10 Fun DIY Christmas Gift Basket Ideas for the Season

Updated June 21, 2021
Christmas gift wooden basket

Gift baskets are always special when you assemble them yourself, but it's natural to wonder what you put in a Christmas gift basket to make it stand out. You can do something way more creative and interesting than the standard wine and snacks. One of these unique Christmas gift basket ideas is sure to please everyone on your list. They're all easy to make too!

Trim-the-Tree Gift Basket

If you know someone who has their first Christmas tree or you want to help expand a friend's ornament collection, you can make a trim-the-tree gift basket with everything they need to decorate a Christmas tree. Include a tree topper, ornaments, lights, and beads or garlands to make this special gift basket a treasured holiday gift. There are lots of ways to personalize this basket:

  • If you're giving this Christmas gift basket to a family member, consider including some antique holiday ornaments for a sense of history.
  • If kids will be involved in the decorating, skip the breakable ornaments and choose cloth ones instead.
  • Add supplies to make your own Christmas ornaments if you think the recipient would enjoy a Christmas craft project.
  • Include anything you think the person receiving the gift basket might need, including a tree skirt and lights.
Trim-the-Tree Gift Basket

Wine Mulling Kit Gift Basket

Mulled wine makes a great holiday drink, and it's also a wonderful Christmas gift basket idea. Start by choosing your favorite mulled wine recipe and gathering the ingredients into small packages. You'll need spices, a sweetener like honey if you desire, fruit, and cinnamon sticks. Add a bottle of red wine if you want to, or make it easier to ship by simply including the mulling ingredients. You can also try these fun additions:

  • Pack everything in a pretty box or crate, or for a deluxe version, use a stock pot as a basket that they can use for cooking the wine.
  • Consider adding mugs or glasses to make the gift even nicer.
  • If you're giving this to a family, include something fun for the kids to drink too. Gourmet hot cocoa packets are a good option.
  • Tie everything with a holiday ribbon or use Christmas tissue paper to make sure the gift has a Christmas feel.
Wine Mulling Kit Gift Basket

DIY Gingerbread House Christmas Gift Basket

Making a gingerbread house is a fun holiday tradition, and this kit is a great Christmas gift basket idea for families. Include everything the recipient will need to make and decorate a gingerbread house, from the actual house pieces to a variety of candies to make it special and unique. You'll also want to include icing or the supplies needed to make it. Put everything in a holiday-themed basket or tie a Christmas ribbon on the handle to make it extra festive. There are some fun variations to try with this gift basket idea:

  • To make your gingerbread house gift basket even fancier, include paintbrushes and icing paints to allow for the ultimate in creative decoration.
  • Pick candies you know the recipient likes, as well as some very fancy versions of regular candies.
  • Make the gingerbread house pieces yourself ahead of time and cut them out using a gingerbread house pattern.
  • To make this family-friendly, consider the ages of any kids in the family. Choose age-appropriate candies and include plenty of extras for sampling.
DIY Gingerbread House Christmas Gift Basket

Basket of Wreath-Making Supplies

Give a basket of wreath-making supplies if you need a great Christmas gift basket idea for friends. It's easy to make your own Christmas wreath, especially if you have the tools and supplies handy. You can fill the basket with greenery and items from nature like pinecones, berries, and dried flowers. Throw in some jingle bells, holiday ornaments, and candy canes, and you'll have the perfect wreath-making kit. Don't forget to include some floral wire too. Here are a few other ideas for this DIY gift basket option:

  • For a deluxe version, include the tools needed to make the wreath, such as pruning sheers, wire cutters, and pliers.
  • Look for pretty additions for the wreath, such as winter birds, dried citrus slices, and more.
  • Consider giving a pre-made wreath and a gift basket of items to personalize it. That way, the person can have fun with the decorating without having to make the wreath from scratch.
  • For a family, think about including some elements everyone in the family will enjoy. Kids might like to decorate the wreath with miniature Christmas houses for instance.
Basket of Wreath-Making Supplies

Christmas Gift Wrapping Crate

Gift wrapping is an important part of the holiday season, but it feels less like a chore when you use this unique Christmas gift basket idea of a crate of wrapping supplies. This is a fun DIY basket to assemble, since you can gather the supplies anywhere. You can make your own gift embellishments to include or pick up pinecones, branches, and other natural elements. There are lots of ways to make this gift basket special:

