday festivities off to the right start.

Published November 22, 2022
Friends Christmas Photo Booth

When you're building a house, it needs a great foundation, and planning a fun Christmas party is similar. Build your holiday party on a solid foundation by starting with a pitch-perfect Christmas party name. Whether it's punny, silly, or sentimental, the right name for your holiday party sets the tone for the festivities that follow.

If you get your guests intrigued with your creativity, they might not notice your hilariously epic Pinterest fail Christmas cookies. Because let's face it, it happens.

Punny Christmas Party Names

It's time to get a little punny with your party names. You snow it's going to be a good time. So give your guests a little smile.

  • Slay Ride
  • FabYULEus Holiday Festivities
  • Yule Be Sorry if You Miss This Party
  • This Party Is Snow Much Fun
  • Let's Get Up to Snow Good
  • A Christmas Party Yule Love
  • It's Snow Beautiful - A Christmas Celebration
  • A Santa-mental Christmas
  • Let's Claus a Scene
  • A Claus for Celebration
  • Believe in Your Elf Holiday Gathering
  • Don't Snowflake Out on This Christmas Party
  • Welcome to Santa-sea Island
  • Sleigh What? Ya Filthy Animal Soiree
  • A Party That Sleighs

Christmas Cocktail Party Names

You have the bubbly. The martini glasses are at the ready. Get the sleighing music ready for your Christmas cocktail event.

  • It's a Winter Winederland!
  • Christmas Cheer & Holiday Beer
  • Let's Get Blitzen'd
  • We're Getting 'Nogged
  • It's a Christmas Bash! A Cocktail Smash!
  • A Spirited Christmas
  • Celebrating Holiday Hops
  • Ode to Christmas Spirits
  • Southern Comfort and Joy
  • Sugar and Spice Make the Cocktails Nice
  • Mistletoe, Magic, and Martinis
  • Alcoholly-Jolly Christmas
  • It's the Most Wonderful Time for Beer
  • Let's Get Tannenbombed
  • 'Twas the Night Before Blitz-mas
  • Boozin' Around the Christmas Tree
  • A Cup of Beer Is a Cup of Cheer

Adult Christmas Party Name Ideas

Drinks, dancing, and Christmas lights! You're ready to go all out for your soiree: martinis are ready to mix, and Santa Baby is at the top of your playlist. Make everything nice, but add some spice to your adult Christmas party with the perfect name.

  • Dance Your Jingle Bells Off
  • Happy Little Cheers Fest
  • Bright Lights Blowout
  • Scrooge's Bah Humbug Bash
  • Single Bells Holiday Mixer
  • Santa's North Pole Dance
  • Holly Jingle & Mingle

Fun Kids' Party Names for Christmas Events

mother and daughter holding New Year's sparklers at home

The invitation is one of the best parts of a kid's Christmas party. Channel your inner Buddy the Elf by starting with the perfect Christmas theme.

  • Grinchy Heart Holiday Party
  • Ready for Rudolph Blast
  • It's Time to Take Some Elfies
  • Abominable Snow Ball
  • Elf on the Shelf-tastic Get Together
  • Buddy the Elf's Candy Cane Celebration
  • Elf Adventures
  • Reindeer Games
  • Donner's Dance Party
  • Mrs. Claus's Winter Wonderland
  • Comet's Christmas Crew
  • Polar Express-tacular

Cute Family Party Names to Spice Things Up

Family parties are the same ol' same ol', right? Well, they don't have to be. Show your family that you're ready to celebrate Christmas in style with some clever party names.

  • O Holy Family Party
  • Ho-ho-home for the Holidays
  • The Family That Sleighs Together Stays Together
  • Christmas Love, Lights, and Luncheon
  • Family Elf-Esteem Festival
  • Little Eyes All Aglowin' Affair
  • Make the Spirits Bright With Christmas Delight
  • Tinsel, Toys, and All the Joys
  • There's No Place Like Home Cookin' for the Holidays
  • Elves With Attitude Christmas Bash
  • Twinkle Twinkle Little Par-tay
  • Santa's Sleighin' Christmas Get Together
  • Christmas With the Crew
  • Island of the Misfit Browns (use your last name)

Get Potlucky With Work Christmas Party Names

Work parties are the absolute best. Secret Santa, food, and did we mention food? You get to stuff your face all day long and just have fun with your coworkers. Get the party going with a unique company Christmas party idea.

  • Deck the Crockpots
  • Dance of the Sugar Plum Casseroles
  • Fun Chats and Santa Hats
  • Santa Sweater Social
  • Prancer's Potluck Party
  • Christmas Lights Luncheon
  • Sleigh the Holiday Spectacular
  • Holiday Cheer-a-bration
  • Glitter and Potluck
  • Holiday Wraps for All to Enjoy

Exciting School Christmas Party Names to Try

Is this your 20th year as a teacher, and you are just running out of good ideas? Find your creative spark again. The perfect holiday name opens up endless possibilities for fun.

