DIY Toddler Halloween Costumes

Updated April 5, 2018
Toddler boys in Halloween costumes

Put together a toddler's costume for Halloween fun without the fuss. Crafty know-how isn't necessary when you start with some basic pieces to make your toddler's dream costume come to life.

Little Artist Costume

Draw out the artist in your toddler with this easy costume idea. The accessories are what really make this one stand out.

Little boy in artist costume

To put the costume together:

  1. Dress your child in jeans or dress pants, a cream-colored sweater, and a beret or driving cap.
  2. Cut a U-shape out of a heavy-duty white or tan paper plate. This will be the spot your child holds onto.
  3. Paint or color large circles around the edges so it looks like a painter's palette.
  4. Arm your toddler with a paintbrush to complete the ensemble.

Jungle Explorer Costume

Adventure awaits when you dress your toddler up for a jungle safari! While you may need to pick up a few items from the toy department or a second-hand store, it is still quite easy to dress up as a jungle explorer.

Boy in jungle explorer safari costume

Create this costume with the following items:

  1. Pick up a tan jacket one size too big and belt it with a brown cloth belt.
  2. Add a tan or brown bucket hat.
  3. Purchase a length of rope from the local hardware store or buy a toy whip. Add to the belt.
  4. Complete the ensemble with cargo khaki pants and hiking boots.
  5. Optional: If you have a friendly family dog who will be partaking in Halloween festivities, purchase a lion's mane for his/her costume!

Cowboy or Cowgirl Costume

Saddle up for a fun Halloween when your toddler dresses up like a cowboy. This costume is simple and quick to put together.

Little boy in cowboy costume

Giddy up and follow these steps:

  1. Put on a plaid or gingham checked shirt.
  2. Dress in overalls or a denim skirt.
  3. Wear a cowboy hat.
  4. Put a bandana around your neck or have one hang out of the back pocket of your overalls or skirt.
  5. Wear cowboy boots.
  6. Carry a horse stick toy.

Magician Costume

Magicians don't have to be dark and mysterious. Look for costuming that is blue, purple, or even pink instead of traditional black.

Little girl pink magician costume

To conjure this spellbinding costume:

  1. Purchase a square of cloth that is about a foot shorter than your child. Also purchase a separate rectangle about a foot long by six inches wide.
  2. Purchase a length of ribbon that is a foot longer that the cloth square.
  3. Fold the top of the cloth over the ribbon and use a hot glue gun or fabric glue to attach. This creates the magician's cape.
  4. Add a magician's wand to the ensemble.
  5. Optional: Girls who want a bow can purchase a plain headband. Iron it flat with starch so it will stand up when placed on the head. Scrunch the bow in the middle and tie it to the center of the headband.
  6. Optional: Boys or girls who want to wear a top hat can wrap the additional cloth piece around the top hat and glue it on.

Pilot Costume

Toddlers who love airplanes will get a kick out of being a pilot for Halloween. This is a great option for both boys and girls.

Little boy smiling in pilot costume

Turn your toddler into a pilot with these quick steps:

  1. Purchase a bomber jacket. These can be found in children's department stores, second hand stores, and toy departments as part of the dress-up costume aisle.
  2. Add an aviator hat or flight helmet. If your child wants to be a pilot, add a pilot's hat.
  3. If the hat does not come with goggles, add a basic pair. These could be sunglasses or swim goggles.
  4. Dress in khaki, black, or brown dress pants to complete the pilot's costume.
  5. Optional: Add patches to the pilot's costume by sewing, gluing, or pinning on small pieces of fabric swatches.

Easy Imaginative Toddler Costumes

A DIY toddler costume starts with an idea. Look around for what you have to make that idea come to life, then supplement with a few additional purchased items to put together a costume without much fuss. That leaves more time for all the Halloween fun!

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DIY Toddler Halloween Costumes