  • Include scissors and tape to take care of all the practical needs of someone wrapping gifts.
  • Throw in plenty of ribbon and twine, as well as gift tags. It's fun to choose these items in Christmas colors.
  • Consider making the crate into a ribbon dispenser by running a dowel through the middle. This makes the gift container itself a useful part of the present.
  • Make your own bows ahead of time and include them in the crate for use on presents.
Christmas Gift Wrapping Crate

Springtime at Christmas Gift Basket

In some parts of the world, Christmas can be a very bleak time of year. There's nothing growing, and spring is still a long time away. A creative and unique Christmas gift basket idea is putting flower bulbs and holiday ornaments in a basket. Planted indoors, the bulbs can bloom early, giving the recipient a taste of springtime long before the real season arrives. Keep these tips in mind:

  • Choose flower bulbs that will bloom early, such as crocus or daffodil.
  • Include instructions for planting and caring for the bulbs.
  • For a deluxe version of this basket, include gardening tools and gloves.
  • Consider a flower pot for the "basket" part of this gift.
Springtime at Christmas Gift Basket

Handmade Holiday Soap and Lotion Gift Basket

If you like making your own soap or lotion, you can put those skills to use with this great Christmas gift basket idea. Depending on the containers you choose for the soaps and lotions, you can make this DIY basket very inexpensively. Use Christmas soap recipes to keep it holiday-focused. Choose holiday scents like pine, gingerbread, and vanilla to stick with the Christmas theme. The basket can be anything from a simple rattan container to a special wooden crate. Try these tips and variations:

  • While a simple selection of handmade soaps and DIY lotions is a great gift, you can add a deluxe feel by including bath salts, sugar scrubs, and other products.
  • Use little holiday decorations like pine boughs, Christmas ribbon, holly, and other items to make sure this basket feels like a Christmas gift.
  • To make a soap and lotion basket as a family gift, include some special items for kids like bubble bath and bath toys.
  • If you know someone who loves to cook, you can focus on the kitchen with homemade dish soap, hand lotion, and Christmas linens.
Handmade Holiday Soap and Lotion Gift Basket

Sweet Christmas Cookie Gift Basket

A cheap homemade Christmas gift basket idea is to bake several different kinds of Christmas cookies and assemble them in a pretty Christmas basket. You can include other items if you like, but the cookies are the focus. Here are some ways to make this gift basket special:

  • Take your time decorating the cookies so they are truly beautiful.
  • Add a cookie kit to the basket with a wooden spoon, cookie cutters, and ingredients for making cookies. Then include your recipe.
  • Thread a Christmas ribbon through the basket or tie it around the handle to make the gift even more festive.
  • Consider replacing the traditional basket with a pretty holiday mixing bowl.
Sweet Christmas Cookie Gift Basket

Christmas Dinner (or Breakfast) in a Gift Basket

Bring Christmas dinner (or any other meal) to a friend or family member with the practical gift basket idea. You can include everything the person needs to make the meal, as well as some nice touches to make it special. This is a great option for people who might not be able to get out shopping easily or for those who are busy with new babies or health challenges. There are lots of ways to personalize this type of Christmas gift basket:

  • Include a homemade food you specialize in cooking, such as lasagna, a soup, or any other tasty item.
  • For a deluxe touch, add high-end bakery items or special appetizers to make the meal even more special.
  • If there are kids in the family, consider some kid-friendly additions like macaroni and cheese or tasty snacks.
  • Remember to tie a Christmas ribbon on the basket so it feels festive.
Christmas Dinner in a Gift Basket

Christmas Fire Starter Gift Basket

A practical Christmas gift basket idea is everything necessary to start a fire on the hearth. You can include kindling, dry pinecones, candles, and bits of bark or twigs. Include a little Christmas greenery or a red ribbon to add some festive cheer. Make it special in some of these ways:

  • Choose a basket or crate that will work for storing kindling or firewood in the future. If it's decorative and useful, it will be even better.
  • This can be a cheap Christmas gift basket idea if you gather a lot of the items yourself. Look for dried pinecones, moss, and bark when you're on nature walks.
  • For a deluxe option, add a cozy blanket and some mugs for mulled wine or hot chocolate.
  • Throw in some red candles to make the whole gift even cozier.
Christmas Fire Starter Gift Basket

Taking the Time Makes It Special

Whether you're making a family gift basket or simply creating a gift for a single person or couple, taking the time to choose the items and assemble the basket yourself will make this a special gift. When it comes to Christmas presents, it's always the thought that counts, and everyone will see how much thought went into your gift basket.

10 Fun DIY Christmas Gift Basket Ideas for the Season