A Guide to Christmas Gift Giving: Ideas for Anyone

Updated July 2, 2021
Woman Arranging Christmas Presents On Hardwood Floor

So many people, so many Christmas gifts to buy! When the holidays roll around, Christmas gift-giving takes center stage. People spend months racking their brains, trying to figure out who to buy for and what to give their loved ones. Finding the perfect gift for so many people can be a daunting task, and a complete go-to gift resource guide will make this seasonal task so much easier and far more enjoyable.

Christmas Gift Giving Ideas For Babies Young Children

lovely little girl opening Christmas presents with her little baby sister at home

Giving Christmas presents to young children can be tricky, especially if you are not a parent yourself and if the gift recipient lacks the skills to communicate what they are interested in with you. While buying for babies and tots can pose a challenge, these gift ideas will likely be surefire hits with the littles and their parents.

  • Educational toys - Help to grow their brains with something fun. Educational toys are interesting for kids and much appreciated by parents looking to raise the next Einstein.
  • Books and puzzles - Add to little libraries with some classic reads and board books.
  • Clothes that they can grow into - If you are hoping that the little gal or guy in your life will be the next big thing in fashion, feel free to buy them the latest thread trends. Just be sure to buy clothes that are the correct size or will fit them in the upcoming season.
  • Subscription boxes - Subscription boxes are gifts that keep on giving; literally, one comes each month. Help kids learn about cooking, different cultures, and countries, or other skills via subscription boxes.

Christmas Gift Giving Ideas for Older Kids and Teens

Older kids, tweens, and teens now have the ability to tell loved ones what they would like for the holidays, but that doesn't mean that they will. To avoid eye rolls, scowls, a sudden burst of tears, or an overall display of general disappointment, try giving the teens in your life one of these popular holiday gift items.

  • An experience - Give them something to look forward to by providing them a card with tickets to a play, an amusement park, or even airplane tickets that they can use with you later on in the year.
  • Luggage - They might not appreciate good luggage right now, but they will thank you in a few years when the travel bug really hits.
  • Tools and kits to enhance creativity - A pottery wheel, quality paints, colored pencils and paintbrushes, a sewing machine, and building kits all help cultivate creative spirits.
  • Gift cards - After all, they are independent little men and women now. Let them choose what they want on your dime.
  • Jewelry - Now that they are old enough to understand value and care for something expensive, give a teen their first set of pearl earrings or tiny diamond studs.
  • Bubble tea kits, mochi ball kits, or any other trendy food creation kits are likely to pique teens' interests.

Christmas Gift Giving Ideas for Spouses and Significant Others

Young man giving girlfriend Christmas present

He/she is the last person you want to tick off on Christmas morning with a flop of a gift, so put some serious thought into what you buy your significant other. One of these gift ideas might go over far better than something like a battery organizer or yet another giant, fluffy bathrobe.

  • An all-expense paid weekend away at a spa or a golf course. Yes, you all love your children, but don't pretend like a weekend away doesn't sound like a slice of heaven on Earth.
  • Something tailored to their unique interests (new yarn and knitting needles for a knitting partner, high-quality golf balls, or golf clothing accessories for the avid golfer.)
  • A personalized sign for the man cave or the mom cave.
  • Something engraved - Engraved gifts give that unique touch of love and consideration.
  • A watercolor picture of your home, your kids, or your pet - This gift won't come cheap, but it will be one that your partner will cherish forever.

Christmas Gift Giving Ideas for Adult Siblings

Be sure to score the perfect gift for your fully grown brother or sister. Buying for adults can be difficult, especially if their interests have changed over the years. Think about who they are, what they enjoy, and how your gift will work in their lives.

  • Membership to beer or wine of the month club
  • A homemade scrapbook - Take some time digging up old photos and memorabilia from your shared childhood and make a scrapbook for your adult sibling.
  • Matching onesie - So you can relive your childhood over the holidays together. Twinsies!
  • An Instapot - You've witnessed enough of your sibling's kitchen fails to know that this is a good use of your money.
  • A meal subscription box - Because they are forever complaining that they have no time to cook. Meal subscriptions will help them curb their dining out habits.
  • A gym membership - Not because they need it, but because working out alone is far less fun.

Christmas Gift Giving Ideas for Teachers, Coaches, and Babysitters

They are important people who you simply could not do life without. Don't forget to buy the teachers, coaches, and babysitters who help you raise your brood something sweet over the holiday season.

  • Something personalized from your child
  • A gift card to a coffee shop or local eatery
  • A gift basket - Tailor the gift basket to a theme or a unique and personal interest.
  • A relaxation gift bag - No one deserves a bit of self-care like the people who deal with your children day in and day out.
  • A large tote - Teachers and babysitters are notorious for lugging massive amounts of stuff around. Give them a trendy tote to carry all of their necessities.

Christmas Gift Giving Ideas For Seniors and Grandparents

Granddaughter giving Christmas present to Grandma

They have spent decades of their lives putting time and thought into your Christmas gifts, so be sure to give back and give grandparents and special seniors something that will fill their hearts with joy.

  • A Roomba - Haven't they done enough vacuuming for a lifetime by now?
  • A personalized calendar - Every month, there will be pictures of loved ones staring back at them every day.
  • A new camera - You know their greatest pleasure in life is taking pictures of their grandkids.
  • A personalized cookbook - Packed full of their favorite family recipes and pictures of loved ones.
  • A cutting board with a family recipe engraved on it.
  • A set of sturdy, lightweight sports chairs - Because you know they are not missing a single soccer game come hell or high water.

Christmas Gift Giving Ideas for Neighbors

You might not be thick as thieves with your neighbors, but consider giving them something small and meaningful over the holiday season so that they know they are on your minds and in your hearts.

  • Delicious baked goods - Whip up several batches of warm, homemade bread or make a tin full of chocolate-covered pretzels for the people you share a property line with.
  • A gift basket for gardening - They always seem to be working in the yard, so.....
  • Homemade candy - Remind them of what a sweet neighbor you are.
  • Gourmet coffee - This way, you both can stand on the front porch together, sipping java while the kids wait for the school bus.
  • Pet treats or pet toys - If your neighbor loves their dog more than life itself, this will be greatly appreciated.

Basics of Christmas Gift Giving

When it comes to buying gifts for family, friends, and others, the sky is the limit. You can spend an obscene amount of money on extravagant items or create things at home with care and love. Regardless of what you gift the people in your life for Christmas, keep these tips in mind.

  • Don't go broke. Sure, you can splurge on Christmas gifts, but know your limits. Don't blow your mortgage on fancy gifts and spend only what you can reasonably free up.
  • Buy age-appropriate items. No parent will be pleased to see their kid unwrap an item designed for someone five or ten years their senior. Tailor gifts to the age of the recipient.
  • When in doubt, ask the parents. Not sure if your sister-in-law will appreciate you giving your nephew a new puppy wearing a big red bow? You better run it by her before you show up with Rover on Christmas morning.
  • It's the thought that counts. Put some brainpower into the gifts that you give.
  • Include a gift receipt. If they already received the newest toy on the market from Grandma, a gift receipt will ensure that the person you are buying for doesn't end up with extras.

Best Christmas Gifts

The best Christmas present is one that demonstrates the thought and time you put into selecting it. Keep these points in the forefront of your mind, and you're sure to select the perfect gifts no matter who you are buying for.

A Guide to Christmas Gift Giving: Ideas for Anyone