22 Christmas Songs About Christ for All Ages

Get in the Christmas spirit with these religious Christmas tunes.

Updated July 22, 2021
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Since the true meaning of Christmas involves celebrating the birth of Jesus Christ, Christmas songs for Christ are easy to find. Whether you love classic Christmas carols, pop songs about Christ, or any other genre of holiday music, there are Christ-centered songs you can own or listen to.

Traditional Christmas Hymns and Carols for Christ

Traditional Christmas carols and hymns often focus on the birth of Jesus Christ, so it's easy to find public domain Christmas songs for Christ. These Christmas carols are well known worldwide and provide meaningful music to any home or church holiday celebration. Check out one of the best sites for free Christian music downloads or your favorite music streaming service to find various versions of these classic Christmas songs.

Children's Christmas Songs About Christ

Christmas music for kids usually includes simple tunes and repeated lyrics, making them ideal for children of all ages. Adults can play instruments to accompany the kids or sing in a mixed choir with them.

Classic Christian Christmas Songs for Little Kids

Christmas songs for preschoolers and lower elementary kids about Christ are typically short and pair well with props such as battery-powered candles. Younger kids can sing any Christian Christmas song when you teach them the chorus followed by one verse, then the chorus again. To help children learn the lyrics to Christmas songs, create hand gestures and actions.

Classic Christian Christmas Songs for Youth Choirs and Teens

Children's choirs made up of kids of different ages can sing most popular Christmas songs for Christ or use worship songs for youth groups in a Christmas program. Look for a mix of familiar tunes and lesser-known songs to create a great Christmas music for Christ program.

Contemporary Christian Christmas Songs

Although the traditional Christmas hymns are well known and loved, contemporary Christian artists and popular artists from other music genres are coming out with new faith-based songs every holiday. Several artists put their heart and soul into singing popular Christian holiday songs with their own unique compositions.

Inspirational Christmas Carol Covers by Modern Artists

Instead of using the standard, original version of your favoring Christmas songs for Christ, look for covers by modern artists to give your performance a contemporary feel.

  • A Capella group Pentatonix is known for their powerful covers of classic Christmas songs, but their 2013 rendition of Little Drummer Boy is a stunner with over 145 million YouTube views.
  • Country superstars Kelly Clarkson, Reba McEntire, and Trisha Yearwood teamed up in 2013 to share a live version of Silent Nightthat's beautifully classic and contemporary at the same time.
  • Even rappers and hip-hop artists get in on classic Christmas covers like CeeLo Green, who covered Mary Did You Know?
  • Joy to the World takes on a whole new identity in instrumentalist Sufjan Stevens' eclectic 2012 version.

New and Original Spiritual Christmas Songs for Christ

From original Christmas rock songs to meaningful slow jams about Christ and Christmas, many modern artists capitalize on the holiday season by penning their own songs about joy and believing in Christ.

Christ Is Christmas

If you celebrate Christmas because you're celebrating Jesus Christ, Christmas songs for Christ can help keep the holiday focused. Whether you're out caroling with printable Christmas carols, putting on a Christmas show at church, looking for ethnic Christmas carols, or jamming out with the kids as you decorate, christ-centered Christmas music, including some youth worship songs, can get you in the right holiday spirit.

22 Christmas Songs About Christ for All Ages