DIY Personalized Christmas Ornaments: Making Memories

Updated June 2, 2021
Woman Making Christmas Ornaments

For that special touch during the holidays, give a personalized Christmas ornament. Personalized Christmas ornaments can tell the story of the growth of your family. They can also be a loving gift to a dear friend, and making them is a fun activity to do during your annual Christmas party or with children.

Homemade Christmas Ornaments for Everyone

Whether you have a knack for crafting or not, there are many ways to make your own ornaments. You can easily put a name or holiday message on almost any surface with items such as colored glue, glitter, metallic pens, lace, ribbon, beads, special papers, and other craft notions. Get some of the best DIY ornaments on the web for you to enjoy.

Cupcake Ornaments

In addition to being cute, this unique DIY ornament by Almost SUPERMOM looks good enough to eat. To craft a cupcake ornament, you need a foam ball, cupcake liner, white felt, and ribbon. Then it's all a point of getting your crafting on. The great thing about this DIY Christmas ornament is that you can totally customize it for your tree or whoever you might be gifting it to. Additionally, it's a perfect gift for those around you that have everything, or you aren't sure what to give them.

Cupcake Ornaments

Christmas List Ornament

Honey Bear Lane DIY Decor features a cute and customizable Christmas list ornament that is super simple to make. You need wooden spools, paint, and paper. In addition to being easy to create for even the most novice of crafter, this ornament is great to customize. You can create an original Christmas list for your child to commemorate the year, or you might create Santa's list and add the names of your children and others in your family. The customizability makes this a great DIY ornament for anyone.

DIY Origami Ornaments

Are you looking to create a nice ornament for a gift without spending a ton on craft supplies? Then look no further than LovetoKnow's origami ornaments. All you need to get started is some paper and craft wire. Additionally, you get step-by-step instructions for how to create a star, poinsettia, and diamond.

Mini Snow Globe Ornaments

Crafting your own snow globe ornaments doesn't have to be hard. In fact, makes snow globe ornaments easy by creating a mini snow globe ornament created with tear-shaped Christmas lights. In addition to being unique, the Christmas light gives the ornament an antique look. Additionally, there is no need to add water to the snow globe with these instructions. You add a mini Christmas tree and course white glitter to the bulb, then tie a ribbon on it.

Mini Snow Globe Ornaments

Angel Ornaments

If you are a crafter, then you have a lot of scraps of material lying around. That's perfect when you want to create LovetoKnow's angel ornament. All you need is a bit of leftover denim and burlap. The wonderful thing about this ornament is that it has a country feel, making it stand out on a Christmas tree. And the instructions are easy enough to create this with your children.

Tea Light Snowman Ornaments

Are you looking to light up your Christmas tree? Then tea light snowman ornaments by One Little Project are going to be right up your alley. In addition to being extremely simple to create and having various patterns, they are a fun addition to your tree. To create these ornaments, you just need felt, electric tea lights, and ribbon. Could it get any easier than that?

Tea Light Snowman Ornaments

Glitter Santa Claus Ornament

Give your life a little sparkled by trying out the Simply Dovie glitter Santa Claus ornament. Not only is this ornament unique, but it's also extremely sparkly within the lights of the tree. To make this ornament, all you need is red glitter, a clear ornament, black and gold glitter paper. Then it's all about filling the ornament with glitter and wrapping the belt around the center. It's unique and easy to create.

Beading Christmas Ornament

Some people love beads. And this love can spill into ornaments. LovetoKnow's beading Christmas ornament offers instructions for creating basic beaded ornaments to a beaded candy cane. With the diverse styles available, there is a little something for everyone. Additionally, you need beads, wire, and ribbon to get started.

Beading Christmas Ornament

Photo Ornaments

Photos are fun to add to your ornaments. You can create photo ornaments for kids, marriages, pets, and other special occasions. While photo ornaments take a bit more hardware, they are more personalized and heartfelt than some of the other creations. For photo ornaments from Homey Oh My, you need a mini photo printer, a block of 2x3 wood, and a ribbon. Beyond just being able to customize the picture, you can add different ribbons and decorative paper borders.

Gold Hand Lettering Christmas Ornaments

When you are looking to truly personalize your ornament, you can add names or wording to it. Ting and Things took customization to a gold level by creating the gold hand lettering Christmas ornaments. Not only are these beautiful on the Christmas tree, but you can add any number of names and even years to them. And all you need to get started is a clear ornament, gold marker, and glittery ribbon.

DIY Christmas Ornaments for Kids

Kids love to create Christmas gifts and ornaments. Therefore, it's great to have some easy go-to DIY ornaments in your repertoire. Give these unique and easy ornament ideas a try for your next family project.

DIY Snow Globe Ornaments

Kids love to create snow globes. However, it can get a bit messy trying to create a snow globe with kids. Fortunately, you only need to have a clear ornament, clear film, and some artificial snowflakes for this ornament. Have the kids draw the image and roll it into the ornament. Not only can these be customized depending on the picture, but they are super easy for even little kids to create.

Marshmallow Snowman Ornament

The marshmallow snowman ornament by The Best Ideas for Kids is as easy as it is delicious. All you need to create this cute snowman is mini marshmallows, a clear globe ornament, construction paper, and buttons. The snowman has an enduring orange nose and black button mouth and eyes.

Handprint Ornament

Children are only little once. Commemorate your children's youth by creating a handprint ornament of Santa, elf, or reindeer. In addition to being easy to make and dry the dough, the handprint ornament offers variety for kids. They can also get creative by adding different elements to their ornaments like silly faces, lights, and more.

Wood Slice Animal Ornaments

Wood slice animal ornaments are super customizable. This makes them perfect when creating an ornament with multiple children. You do need a few materials for this ornament, but you can create any animal you want, like a panda, raccoon, dog, cat, moose, or penguin, to name a few.

DIY Personalized Christmas Ornaments

There are a lot of different ornaments out there that you can create. These can be fun for not only you, but your family too. Now that you have a good list of ornaments to try, get crafting.

DIY Personalized Christmas Ornaments: Making Memories