  • Here Comes a Holiday Party
  • Jingle Jangle Jubilee
  • Up on the Schooltop Holiday Party
  • Little Elves Filling Bookshelves
  • Holiday Story Hour for Reading Power
  • A Frosty Snowabration
  • Cindy Lou Who-ray Holiday Party
  • Red & White Holiday Stripe Party
  • The Ghost of Christmas Party

Christmas Gift Exchange Names

woman satisfaction with gift for Christmas

You've found an epic Christmas exchange game. You know that all your friends are just going to love it. Because why wouldn't they? Now you just need a creative name for your party to get them excited. Roll a few of these around in your brain.

  • And to All a Good Gift Swap
  • Don't Be a Krampus Gift Exchange
  • It's a Wonderful Gift Swap
  • Rockin' the Present Tree
  • Don't Be Elfish Gift Exchange
  • Switching and Swapping All Christmas Long
  • Ho-Ho-Homemade Holiday Exchange
  • Merry-Go-Round Christmas Party

Formal Party Names for a Christmas Gala

The lights. The decor. The party vibe. Your gala is about to break loose. Light up the night of your formal event with the perfect party name.

  • Winter Snowyland Soiree
  • Snowflake and Silver Ball
  • Dreamin' of a White Christmas Party
  • Glitzy Holiday Gala
  • Cheerful Tinsel & Ties
  • Golden Winter Glow Gala
  • Bloom of the Holiday Affair
  • Christmas Candlelight Masquerade
  • Starry Nights of Delight
  • Frozen Wonderland Holiday Reception

Casual Christmas Party Names

You want to keep it casual this Christmas. You're going to have a few friends over, possibly an all-night Christmas movie marathon. Make your friends smile when they see the name you've picked for the party.

  • Magical Christmas Village Festivities
  • Sleighin' It Celebration
  • Good Friends! Good Cheer!
  • So This Is Christmas Party
  • Classic Cozy Christmas
  • Just Elfin' Around Party
  • Elf-tastic Holiday Hoorah
  • Winter Decor and Christmas Galore
  • Merry Li'l Givers Gathering

Ugly Christmas Sweater Party Theme Names

Christmas Ugly Sweater Party With Families

There are some truly ugly sweaters out there. People go all out. From lights and noises to hilarious homemade creations, it's crazy how wacky some of these sweaters become. Try these Christmas party names out to let your friends know you want them to wear their worst Christmas sweaters.

  • O Ugly Night
  • Oh, Deer! What an Ugly Sweater
  • Saga of the Ugly Sweater
  • Ugly & Bright Sweater Night
  • Come Sequined! Come Gaudy! Ugly Sweater Party
  • The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly Sweater Party
  • O Come All Ye Ugly Sweaters

Carol and Song Inspired Party Names

You're belting out some of your favorite Christmas tunes when inspiration hits. You want a music-inspired Christmas party. Your guests are going to love the creativity.

  • Hark! Harold's Party Is About to Begin
  • O Come All Ye Partiers
  • Ding Dong! Merrily We Celebrate
  • Hey Fam! It's a Christmas Party
  • It's a Funky Christmas
  • O Come, O Come Holiday Guests
  • It Came Upon a Christmas Party
  • Pa Rum Pum Pum Party
  • I'm Dreaming of a (your last name) Christmas

Movie-Inspired Party Names

Nothing is better than curling up with a good Christmas movie, some hot cocoa, and your Snuggy. Movies are life. Let your friends know that your holiday party is movie-inspired with a few of these zingers.

  • McCallister's Mistletoe Madness
  • Just Scrooging Around
  • Jack Frosty's Ice-stravaganza
  • Bad Little Tree Bash
  • Fascinating Frosty Night Festivities
  • John McClane Christmas Eve-nt
  • Klaus It's a Christmas Party
  • Clarence's Bell-abration
  • Better Watch Out for Santa Soiree
  • Rebel Without a Claus Celebration
  • Roman Holidaze

Dog Christmas Party Names

You can't forget about your dogs this holiday season. Because what is Christmas without them by your side? Looking for a barktastic pet Christmas idea? Start with a fun and original name.

  • Reindog Games
  • Santa's Little Barkers Party
  • A Doggone Good Christmas Party
  • Happy Howl-idays Party
  • A Furry Good Christmas Celebration
  • Collar-ful Christmas Gala
  • Season's Treatings Furbaby Party
  • Christ-mutts Party

Fun and Creative Christmas Party Ideas

Are you tired of saying, "Welcome to our holiday party" every single year? It's time to bring the fun this year. Christmas is all about being festive. Start off your Instagram-worthy party with the perfect name. These fun and original names can help to spark inspiration or just liven up your party ideas. Take the theme and roll with it this holiday. It will be an epic party that your guests aren't going to soon forget.

140+ Fun and Festive Christmas Party Names