Free Printable Christmas Cards for All Ages

Updated June 11, 2021
Christmas cards in living room

You can stretch your holiday budget and save yourself a trip to the store with printable Christmas cards. There are lots of designs to choose from, and there's sure to be something that appeals to all ages. If you have a printer, you can print these Christmas cards at home for free.

Free Printable Christmas Cards for Kids

Kids can get in on the fun of printing Christmas cards, especially when they have interactive elements like coloring pictures or crafting. These fun holiday cards can be perfect for preschoolers and elementary-aged children. If you need help downloading any of the cards listed here, check out these helpful tips.

Christmas card for kids
santa coloring card
wreath coloring card
snowman card craft

Printable Christmas Cards for Adults

Some holiday cards work best for adults due to the complexity of the themes or the overall design. Some of these are funny Christmas cards, and others are beautifully decorated in a way that kids might not fully appreciate. Either way, these are perfect for the adults on your holiday card list.

chemistry christmas card
Christmas card craft
funny Christmas card
Irish Christmas card
Irish Christmas card
peace card

Printable Christmas Card Designs for All Ages

There are certain Christmas card styles that appeal to people of all ages. These designs, such as printable photo Christmas cards, funny motorcycle cards, and more.

joy photo card
ho ho ho card
ornament card
seasons greetings card
motorcycle santa card
motorcycle ornament card
photo christmas card
red and green photo card
holiday plaid photo card

Tips for Making Free Printable Cards Special

There are lots of ways to make printable Christmas cards stand out from the crowd. Even if you're printing a design you download, you can make some changes to give it a unique look and make sure it's the best quality possible. Try some of these ideas:

  • Make sure your printer has plenty of ink. If you're printing several cards, it's a good idea to print a sample first to make sure the colors are all balancing properly.
  • Consider using a heavier weight of paper than you would for normal printing. This will make your card feel more substantial.
  • Customize your card by adding stickers, ribbons, or scrapbook embellishments. These elements can make your card unique.
  • Pick up some colored paper envelopes to give your cards a festive feel. Red or green can be lovely, as can gold or silver.

Make Your Holiday Greetings Personal

After you choose a printable Christmas card design, consider taking your own Christmas pictures to go with it. You can use the photos in a photo card or simply include them with a traditional option. Whether you choose to include a photo or not, your holiday greetings will be personal and special.

Free Printable Christmas Cards for All Ages