15+ Halloween Office Party Ideas the Team Will Actually Enjoy

Published August 11, 2022
Halloween office party decorations

Are you in charge of planning a Halloween party at your place of employment? What fun! Whether you have an in-person, remote, or hybrid workplace, there are a lot of fabulous Halloween work party ideas that your team is sure to enjoy.

Fun Halloween Office Party Ideas

Halloween Office Party baking contest purple cat cake

Does your company have a physical location in which you and your coworkers report to work? If so, these in-office Halloween office party ideas are sure to provide plenty of inspiration.

  • DIY costume contest - Hold a Halloween costume contest for employees that has only one rule - no one is allowed to buy anything for their costume. Instead, everyone has to whip up a DIY Halloween costume from their closet.
  • Fundraising event- Plan Halloween party activities to raise funds for a local charity selected by employees. Include occasion-appropriate fundraising activities, such as a Halloween-themed cake walk or Halloween face painting.
  • Ghost tour off-site - Halloween is a great time to schedule an off-site team-building activity in the form of a ghost tour in the town where your company is located or one that is just a short haunted charter bus ride away.
  • Halloween potluck - Host a Halloween potluck during lunchtime. If budget allows, have the company provide the main course and ask employees to bring their favorite Halloween party foods and spooky treats.
  • Spooktacular bake off - Host a Halloween bake off combined with a tasting bee at the office. Invite employees to compete to be recognized in categories like best-tasting, cutest, or most gruesome-looking Halloween cake.
  • Team costume contest - Challenge individual departments or teams to come up with fun and creative group costume ideas to show off to their coworkers. Award a prize to the group that gets the most votes.
  • Team scavenger hunt - Work a bit of team building into your office Halloween party by challenging departments or other work groups to compete against one another in a Halloween scavenger hunt.
  • Trunk or treat at the office - Host a family-oriented trunk or treat at the office that you treat like an office picnic or cookout to which families are invited, but with a Halloween theme complete with goodies for the little ones.

Virtual Halloween Party Ideas for Work

remote employee in Halloween costume in front of computer

If some - or all - of your company's workforce is virtual, that doesn't mean that you have to forego a team Halloween celebration. There are plenty of fun and fabulous virtual party ideas for remote Halloween celebrations that rock.

  • Costume photo competition - Employees don't have to be in the office to participate in a costume contest. Challenge remote employees to submit photos of themselves in their Halloween costumes and invite team members to vote on them.
  • Halloween care packages - Ship a Halloween care package to each of your remote employees, complete with party favors and other goodies. Ask them to share photos of how they use the items via Slack or whatever connectivity tool you use.
  • Halloween happy hour - Hold an after-hours Halloween party via Zoom or another teleconferencing platform so employees engage in casual chit-chat while enjoying whatever snacks or beverages they like to partake in after hours.
  • Spooky virtual background contest - Allow employees to spend an hour or two of paid time designing their own spooky virtual Zoom background featuring the company logo. Bring employees together to view and vote for their favorites.
  • Telecommuting horror stories - For a unique take on scary storytelling, invite the team to dish on their most harrowing work-from-home moments. Who knows what you'll find out about forgotten mute buttons and camera-friendly cats?
  • Virtual Halloween pizza party - Set up pizza deliveries to arrive at the homes of your remote employees within a certain timeframe. Host a virtual open house during that timeframe so coworkers and their families can enjoy a meal together.
  • Virtual Halloween trivia - Challenge employees to come together for a virtual Halloween trivia competition during working hours. Award prizes to employees who wow everyone with their amazing knowledge of fun facts about Halloween.
  • Zoom game night - Adapt some fun games to play on Zoom for adults to have a Halloween theme, such as virtual Halloween bingo. You could even opt for a virtual karaoke challenge featuring a ghoulish Halloween music playlist.

Fun Ways to Celebrate Halloween at Work

From creative Halloween competition ideas to costume contests and decorating competitions, there are many ways to celebrate Halloween at work, whether team members work in an office location or from home. If you have a hybrid workforce, be sure to host a combination of in-office and virtual activities so that everyone can join in the fun!

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