Female Vampire Makeup to Add Dark Drama

Updated September 28, 2021
Female vampire makeup

If you're planning to dress up like a female vampire for Halloween, you'll need to find the perfect vampire makeup look to complement your chosen outfit. There is not just one right way to do vampire makeup. Start by deciding what type of vampire persona you wish to channel, then transform yourself into the most mysterious character with some thoughtful added cosmetic touches.

Inspiration: Female Vampire Makeup in the Movies

On the big screen, girl vampires aren't portrayed as bloodthirsty monsters. Instead, they typically appear glamourous, sexy, and sensual, at least until their fangs come out. They typically use makeup that enhances their haunting beauty rather than reinforcing their vampire nature. Get inspired by some of your favorite leading lady vampires to find the perfect look for your vampire costume.

  • In the Twilight franchise, Rosalie (played by Nikki Reed) is a honey-haired beauty with piercing reddish-brown eyes who favors shiny, neutral lip gloss.
  • Rosalie's sister, Alice (played by Ashley Greene), in contrast, has short, spiky hair and golden eyes. She favors deep red lipstick and a smokey eye look.
  • In the popular Underworld movie franchise, the lead character Selene (played by Kate Beckinsale) has a pale look offset by crystal blue eyes.
  • In the cult classic From Dusk Till Dawn, Santanico Pandemonium (played by Salma Hayek) is an exotic beauty who wears glamorous makeup.

Basic Female Vampire Makeup Application

Are you going for an attractive vampire-like appearance? Try this makeup application strategy to create an alluring, yet somewhat natural vampire look. Feel free to add your own creative touches to this basic look.

Woman with Halloween costume puts on false vampire teeth
  1. Moisturize clean skin and allow the moisturizer to dry. This will make the foundation application easier.
  2. Apply cream to powder foundation a shade or two lighter than your natural skin tone on your face and neck using a damp makeup sponge. Cover your lips, too.
  3. Sweep your face with translucent face powder and a large brush. Move from the forehead down to the neck, making small circular movements.
  4. Brush your eyebrows upward and outward. Use a dark brown or black eyebrow pencil to arch and define your eyes.
  5. Close one eye. Draw an arc in the crease of the eye with black eyeliner. The arc should extend from the inner eye to the outer eye. Do this for both eyes. This will be the base for a smokey eye look.
  6. Use an eyeshadow brush to fill in the arc of your eyelids with black or gray eyeshadow.
  7. Add eyeliner to the outer corners of your eye to give them have a slight cat-eye look.
  8. Curl your eyelashes with an eyelash curler or apply false eyelashes.
  9. Apply black mascara to the eyelashes (if you are not wearing fake lashes).
  10. Outline your lips using first a nude lip liner, then a red liner. Fill in the lips with a dark blood red lip pencil.
  11. If desired, finish this basic look by wearing fangs and/or drawing on a little fake blood at the corner of your mouth.

Bloody Vampire Makeup Tutorial

Of course, when dressing up in a vampire costume, you might want to emphasize the bloodthirsty nature of your character. In that case, you may want to opt for bloody vampire makeup rather than a basic look that emphasizes the beauty and appeal of vampires.

Sexy Gothic Vampire Look

If you prefer gothic style, you can easily incorporate that look into your vampire costume. Just opt for the dark tones of gothic vampire makeup rather than the deep reds more commonly associated with undead ladies of the night.

Makeup Tips: Finishing Touches for Girl Vampires

Personalize your lady vampire look and take it to the next level with a few special touches. After all, the devil (or vampire!) is in the details.

Luscious Vampire Lips

Apply lip primer before putting on lipstick to help keep the color stay in place as long as possible. Make your vampire lips even more attractive by whitening your teeth a few weeks before the party. Use an at-home whitening kit to get an ultra white vampire look.

Unreal Eye Colors

Drawing inspiration from the movies, female vampires often seem to have incredible-looking eyes. Use colored or special effects contact lenses to add an exciting fantasy aspect to your makeup look. If you do plan to wear costume contacts, put your contacts in before applying your eye makeup. Safety first. Use only high-quality contact lenses from reputable sources.

Neck and Bodice Makeup

If your costume has a low or plunging neckline, you'll need to apply makeup to your neck and bodice area to complete your look. After moisturizing your skin, use a plain white body powder and a large puff to apply the white powder to the area. Sprinkle the puff with powder, then press it onto your skin. Do this before putting on your costume to avoid getting powder on your clothing.

Add Gory Details

To add a bit of gory detail, create a bloody gash to your neck to give the illusion that you have been "feeding" others. Use a bright red makeup crayon to draw the gash on your neck. Alternatively, you may wish to buy a fake "wound" from a costume supply store. You may also want to consider adding an extra-long, pointy fake fingernail to one of your fingers. A vampire could use such a nail to pierce her victim's veins.

Woman Wearing Halloween Make-Up

Choose Your Perfect Female Vampire Looks

Careful and creative makeup application, along with special attention to detail, can give you a convincing vampire look. When your goal is to take on the appearance of a female vampire, there are plenty of options to consider. You can go for sultry and sexy or garish and gory. Let your inner undead shine through.

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Female Vampire Makeup to Add Dark Drama